Popular apple varieties in Russia

In Russia, fruits such as apples are very common. They grow almost throughout our country and contain many vitamins.

Both adults and children love them. There are several groups - these are summer, autumn and winter. This classification is given, not only by the time of ripening of the fruits, but also by the shelf life after they are removed from the tree.

Summer apple varieties

Their ripening period is July - August. Apples have a sweet taste.

These apples have a drawback - they quickly deteriorate.

  1. White filling. These apples have a large quantity, high productivity. The fruit is soft, pleasant, large;

  1. Chinese woman. The apples are medium-sized, but there are quite a few on the tree. Harvest depends on the weather during flowering;

  1. Grushovka. A fairly common variety of apple trees, but it is prone to scab.

Autumn varieties ripen in autumn - from late August to mid-September. The fruits are liquid, from the sun.

But before eating it is necessary that the apples lie down a little.

Photo gallery

Autumn fruiting apples

1. Antonovka. It has a sour taste. The sweetest apples are after frost;

2. People’s. Yellow-green fruit with a sweet and sour taste. They can be stored for a long time;

3. Spartak. Rather large apples ripen on the tree. He bears fruit in the third year after planting.

Winter varieties of apple trees

Apples from this group of apple trees are picked from mid-September to October inclusive. They perfectly retain their taste.

1. Bashkir is famous for resistance to frost;

2. Pepin is famous for its rather small, but rather sweet fruits;

3. Orlik red fruits. They are removed at the end of October.

Summer varieties of apple trees

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