The best varieties of black currant for your garden

Absolutely everyone loves blackcurrant, from a child to an old man, and therefore we offer to consider its best varieties, from which you can choose a fragrant bush for growing in the country.

Various varieties are famous for their taste, and therefore it is almost impossible to choose the one and only one for your dacha. We offer an alternative method - to choose the sweetest and largest varieties, but several at once, plant them in the country and see which one is most suitable for your growing conditions.

Of course, you will also need to focus on the region, because among the hundreds of varieties offered, not everyone will be able to develop normally on your site. Therefore, we recommend that you find out from sellers what regions the seedlings are intended for, where they were grown, and how long they acclimatize at the point of sale.

Early grades

The early varieties include the following: Selechenskaya, Brown Far Eastern, Aleander, Karachinskaya, Vigorous, Overture, Exotica.

Mid-season varieties

Varieties with medium maturity include Perun, Dobrynya, Raisin, Dubrovskaya, Sophia, Black Pearl, Green Smoke, Riddle.

Late blackcurrant varieties

There are varieties that ripen late enough, but are great for eating raw and for preparing preservation: Venus, Vologda, Mermaid, Katyusha and others.

Selection tips

Each of us is interested in large varieties of black currant, and there is no arguing with it, because it is always more interesting to collect a quality crop than to try to find berries among the greenery. But here it is worth considering one point - all large-fruited varieties, well, at least most of them, were bred not so long ago, which means that it is very difficult to characterize each seedling and the correct conditions for growing it in a bush. Therefore, we give summer residents advice on how to choose the type of currant in order to get a good harvest, and not continuous losses due to loss of time for useless care and the wrong choice of seedlings.

  • Try not to consider the newest blackcurrant varieties.
  • Choose only adapted varieties in the second, third and higher generations.
  • Buy only strong and high-quality planting material, regardless of variety.
  • Try to comply as much as possible with the agricultural technology for the plant that you have identified for planting on the site.
  • Do not forget about the regimes of watering, fertilizing, pruning and the formation of bushes.
  • Harvest on time and store it correctly.

Naturally, it is advisable to study the descriptions of blackcurrant varieties before buying, but it is much more important to observe these tips of professional summer residents, who have been successfully growing it for more than a year.

Varieties of currants for giving

The characteristics of blackcurrant varieties are very important, because it is for them that you can choose a bush that suits your requirements, but then you have an even more difficult task - the correct plant cultivation, which will require certain skills, strength and time from you. We recommend reading the article on red currant.