Street washstand for giving: types and methods of self-manufacturing

A convenient and functional street washstand for summer cottages is an indispensable attribute of a comfortable living out of town. If necessary, it is quite possible to make high-quality
a country wash basin with low costs and do it yourself, but most consumers prefer to use ready-made purchased models.

Street washstand for summer cottages: the main types of purchased models

A garden wash basin or a country sink should combine ease of use and affordable cost. When choosing a purchase model you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • the street model should harmoniously fit into the general decor and the whole concept of the summer cottage;
  • for frequent outdoor use, it is best to choose a hanging washbasin with a large volume of a water tank;
  • for rare, periodic use, it is desirable to give preference to small washbasins, which will prevent stagnation of water.

An outdoor washbasin may be portable or portable and stationary. Such a device is usually located in the working area of ​​the personal plot and can be represented not only by a primitive hanging tank, but also by a device with an increased level of comfort:

  • washbasin without washbasin or the so-called bulk street washstand. This is the simplest design, presented with a capacity of three to five liters. Water is poured into the tank from above. The tank closes the lid, and at the bottom there is a tap or a special outlet float is installed. A bucket or drainage layer on the ground is used for drainage. The best option is a durable plastic model. The most modern view is a plastic hanging tank with a pore of caps and a clamping magnetic release;
  • feature plastic model stand is the ability to mount on a metal stand. You can firmly install such a device on the ground by pressing your foot on the lower bar. Some models are characterized by the presence of such an additional element as a sink with the release of water directly to the ground with a well-equipped drainage layer represented by small gravel or gravel. The device can be installed between ridges or flower beds, as well as anywhere in the garden.

How to assemble a wash basin Moydodyr

The cost of models depends not only on the volume, but also on the material used in the manufacture, as well as functionality and ease of use.

How to make a garden washstand yourself

The simplest option, which can be successfully used under a canopy in the garden, as well as in the garage or at home, is quite easily performed independently.

5 liter washbasin

This option is based on a 5-liter bottle, as well as wire, awl and candles, perfect for hygiene procedures in camp conditions:

  • light a candle and heat the awl;
  • make about ten holes in the lid, distributing them as evenly as possible;
  • make an awl with a pair of parallel holes in the middle of the tank and thread the wire;
  • pour water to the middle and tighten the lid;
  • turn the bottle over and hang it on a driven nail or branch.

The disadvantage of this design is the risk of tipping over with strong gusts of wind, as well as the possibility of filling with water only up to half.

Wooden wash basin Moydodyr

The washbasin with a stand takes pride of place in the lineup of sanitary-hygienic devices for equipping a suburban area. Moydodyrs belong to the category of serious constructions, and can be represented by various modifications. Such a stationary device moves quite heavily, so it must be installed in a prepared, carefully selected, permanent place.

For independent production, it is required to use a curbstone, a sink and a tank with a tap for water. Wooden "Moidodyr" can have different dimensions. The dimensions of the square cabinet are 50x50 cm. The rectangular construction is carried out with dimensions of 45x50 cm. The side parts, the back and the door are made of moisture-proof plywood.

It is possible to complete the construction of 2.5x15 cm boards. In vertical blanks, you need to make eyes for arranging the spikes. They are carried out with the help of a milling cutter, having cut out grooves with a depth of 2.0 cm and a width of 8.0 cm. Spikes are arranged on the ends of horizontal workpieces with a circular saw. Details are assembled in a single design, and securely fixed with galvanized self-tapping screws. Sheet plywood can be glued or fixed with small cloves.

Between the side walls in the upper part, a water tank is installed. The floor should be made of slats measuring 2.0x4.5 cm. At the final stage, a door with a handle is fixed, which will simplify the operation of the Moydodyr. It is recommended to carefully grind the finished structure, paint, and then install the sink. If necessary, in such a design, instead of moisture-proof plywood, PVC panels are used, thanks to which the outdoor washbasin can become not only a necessary plumbing fixture, but also a real decor element in a homestead or garden area.


Outdoor washbasin from a canister

A sufficiently convenient and practical portable washbasin can be independently made from a plastic canister. To manufacture such a functional sanitary fixture, it will be necessary to prepare in addition to the capacity:

  • water tap;
  • nuts for clamping;
  • driving;
  • a pair of rubber pads.

In the purchased plastic container you need to drill or cut a hole. Slope is installed in the drilled hole of the tank. Then, on both sides, they are put on the gasket overhang and clamped with nuts. At the final stage, the crane is attached, after which the tank is filled with water.

When arranging such a washbasin, it is required to provide for a high-quality drainagewhich will transfer the wastewater into a cesspool. If it is not possible to equip a drainage system, you can use a bucket to collect the used water, or place a washbasin above the ground, sprinkled with a layer of gravel, which in this case acts as drainage and prevents the formation of puddles around the washbasin.

Heated washbasin: features of installation and connection to the mains

Work on a personal plot is not always carried out in the warm season, so the use of cold water can create significant discomfort. In this case, the best option would be to use an outdoor washbasin equipped with reliable heating. There are several different modifications that differ not only in appearance, but also in design features:

  • mounted models are a rectangular tank equipped with a crane, and mounted on walls or any type of reliable support. A special heating element is built inside the tank. As a rule, such a plumbing fixture is installed under a canopy, and has an anti-corrosion coating. However, outdoor installation requires very strict adherence to all safety measures prescribed in the attached instructions;
  • mounted plumbing fixtures with anti-corrosion supports are more advanced models and can be installed on the street, and the presence of a high-quality reliable metal frame allows you to give the entire structure an additional level of strength and stability;
  • the most complete set of a country outdoor washbasin equipped with water heating is a model consisting of a metal, plastic or wooden cabinet, complemented by a sink made of steel or polymers and a tank for water heating. The voluminous curbstone most often has collapsible structures. Such a device may well be connected to the sewage system.

A complete set of heating elements is characteristic not only for complex plumbing fixtures, but also rather simple devices without a pedestal. Using one such built-in element with a power of 1.25 kW for half an hour, 15-17 liters of water are heated to a temperature of 75-80 ° C.

Devices equipped with a heating system must be connected to a conventional electrical outlet. Electricity consumption depends on the capacity of the heating elements installed in the water tank. Usually, Small heating elements are mounted in the lower part of the bulk container. Modern plumbing fixtures are equipped with temperature regulators, with the help of which the necessary temperature regime of water is set within 30-70 ° С. Some models are equipped with a very convenient mode for automatic shutdown.

How to make a washstand for a summer house

When installing such an outdoor washbasin, it is very important to remember that the main requirement for operation is installation under a roof or a special canopy, which will protect the device from precipitation. It’s strictly forbidden to use so-called “temporary shelters” for connection.

The quality of a country vacation directly depends on the availability of basic plumbing fixtures, which also include outdoor washbasins. With the right choice of such a device and its competent installation, you can make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible.