What to do in the winter at the cottage: games and entertainment

A winter cottage is wonderful, though not everyone agrees. Of course, there is snow and cold around, but we will definitely figure out what to do in the winter at the cottage in order to drive away boredom and have some fun.

The theme for this material was inspired by the first cold weather, which in many regions of our country was already felt very well. But this is not a reason to lose heart, because the winter cottage is not only very beautiful, but also full of surprises, fun games and entertainment that you can organize for your family and company. Today we will move a little away from the usual winter vacation in the country - barbecue in the cold and walks in the fresh air, and move on to the more active part, the basis for which must be prepared now.

So, the organization of winter holidays in the country and how to make it fun and memorable.

We build an ice rink in the country

This topic will help organize entertainment not only for children, but also for adults, because in each of us there is a desire to go ice skating, play hockey with friends or just have some fun on the rink. This can now be organized not only in specially equipped rooms that grow like mushrooms in every city, but also in their own territory, where no one will have to pay for the time and no one will limit you in entertainment.

What is needed to build an ice rink in the country? We decided not to spend a lot of money, since quite a lot of money can go to the realization of all interesting ideas, but to get by with our own imagination and creative thoughts. So let's get started.

Preparation should begin in the fall, when the soil is still amenable to shovel. We need to dig a small hollow to fill the water. Only 3-5 cm in depth is enough, if only the water would linger in the so-called reservoir.

Choose the area of ​​the rink yourself, but also think about the flow of water, because it will take a lot to fill the rink. We have the experience of building such an original thing, but then it was a 10x10 m skating rink. Naturally, there is a lot of work, but then there are also pleasures from half the winter. In general, let’s say right away, who is afraid not to calculate the forces and costs, can safely build a skating rink for children where such an area is not needed, or another structure from the following list, we will complete this project.

After digging a hollow, we need to thoroughly trample its bottom to create a density through which it will be more difficult for water to go into the soil. Many summer residents will laugh in our faces, because the water will still go away and in the end we will get not a skating rink, but a solid mess of mess, but believe me, we know exactly what we are talking about.

The next task will be the purchase of the film and its adhesion at the seams to get a continuous canvas on the area of ​​the future skating rink. We need it precisely in order to lay the bottom and ensure maximum retention of water in an artificial reservoir. Buying a film will not be expensive, soldering it is also quite simple, and it should be stored folded until the first frost.

With the onset of the first real frosts, we arrange watering the site under the ice rink. You do not need to spend a lot of water, only so that it leaves the soil a little. Thus, from time to time, filling the rink, we form a small layer of well-frozen soil, which can be achieved in just a couple of days.

Further, on the site for the future skating rink we spread the film, squeeze along the edges and try to leave fewer air bubbles, because there the future skating rink will crack. We align the film and fill it with water, and again we expel the air. In severe frost, you can work every hour or two, allowing thin layers of water to turn into ice. Under conditions of medium complexity, the skating rink is filled in 2 days, sometimes within 4-5 days, it all depends on your desire, water pressure and frost.

As a result of hard work, you can get a skating rink of the required area and good thickness so that the skates do not meet under the weight in the ground. All the given parameters can be changed for you, the main thing here is the idea and the possibility of its implementation.

Snow hill at the cottage

It is very good if your summer cottage stands on a relief landscape, then you will not need much work, but if the relief is flat, but you will have to start cooking in the fall. By the way, this venture can be perfectly combined with geoplastics, if you suddenly thought of transforming the relief of a garden or another part of a summer residence, because the hills prepared for landscape changes can become the basis for a slide.

If the cottage is completely flat, then you will have to build a hill in the winter, if, of course, enough snow falls. An alternative can only be a serious preparation with the transfer of soil and the device of the hill, but it is very long, overwhelming, expensive.

A neighboring tractor can help here, and maybe your own, a mini-tractor or even a loader, which can be used to set up a good slope in a couple of hours. It will need to be done at a slight angle, well tamped and wait for snow to form a slide and sledding and skiing.

The construction of the ice palace in the courtyard

There is nothing to do here in the fall, frost and snow should be expected. Closer to the first frost, start to prepare the building material - ice bricks. It is very simple, because it is enough to collect a large number of packages from under the juice, rinse them and, having collected water, put them in the freezer. Of course, if the refrigerator is small, then the bricks will have to be prepared in several stages. But there is a plus here, because each batch of material can be made of a different color, tinting water with paints. As a result, you can get multi-colored bricks and build an amazing and summer-like rainbow house among the snowdrifts. A paradox, but real.

Construction is simple, you just have to prepare the foundation for the construction. It can be a site cleared to the ground or a well-trodden and spilled layer of snow. The structure is installed during severe frost, the solution is ordinary water, which allows the icy material to freeze to the previous layer.

After the walls are made of original bricks, it is possible to spray water from the spray gun inside and outside the building to create an ice crust on the surface that gives additional strength to our structure.

It will be most correct to build an ice castle of the correct form, but if you are sure that you can create a structure without collapse, the shape can be changed even to a hemisphere.

The platform for winter battles in the country

Who does not play snowballs in winter? Is he the one who does not like snow at all and constantly sits at home, or children whose strict parents do not let in the cold. We are entitled to participate in such games and attract our friends and children to them. It remains only to build a site for the winter battle and expect snow. Why is such a platform needed? Yes, everything is simple, because shooting snowballs at each other on flat ground is not particularly interesting, and running around the household yard or the winter garden is not very correct. By building special trenches, ledges and barriers, you will create a cool training ground, interesting and complementing the fun.

Here you will not need any projects or special tools - just a couple of shovels, strong hands and a little time. Having marked the area for games by eye, it is necessary to dig out special ditches or small trenches on its opposite sides, and arrange elevations. All subsequent work will occur when snow falls, because now it is he who is the material for the construction. Build trenches, protective sections, and even dugouts, because the war is ahead of the kindest war in the fresh air and frost pinching your cheeks.

The construction of any snow or ice structure in the country takes a lot of strength and energy, but all the costs are replenished by a hundredfold unrestrained fun and positive emotions.

Do-it-yourself ice rink in the country (video)

It’s not difficult to build an ice hut, a snow slide or an ice rink in a summer house with your own hands, especially if you’re enthusiastic. Believe me, literally a couple of days of contribution, and then a few months of good mood. Of course, you can come up with many more winter activities in the country - snowballs, bagging, snow labyrinths and more, but this is you yourself, if you wish. We will work on new and interesting material for each site reader, and we wish you to dress well and have fun in the winter at the cottage! If there are problems in the winter at the cottage, then this material will help.