The best varieties of pears for planting in a summer cottage

Each of us dreams of having those fruit trees on their own plot that will delight with a quality crop. Today we decided to talk about pears, namely about their varieties that can satisfy all our requirements.

It is clear that these requirements will differ, because there are a lot of us around, and varieties will need to be selected for different regions, which is also important. Not only climate change plays a role here, but also daylight hours, soil quality, sharpness of season changes, annual rainfall rate and so on.

Summer varieties

Early pears are determined by the fastest ripening, but they do not lag behind in qualities from fruits that have been spelled for much longer. So, pear trees that are ready to please us in the summer: Duchess Summer, Berlet, Morettini, Favorite Klappa, Melting, Rosie, Etude Kiev, Ultra-early.

Autumn pears

If you are interested in fruits that ripen a little later, but are stored better than the earlier ones, the following varieties will suit you: Veles, Krasnobokaya, Leningradskaya, Larinskaya, Michurinskaya Beauty, Moskovskaya (Moskvichka), Otradnevskaya, Naryadnaya Efimova, pear variety Yakovlev, Uralochka, Sverdlovchanka Gorneda.

Winter varieties

Later varieties are distinguished by even greater qualities in terms of storage duration, as well as many flavoring features. Among them are the following: Pass-Krassan, Saratovka, Kondratyevka, Olivier de Serre, Patriotic, Josephine Mecheln, Bere Ardanpon and others.

When choosing which types of pears are best suited for planting in the country, you should not forget that for many of them pollinating varieties may be needed.

Choosing varieties for the Urals, Siberia, for the Moscow region or even for Ukraine, we would advise you to start not only from pretty names and ripening periods, but also be sure to pay attention to the characteristics of plants.

It is worth noting the fact that many types of pears and apples can grow almost without care, that is, it will be enough to plant trees in the garden or even outside the yard, sometimes water them, harvest and prune only those branches that interfere with you. But it is quite realistic that you will choose the columnar varieties of pears, Chizhovskaya, Bera, Lada, Severyanka, Forest Beauty, Maria or others with large and sweet fruits. In this case, the trees will definitely need stable care, if you, of course, want to have a constant crop.

What kind of pear to plant

  • First of all, decide on the possibilities of planting trees in your own summer cottage. It will be most correct to plant early, mid-ripening and late species, so you will receive sweet and juicy fruits throughout the entire warm period and even in late autumn. It will be enough to plant only three varieties of pear trees at the cottage - one at a time, to provide them with stable care, and several boxes in the barn will always be filled with aromatic fruits.
  • Further, you should definitely choose whether tall or dwarf plants are suitable for you, determine the names of the trees in accordance with the first two requirements and choose for yourself several options.
  • Now that you have identified about a dozen trees for planting, carefully read the description of the varieties that you have chosen. Make the greatest emphasis on agricultural technology and determine which species is most suitable for your site. Here you should definitely take into account the planting site, the composition of the soil and its acidity, the level of groundwater and the frost resistance of the tree, the possibility of transplanting and safety measures that will help save the tree from pests and diseases. In addition, be sure to check the care of seedlings and mature trees.
  • Having studied such information, you can always choose exactly the trees that normally take root and will bear fruit in your area.

It doesn’t matter if you choose pear varieties for Siberia or the southern regions, be sure to do this work, because after planting any seedling on your site that you don’t know anything about, you can’t wait for a good result.

Varieties of pears in the video

We suggest approaching the selection of any fruit tree for planting in the garden very seriously, because this is not an annual, which can be replaced with another one year later, but a real tree that will “work for you” for decades. Therefore, study the varieties of red pears very carefully, consider the variety Bergamot, Apple-pear, sweet and tart, tall and dwarf varieties, because only the correctness of your choice and subsequent care will determine the result of the enterprise that we have conceived here today.