Features and methods of self-sharpening chainsaw chains

The chain for the saw is a series-connected links with special cutting teeth. This headset is designed for installation on a chainsaw. At home, it is not difficult to sharpen the chain independently and correctly, but you must adhere to certain rules, as well as use special devices that can be home-made or factory-made.

Why and when do you need chainsaw sharpening

Proper maintenance and operation have a significant impact on the performance of the chainsaw and the performance parameters of such a tool as an electric saw. Comfortable work with the tool requires timely sharpening. Qualitatively sharpen the chain can specialists, but many owners of such equipment prefer to sharpen the headset themselves. Problems arising from late sharpening the chain, may be as follows:

  • obtaining curve cuts;
  • significant load on the equipment;
  • increase fuel consumption;
  • increased wear of the main parts of the chainsaw and shortened the life of the teeth of the chain.

A dull chain often gets stuck in a cut, forms a fine dust-like chip, goes deep into the cut with considerable effort. As a result, the time spent on cutting is greatly increased. In the presence of such signs, you can sharpen the chain with your own hands using a special tool or machine. The headset is sharpened as early as possible, which minimizes metal grinding and extends the service life.

Tool chain tooth structure

If we consider the structure of the teeth of the chain as an example as a template of the Friendship chainsaw, then You can observe several important points:

  • teeth have a pair of edges: upper and lateral;
  • the upper edge has an angled bevel in the direction of movement of the blade;
  • the cutting links are represented by a base, a tooth blade and a depth stop;
  • the blade has a horizontal, falling at an angle, a blade and a vertical end blade;
  • the thickness of the chips is determined by the difference, which is represented by the upper limit line and the front line on the backs of the teeth;
  • under standard conditions, the difference indicators can be in the range of 0.5-0.8 mm, but the optimum parameter is 0.6 mm;

  • each subsequent sharpening shortens the distance by reducing the size of the upper faces of the teeth;
  • control files are made every six to eight sharpenings;
  • the angle of the upper edge of 50-60 ° and the rear angle on the end blade are responsible for ensuring the cutting properties of the chain;
  • the front corner part is formed by the edge of the end blade and can be about 60-85 °.

Only a well and timely sharpened saw is able to provide safe and highly productive work.

Chain sharpening: basic principles

How to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw at home

Performance indicators are determined by the length of the headset, as well as the appearance of the chips formed during the sawing process. A well-sharpened saw in the process of work produces the same size sawdust with the correct shape. Otherwise, you need to choose a sharpening method.

Machine tools and accessories

Currently used manual sharpening and high-quality sharpening on the machine. Both methods have certain advantages and some disadvantages:

  • Bulgarian It is used for sharpening quite often, but it is important to control the sharpness of the chain, and lubricate the drive sprocket with engine oil. The tire is periodically reversed, which will prevent one-sided abrasion. The advantages of the method include the absence of the need to remove the chain from the saw, and the ability to use visual selection of the angle of sharpening;

  • automatic machine involves sharpening the chain based on several simple steps, including installing the saw in the machine, selecting the desired angle of sharpening and turning on the saw engine at full power, resulting in self-sharpening on the emery stone of the machine;
  • hand machine It’s easy to apply. At the first stage, the screw tightening the chain is loosened, after which the angle suitable for sharpening is adjusted and the maximum degree of sharpening is determined based on visual inspection of the most dull tooth. After sharpening, blowing and treatment with clean oil is carried out.

Step-by-step instructions for sharpening with your own hands with a file

A file or sharpener allows you to sharpen quickly and make the chain sharp enough to carry out work. The diameter of the round file is selected depending on the chain pitch and is welded within 4-5.2 mm. Cutter limiters should be provided with a flat file. In addition to everything else, you need to fix a template or pattern on the turning area, giving direction to the file.

Headset sharpening technology is simple, but should be carried out in accordance with the following recommendations:

  • strong fastening of the sharpened chain;
  • sharpening at a certain, unchanged angle with the protrusion of the file above the tooth back one fifth of the thickness;
  • file stroke should be smooth and not strong, with idle during reverse movement;
  • to minimize wear on one side, the file should be rotated periodically;
  • the file is held at right angles to the vertical plane, and the horizontal angle varies between 10-30 °;
  • when grinding, you need to focus on the shortest tooth in the row.

The main disadvantage of such sharpening is significant time costs, but the disadvantage is offset by the lack of the need to purchase expensive equipment and special tools.

How to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw with a file

How to increase chain life without sharpening

Chainsaws are kept in good condition and reliably serve for a long time only with careful maintenance:

  • you need to refuel the chainsaws using a special oil, the concentration of which involves a dilution of 92 or 95 with gasoline in a ratio of 1:40 or 1:50;
  • Before choosing a proportion, you need to carefully read the basic information on the label;
  • a limited amount of the fuel mixture must be diluted, and the unused volume must be disposed of;
  • it is important to periodically check the clearance between the stop and the edge of the tooth, and the standard parameters should be approximately 0.7 mm;
  • it is important to alternate independent sharpening and machine grinding with high-quality alignment of all angles;
  • periodically you need to rearrange the tire 180 degrees, which minimizes the risk of curvature and one-sided abrasion;
  • lubrication of the drive sprocket is systematically performed immediately before using the chain saw in operation;
  • for lubrication, you can use a standard oil, filled with gasoline in the tank, but the M8 brand has proven itself best.

It is required to control the tension indicators: there should not be excessive tight tension or sagging. The chain should be aligned exactly in the groove of the tire.

Safety Precautions and Recommendations

There are several rules that allow perform work with a chain saw safely and as efficiently as possible:

  • Before assembling the chain tool and installing the chain, it is important to familiarize yourself with the operating rules in the instructions, noting all its features;
  • work with electric saws is carried out in mittens and goggles;
  • safety of work can be ensured by tight, tight work clothes and reliable shoes;
  • work must be carried out in a stable and safe position;
  • the material to be sawn must also be located as reliably and steadily as possible.

The chainsaw needs to be driven with two hands, constantly monitoring the process.. Installation of a gear emphasis on a log or bar is a guarantee of obtaining a quality saw cut. Before using a power tool, make sure that the power cord is intact.

How to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw with your own hands

Modern and high-quality chainsaws, electric and cordless, as well as hand-held chain saws are widely used in various works related to the construction and processing of wood. Productivity and performance indicators of the work performed directly depend on the condition of the circuit, so this headset should be kept in order and periodically subjected to correct, timely sharpening.