How to quickly and inexpensively build a firewood in the country

Storage of firewood in the country is a very important process, because heating a house, a winter greenhouse and other buildings largely depends on the quality of firewood. So, so that we do not have any problems in this regard, today we are building a fireman in the country.

Honestly, this design can be built at any time of the year, not particularly important in summer or winter. Naturally, if you build a wood chopper in the warm season, it will be possible to immediately observe the errors during any rain and correct them. But if you do everything right, then you don’t have to fix anything.

Requirements for the construction of a fireman in the country

There are no special requirements for which you have to spend money, the main thing is to build correctly, meeting only a few requests:

  • The woodcutter should be a dry storage that does not leak and does not leak;
  • The woodcutter must be built so that it is well ventilated;
  • Please note that it is undesirable to stack firewood on the ground, which means that a pallet must be built in the woodcutter.

If you are building a small firewood truck adjacent to the wall of a building, take care of a high-quality and proper roof, otherwise the rain will constantly moisten the wood due to the descent of moisture along the walls. You can solve the problem very simply by building a freestanding fireman.

High-quality firewood for DIY

By specifying requirements for firewood storage, we decided to tell everyone who wants how to quickly and without much cost build a fireman in the country.

We decided not to build on capital buildings, as many do, attaching firewood to summer kitchens or outbuildings made of brick or cinder block, since this is not necessary at all. After all, you can make everything a lot easier.

So, we will have a freestanding building of a given size, say, 1x3 m and a height of 2 m. As you know, this is a fairly small firewood, by village standards, where you can constantly heat wood, but large enough for a summer cottage, where you only have to sometimes to heat a house or warm a greenhouse. In general, in fact, these are abstract sizes, and we propose to build a wood shredder based on technology, not sizes. After all, every summer resident will choose what size the storage for firewood should be.

Build the base of the woodcutter

So, we begin construction with the foundation tab. To do this, we recommend digging out 6 small pits and laying a cinder block or brick in them. Thus, we will create a semblance of a solid foundation. We recommend digging holes around the perimeter, at the corners, and then in the middle of the long sides of the vault. The pits should be in depth so that their filling is flush with the ground.

Now, install the logs on the long sides and rest them on our foundation. It is necessary to do this according to the level, so that the base corresponds to the horizontal. Each log on the long side should be in contact with the three pillars of the foundation.

We cover the floor of the woodcutter

Now, cover the base with a board. Its quality does not matter, the main thing is that the board is dry, not rotten and at least 2 cm thick. The board is laid on two logs in series, with small gaps, about 1-2 cm, from start to finish. Thus, as a result, we should get a rectangular area of ​​3 m2.

The platform will be strong if you install a board for the floor of a drovnik on nails. In addition, the floor of our design will be blown, which is very important for the storage of firewood.

Install the frame and roof

The frame is mounted using a strong wooden beam, say, 50x60 mm, and ordinary nails 80-100 mm. To begin with, we need only 4 timber 2.5 m long. At the corners of the structure, each timber, according to the preliminary marking of the regular rectangle, is driven 0.5 m into the ground, leveled and fixed on the base log. But for the tilt of the roof, the rear logs of the drovnik should be hammered into the ground by 0.6-0.7 m.

After all 4 beams are installed with endurance of vertical levels, it is necessary to connect the frame to give it rigidity. At a preliminary height of 2 m, you can bandage all the pillars 1 time at the bottom and 2 times at the top.

Installation of the roof begins with the flooring of the lathing on the upper ligation of the frame. Here you will already need a better board, with a minimum number of gaps and defects, tightly fitting one to the other.

There is another requirement - the roof must be larger than the base of the woodcutter. Increasing it by 20 cm on each side and 30-40 cm from the visor will be enough.

After the roofing, we need to lay a layer of roofing material on the board and cover with the material that was chosen in advance. This can be done with slate remaining after installing the roof on the house or canopy with tiles, ondulin, and so on.

After that, it remains only to sheathe the firewood on the sides and from the back, so that you can stack firewood evenly into it.

Remember that the woodcutter skin should not be tight, as the woodcutter is breathable.

How to build a firewood in the country inexpensively

We have several options that can be applied to ensure the safety of firewood in the country. They are not free, but at the lowest possible cost.

Old rabbitry woodcutter

If you have an orphaned, old rabbitry at your dacha, you can convert it very quickly into a small firewood storage. To do this, you will need to remove only the front panels - doors and nets, repair the roof, and simply stack the firewood inside. Naturally, if this is only a metal frame, then it can be installed in any convenient place, sheathed on the sides with metal mesh or wood, a simple roof can be built and used for another purpose.

Firewood from old pallets

Many of us have those items in the country, from which you can equip a lot of things. An example would be old pallets, warehouse structures for installing and moving whole bundles of various goods. They have wide and strong bases, as well as slots, so you won’t have to work a lot with them. It is enough to fold a cube from pallets without one face and you will get an excellent, well-ventilated firewood at the cottage, which will need to build only a roof. But here again the roofing material or even a solid dense oilcloth and any covering material comes to the rescue.

Storage of firewood in the country should be of high quality, but because the production of any, even the simplest storage, will be fully justified.

How to make a fireman in the country

We hope that now you can easily build a storage for firewood, as you already understand how to make a fireman in the country almost capital or from improvised materials. We wish you good luck and long-term storage of firewood, which will help maintain fire and heat.

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