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Wood protection at a summer cottage: types of protection and basic requirements

The protection of wooden products in the country is an important process that will help to keep many buildings and decorative elements in excellent quality for many years.

Wooden fencing, roof skates, wood sheathing of the house and summer kitchen, a wooden shed or a building for storing tools - all this requires high-quality protective treatment, which must be provided. Today we will consider methods and means of wood protection, which will help preserve the wooden elements of any building or decoration, because it is very important to extend their service life.

Each of us should understand that the properties of a tree and its appearance are directly dependent on environmental influences and many other destructive factors. In order to be able to exclude aging, premature wear and various damage to the material as much as possible, we need to work to protect it.

From the huge range of work in the country house, it is necessary to single out only the most necessary - protective wood processing during construction and additional - for existing structures and individual materials (material for procurement will not be processed, a similar type of work is needed only at furniture factories and workshops for storing wood) .

The scope of work includes the surface application of special products, impregnation and seepage under pressure, which allows for high-quality protection of the tree from moisture and fire, as well as ensuring the safety of materials in terms of harming insects.

Biosecurity of wood in the country

With this method, all wooden elements and components are protected from various kinds of damage by insects and microorganisms:

  • from decay;
  • fungus;
  • mold
  • insects (bark beetle, various beetles, microorganisms causing various types of damage).

Unprotected wood materials are an excellent environment for the life and development of a variety of organisms that, in the course of their own life, destroy materials from the outside, from the inside or in the complex. To ensure high-quality storage or operation, wooden products are processed by special means according to the instructions and in compliance with technology.

Effective processing of wood with special compounds will help limit or completely prevent damage and prevent fungus, mold and bacteria from developing inside the materials, which will ensure a long service life and preservation of appearance, mechanical and physical qualities at the initial level.

It is very difficult, and expensive to get rid of existing damage, therefore, it is much easier to prevent the harmful activity of insects and microorganisms than to etch them and update wood products after etching.

Protecting a tree from fire

Prevention of ignition of the material is an equally important process, because fire has the most serious level of destruction in terms of damage to wood and products and similar materials.

Fire protection of wood must be ensured, because almost every kind of wood perfectly supports the burning and spread of fire, which is dangerous not only by serious financial losses, but also by the loss of health and life. Therefore, you should think about it in time and ensure the processing of wood products from destruction of this kind with special compounds and means. For example, you can always use a liquid that provides the surface with special properties that counteract fire, or impregnation, which generally prevents the burning of the material.

It will be most correct to treat the wood with flame retardants in time (at the storage stage or during the construction and assembly of products from it). These are special formulations based on solutions of salts of silicic, phosphate or boric acid, which counteract fire.

Protection of wood products from moisture

The most commonly used protection is wood from water and moisture, which seriously affects the quality of products. It does not matter where the product is located - on the street or indoors, it still needs high-quality processing by special means. To do this, you can use oil and paints, special varnish and azure to protect wood, compounds, impregnations and so on.

As a protective coating, products based on natural oils with the addition of hard waxes can be used. Such impregnations are in the DECKEN product line - they are easy to apply and perfectly protect any type of wooden surface. At the same time, oil, unlike varnish or paint, does not form a film and allow the tree to “breathe”.

Water-repellent or waterproof compounds are used for this process, which are applied to the surface of products in various ways. Quite often, a correctly selected composition can carry several functions at once, provide standard protection against moisture and decorative coating of wood. This is a rather positive factor, since spending money on just one remedy, you immediately kill two birds with one stone - protect the material and give it the necessary aesthetic value.

Processing of wood from atmospheric influences and moisture is carried out at the time of installation or assembly of products, but it is very advisable to pre-trace that the material for construction or assembly that you purchase for summer cottages is dried out qualitatively initially.

Protective wood processing methods

Most of the methods that are used on a professional level are not applicable in our country, since to ensure them it is necessary not only to have certain means, but also to understand the technology, which necessarily requires the presence of special equipment at the cottage. With its help, canning is carried out in compositions, treatment with hot and cold means, vacuum treatment of wood, treatment with harsh chemistry and autoclave-diffusion treatment. In general, such measures are taken only at large plants, factories and enterprises, where the tree is not only provided with protection, but certain, sometimes artificial, properties are also assigned to it.

In our case, when the conversation is about protecting the gazebo, benches in the recreation area, covering the summer kitchen or processing the wooden fencing of the summer cottage, it is enough for us to use simpler ways to protect the wood.

How to properly process the tree

Initially, in order to process correctly, you need to make sure that the material for production or assembly is sufficiently dried.

Then, using a spray, roller or brush, special antiseptics are applied. They should be used correctly, strictly according to the instructions and in compliance with the technology. So, some means of protecting wood from decay and high humidity are applied several times so that the top layer of the material is well saturated.

After, the wood is treated with decorative protective agents, for example, varnish, paint, weather-resistant compounds. This happens by applying a thin layer of the composition to the surface of the material with a brush or roller.

More sophisticated methods can also be used - soaking with heating, repeated impregnation, treatment with antiseptics, oils, and only then decorative compositions.

Protective equipment and compounds

It is not difficult to choose certain means, the main thing is to clearly state at the place of purchase what wood you will process, where it is, inside or outside, and what exactly you want to protect it from. Further, it’s only a matter of taste and fullness of the pocket, since there are plenty of such tools, both single, providing only a certain protection, and complex.

Regardless of whether you want to protect wooden walls in a bathhouse or wood products from ultraviolet rays on the street, pay attention to the following brands on the shelves of specialized markets: Toplasur, Deimos, Pinotex, Aidol, Senezh, Belinka, Blankol, Drevosan, Neomid, Gladiator, BioShield, Ecocept, Vidaron, Rogneda, Lignofix, as well as a huge number of special varnishes and paints that have similar properties.

By and large, the brand and reviews about it, the consumption of the composition and its cost are important, but the composition of the protective equipment that should be chosen within the framework of environmental safety is no less important.

Wood Protection Video

Do not ignore the processing of wood from pests, a variety of ailments, moisture and fire, because having done it only once and then just putting it in order every year, you will extend the service life of the products by tens of years.

The best protection for wood - your attention. Do not miss the intricacies of the protection process, do not ignore the minimum difficulties, take a little time, spend your strength and money, but be sure to protect buildings, fences and decorative elements from damage by various factors.

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