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Greenhouse in the fall: cleaning, disinfection, fertilizers, general care

Greenhouse in the fall: cleaning, disinfection, fertilizers, general care

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Autumn work in the greenhouse is very important, since it will be very right to take care of the summer assistant, which constantly gives us the opportunity to grow a quality crop. Caring for the greenhouse in the fall is an important stage in preparing the summer cottage for the winter.

Proper preparation of the greenhouse and thorough care provide it with long life, which means that once purchased or built with your own hands, the design will last you a very long time. In addition, you can ensure the safety of future plants, keep the soil in the greenhouse healthy and fertile.

Greenhouse cleaning in the fall

After the crop is harvested, it is necessary to clean the room well so that there is nothing left in it - roots, crumbled seeds, wilted or dry stems, and so on.

All plant debris must be removed and burned. After that, carefully remove 5-7 cm of soil, since most harmful plants are in this layer.

An important autumn procedure is the collection of larvae. This is unpleasant, but necessary. Try to develop the soil and carefully consider the collection of larvae, because next year they can seriously spoil the crop.

Digging up the soil, you will not be able to detect and destroy all the larvae, but there is a more effective way that will help clear the soil of pests - sifting the soil.

Autumn greenhouse disinfection: how and what to handle

It is very important to take care of the health of the soil, which can be seriously infected. Over the entire warm period, we constantly create a convenient climate for the multiplication of various microorganisms, and even if we destroy some of them on time, many still remain in the greenhouse. It is necessary to deal with infections and various pests correctly so that next year you start growing crops in absolutely healthy soil.

First of all, the soil layer must be replaced, the rest of the soil sieved, and only then take the following steps.

If you remove a layer of soil from a greenhouse, then you cannot replace it with earth from a garden or a kitchen garden, from beneath other plants.

Further, it is necessary to clean the racks, the frame of the structure, the film or other cover well, from dust, dirt and so on. After, fumigation of the room and the greenhouse structure should be carried out. You can use sulfur checkers or sulfur itself, 70-80 g for each square meter of the greenhouse. After spreading sulfur or checkers evenly across the territory, spray structures abundantly with water to increase toxicity, and light sulfur. Then close the door, but be sure to watch the process.

Always use a gas mask and protective gloves when fumigating.

After fumigation, the disinfection of the structure should be completed with the next step - ventilation and additional processing. Having opened the doors and windows wider, expel toxic gases from the greenhouse after several hours of fumigation. Wash glass or plastic surfaces and structure well. This can be done using a solution of pemoxoli (1-2%) and nylon brushes. After such washing, it is necessary to rinse all surfaces with clean water, preferably from a hose.

Fertilizer and soil protection from pests

Greenhouse soil must be fertilized with high quality using peat, humus, manure, at the rate of half a bucket for each square of the greenhouse. Then, sprinkle the soil in the greenhouse with ash and sand, about a liter per square, and cover with straw.

When the first snow falls, it is necessary to bring it into the greenhouse and pour plenty of soil into it, making a layer of 15-20 cm (but it can be more if there is enough snow). In this way, you can provide additional protection of the soil from freezing, as well as spring recharge of soil with moisture, when in the spring the snow begins to melt.

Cleaning and handling greenhouse construction: how to care

The greenhouse in the autumn requires not only soil care, but also special measures in relation to the frame. It must be thoroughly washed and dried, but do not forget about the cover.

First of all, you will need to thoroughly wash the glass or film cover. The film coating is washed on the frame, rinsed, dried and folded. Glass is washed standardly with a frame.

If we talk only about the frame, then it must be treated with bleach. Mix 400 g of bleach in 10 l of water, insist for 3-4 hours and stir occasionally. The liquid is excellent for spraying the soil, and the thickening obtained at the bottom of the bucket is used for coating the frame of the greenhouse.

Having prepared bleach for the autumn processing of the greenhouse, ensure proper care for garden tools, which can also be soaked in this solution.

If the greenhouse is made of wood, then in the autumn it is treated with freshly slaked lime, adding copper sulfate to it. Processing of containers - glasses, boxes and other items for use, is carried out with boiling water. It is advisable to do this immediately after the harvest.

In addition, metal parts of the greenhouse can be treated with kerosene before winter, and tinted wooden parts.

Polycarbonate greenhouse frame reinforcement

Strengthening the frame is very important even if the winter of your region is not very snowy and not very severe. The thing is that only some greenhouses can withstand a lot of weight, the main number of structures withstands an average of 200-400 g / m2, then the frame suffers and the structure collapses.

The amount of snow in different winters is very different, especially if you take into account some regions. Therefore, the frame of the greenhouse must be strengthened so that it easily withstands 30-50 cm of snow. This is necessary if the building is located on a suburban area and you cannot remove snow from its roof daily.

To strengthen the frame of the greenhouse, props are used, which will take on a certain part of the weight, preventing the frame from bending or breaking due to excessive pressure from above. Supports should be installed under the main frame, as well as its logs. Do not allow the length of any part of the frame of one and a half or more meters to remain without special support.

The support is installed under the frame and fixed on it so that due to pressure it does not jump out and break through the cover of the greenhouse if the frame drops sharply under weight. The lower part of the support rests on the ground, also, under it, you can install stone or brick.

Autumn greenhouse preparation

If the greenhouse coating is removed, it is not necessary to install supports.

Preparation of the greenhouse for the fall, special work, frame and soil processing - Very important processes that can not only extend the life of the structure, but also help in the cultivation of quality crops every year.

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