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DIY cultivation of blue spruce from seeds

Growing a blue spruce with your own hands is a real art. Too many summer residents are trying to reach the master's level, creating a masterpiece, but, unfortunately, not everyone succeeds. Today we will try to help you with this activity, which is very interesting and fascinating.

To grow a blue spruce in the country is really difficult, especially since not all of the trees planted will be blue. Statistics say that only about 30% of fir trees become such, which we have confirmed in practice. But this is not a reason to stop!

Growing blue spruce from seeds

Growing from seeds is the longest, but also the most fascinating process, which will be much more interesting than growing blue beauty from cuttings.

Seed collection and preparation

So let's get started. From the very beginning, we will need to prepare cones of blue spruce, which can be collected in the forest in mid-February. It is necessary to put the cones in gauze bags and place them near a battery or other heating device so that the cones open faster and produce seeds. Then, after a few weeks, the seeds are processed, lionfish are removed from them, the seeds are washed from essential oils under running water and dried.

Now the material should be treated with potassium permanganate, a weak solution, dried again a little, put in a clean and sterilized glass jar under a tight lid, and put the jar in the refrigerator for about 2 months.

It is best to prepare seeds in natural cold - in the snow. To do this, snow in a shaded place is well rammed, a small hole is made in it, where a bag of seeds is laid. Sawdust and a more dense cover are laid on top of it, which will prevent the snow from melting quickly. In a similar way, seeds are stored until sowing.

Sowing seed spruce

Accurately determine the sowing date, otherwise after drying the seeds from the refrigerator or from under the snow, they can be stored in a similar form for 40-50 hours. Having precisely determined the time and place, soak the seeds of blue spruce in a special solution of microelements for 11-12 hours, then treat with a solution of Fundazole 50% (20 g of the drug per bucket of water) for the prevention of various diseases.

If you are going to sow spruce seeds in containers - pots or containers, be sure to prepare a special soil mixture - horse peat with fertilizers (for 5-6 kg of peat, 35 g of limestone flour and 20 g of ammofoska), put the soil mixture in the container and place them in holes in the greenhouse so that the top of the tanks is at ground level, that is, just dig in the pots. Next, sow the seeds in them, to a depth of 1.5 cm and cover with a film.

If sowing of seeds occurs directly in the soil of the greenhouse, then it must be properly prepared. The soil surface is well rammed - with hands, feet, a special roller, it is not so important. Further, the seeds are laid out on the surface at a distance of 3-5 cm from each other and sprinkled with a layer of a mixture of peat and coniferous sawdust of 1 cm.

Seedling care

After 12-20 days, when the sprouts of blue Christmas trees appear on the surface of the soil, they will need to be thinned out, leaving only the strongest plants, no more than 6-7 cm from each other.

Shoots are not watered, but are carefully sprayed twice a day, soil moisture is maintained stably, without overdrying and overflowing, the temperature is maintained at + 13 + 15 ° ะก, plants are necessarily protected from direct rays of the sun and night frosts.

Spring plant transplant

Growing spruce seedlings, you must not only drive them to a certain level, but also not to lose during the transplant, and therefore, try to do everything right.

Christmas trees are transplanted in early spring, before the time when the seedlings will grow. It happens as follows.

The grown seedlings are carefully dug out of the soil, most often several pieces are obtained at once. Then they disconnect, neatly and quickly, so as not to damage the root system, and not to dry it in the air.

When the plants are disconnected, their roots need to be treated with clay mash and planted in the school according to the 15x25 cm pattern. When preparing the pits for planting seedlings, be sure to add a little earth from under the conifers to them.

Now, only standard care, time and patience. In the third year, seedlings will need to be planted again, but already at a distance of 1 m from each other. After the next 2-3 years, you can lose up to half of the seedlings, even if initially they seemed strong. Do not worry too much, as these are standard statistics that do not even respond to ideal growing conditions.

Growing blue spruce from seeds will not be able to withstand every summer resident, many simply do not have the patience, and we are fully confident in this. But if you finish what you started, you will simply be amazed at the result.

Conditions for growing spruce

When you get grown and strong trees, many of them will not be as blue as you would like, but they will also be very pretty Christmas trees that you have grown yourself.

Each spruce in which you have invested so much effort will not only show excellent external results, but will also be ready to facilitate your care with its resistance to many external factors. For example, adult trees are resistant to cold, are not afraid of wind and drought, they feel great even in a gassed city. The only thing is that blue Christmas trees grow slowly and require fertile soil for planting, it does not matter if you plan to grow seeds or cuttings.

Growing blue fir trees on video

Remember, it is very important not to plant young cuttings of blue spruce or seedlings from seeds in areas where corn used to grow or there was a potato bed.

Growing a blue spruce, like an ordinary spruce, is a very interesting, but difficult task, and therefore, it is worth taking up the matter only if you are completely confident in your own abilities and have a great desire to grow a beautiful tree with your own hands.