DIY bathroom in the country

DIY bathroom in the country

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Many summer residents believe that an ordinary soul is enough in the country, but we do not agree with this at all. Bathroom in the country can significantly change the amenities of water procedures, especially if the cottage is residential and in winter.

Of course, if the property is a small area for planting vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs, there is a small building and, say, a gazebo, it is not worth spending money especially. Enough of a standard summer shower with a washbasin. But if the country house implies not only rare overnight stays, but even life in it in the cold season, the bathroom is definitely needed.

The sequence of arrangement of the bathroom and toilet in the country

Initially, you will need to choose a certain room for the bathroom and toilet in the house, which will be slightly removed from the kitchen and living rooms, will have the necessary dimensions and qualities. Depending on the projects, small rooms of a country house or storage rooms that are not used often go under such premises.

Choosing a room, you should find a way to bring water and sewage into it, conduct electricity to provide lighting for the room. This is a time-consuming process, and therefore we strongly recommend that you read about how to equip sewers in the country and water supply. On these points, we already have articles on the site from which you can draw a lot of useful information. After reading them, you will only need to bring the communication to the bathroom and the bathroom, and make the wiring already inside.

Naturally, at about this stage, the preparation of the room under the bathroom for repair, because just bringing water and installing a shower inside is in no way interesting. Our bathroom in the country house should be very comfortable and pretty, and therefore it is worth taking care of a good finish.

Bathroom design and repair, interior and decor, connecting plumbing and communications - the final stage, after which it is quite possible to get a full bathroom.

Finishing the bathroom in the country

It is very reluctant to order a bathroom at the turnkey cottage and pay really big money for it, and therefore we decided to carry out all the work ourselves, because our hands already have a lot to do.

First of all - preparation of walls, ceiling and floor for decoration. All surfaces must be cleaned and covered with antiseptics, then, the floor should be waterproofed, and the walls and ceiling should be plastered and plastered with high quality.

The next step is the choice of materials and the decoration of the bathroom in the country with your own hands. Here, all the cards are in your hands, because we do not intend to decide for you. Determine the best material for surface finishing, which will provide protection, create coziness and harmony, give you a great design. For the ceiling, you can always choose a stretch film or drywall with painting, but if you do not want to spend money and repairs need to be done quickly, we would recommend a plastic ceiling made of special PVC panels. Tile or stone can be laid on the floor, strictly in the style of the room, but you can always lay it with a board and a laminate. As for the walls, here and in general, what your soul desires - inexpensive wallpaper or oilcloth, plastic panels or lining, ceramic tiles or mosaics, wooden finishes or even cork materials.

When choosing materials for finishing it is very important to acquire quality and understand the work process, because only then will it be possible to quickly and correctly implement the project.

Bathroom design in the country

Repair is a complex and costly process, but it is important not only to be able to glue the tiles and lay the floors, but also at least to understand the design a little to create a really nice and cozy bathroom in the country with your own hands. It is important to choose repair materials, furniture and plumbing at the same time, and to combine all their qualities as much as possible into a single harmony.

Of course, at first it can be difficult, since this task is not familiar to each of us, but you can always use special articles and expert advice that will help to qualitatively equip the bathroom in the country.

So, speaking about the design of the bathroom in the country house, I really want to dwell on the finishing materials. It is advisable to choose natural materials on the walls, floor and ceiling that will meet the requirements of the bathroom, and also to impress each other. Do not forget that the installation of furniture and sanitary ware is ahead, which means you should think through each step in advance so that you do not invest serious amount to the room, which then does not like.

Immediately determine the style of the bathroom, calculate the budget and make a design project. After that, select the material, work with color schemes, try to work as comfortable as possible, because the bathroom is designed for yourself, which means that it should be very comfortable. Then it remains only to make repairs and connect the plumbing, install furniture in the bathroom and decorate the room, so that, so to speak, to settle it a bit.

The interior of the bathroom in the country

The interior can be folded from different pieces of furniture and accessories, but it all depends on the budget for decoration, and the size of the bathroom.

For the standard version, a bath, sink, toilet, washing machine, mirror, several shelves, a cupboard or a shelf is recommended.

If the room under the bathroom is small, you should be limited only to the most necessary - a bath or shower, toilet, shelf, mirror, shelving or cabinet. In this case, you don’t even have to install a sink, as you can always wash your hands or wash over the bathtub.

If the room is large, you can fully equip it by installing a bathroom and shower, toilet and bidet, sink and washing machine, a special shelf and dryer, mirrors and cabinets, benches and stools.

The interior should be comfortable and ergonomic, and for this it is worth choosing the right furniture, plumbing and accessories. To do this, you should choose everything in advance, at the stage of designing the project, do not forget to work with the design, as well as take measurements in the future bathroom and try to put everything you need into the room.

Regardless of the area, it is very compact to complete the bathroom to provide the room with everything you need, but in no case do not overload it.

Decoration and decoration

Very often we attribute to decoration a variety of decor items and accents, window and doorway decoration, decorative bathroom lighting and many little things that can be both beautiful and useful. This is very correct, because it is these little things that build the design, but can help in everyday life.

We recommend working in style and in a pre-selected design, because at this stage changing something will be very inconvenient, and expensive.

Do-it-yourself bathroom in the country: final recommendations

  • Initially - the preparation of the premises, the preparation of the project, the purchase of materials, the entry of sewage and water supply into the future bathroom, the internal wiring of pipes, electricity, and the ventilation device.
  • Further, high-quality protection of all surfaces from high humidity, temperature drops, mold and fungus.
  • At the end of work, preparation for repair, repair and decoration of the premises with selected materials.
  • When the repair is ready - the internal arrangement, the basis of which will be the connection of plumbing and the installation of furniture and household appliances, decor and accessories.

Of course, the several-point algorithm is very simple, but each of us understands the amount of work and the cost of the project. But do not worry, because the bathroom in the country is done for decades, moreover, you can always seriously reduce its price if you choose inexpensive and high-quality materials and finish do-it-yourself bathroom design in the country.

Bathroom and toilet in the country (video)

It is likely that after preliminary calculations, the project will be postponed for a certain time or will be revised in terms of reducing costs. This is understandable, because we do not want to seriously spend money on the bathroom in the country house. The only thing is not to completely abandon the room for water procedures, because in the country it is really necessary. We recommend reading the article about the winter garden with your own hands.

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