Water heater for a summer residence: purpose, requirements, selection criteria

Previously, it was believed that hot water in the country is undoubtedly a luxury. But today, each of us can provide a country house with hot water, you only need to purchase, install and connect a high-quality water heater.

Purpose of a country water heater

The demand for hot water provided by the heater is undeniable. Someone installs the appliance in the garage to wash their hands after repairing cars and other equipment, someone only in the house - for local needs for cleaning and washing, many have only a water heater for the shower, which, in principle, is enough. Having decided on the purpose, you will understand what type of unit you need, what capacity and volume, which means you can quickly calculate the cost.

Requirements for a water heater in the country

Long before the purchase, you need to determine the type of device, that is, establish what type of energy the heater will use. You might want to put an electric appliance, gas water heater, wood-fired boiler, or, in general, connect the boiler to the heating boiler at home (if there is autonomous heating and the ability to connect a boiler). You should also know exactly how much hot water you need to receive for various needs, how much time you are ready to wait for its heating, what price you are willing to pay for such comfort. The geometric indicators of the future water heater are also important - its shape and size, but the most stringent requirement should be power and efficiency, which will determine the ability to heat a certain amount of water, the speed of the process, and the cost of electricity or other carriers.

In addition, you can always choose a simpler, or already automated option, which is a bit more expensive.

Determination of the type of water heater

All water heaters can be divided into a number of types:

  • Gas;
  • Electric;
  • Solar;
  • Liquid fuel;
  • On the wood.

Interestingly, the most popular are gas, electric and wood burning devices, while the rest - solar and liquid fuel, are used extremely rarely, and only low profitability is considered the reason.

Let's look at some types in more detail so that you understand the principle of their work and then you can already determine which option is suitable in your case.

Instantaneous gas water heater

The operation scheme of such a device is very simple: cold water is supplied to the heater, passes through a special heat exchanger and gains temperature. At the outlet, the liquid can be of sufficiently different temperature, which depends on the self-mixing of water, pressure, automation of the water heater, the frequency of use of the device. The operation of such a device in the country is possible if there is a gas supply at the cottage.

Gas storage heaters

The system is quite simple, and its main features are the heating of a certain amount of water in a special tank, which occurs in the process of gas combustion through a special burner. Such a heater easily provides an impressive supply of hot water and can simultaneously supply it to several points of water intake. The drawback of the storage water heater is the time for heating the liquid, as well as the serious size of the device (which depends on the capacity of the water inside).

Electric instantaneous water heater

The heating of water in this device is due to electrical energy and a heater installed inside the water heater. During movement inside the water acquires the necessary temperature, therefore, the more pressure you need, the cooler it will be, the less it will be hotter. You can adjust the temperature not only by pressure, but also by calculating the power in advance.

Electric storage heater

The principle of operation is approximately the same as in the previous instance, the main difference is not heating the water stream that passes through the heater heater, but heating a certain amount of liquid in a special tank. Naturally, it will take a little longer to heat up a large amount of water, but at the exit you can get a stable temperature, which you will regulate yourself using a standard mixer.

Wood burning model

“Titans” or “Water Heaters” is a special name for wood-fired water heaters that work by burning firewood in a special firebox. Today, these are the most ancient devices, but they are appreciated no less than before. Each such unit consists of a firebox for burning firewood and a container into which water is collected. A smoke tube is also installed in this tank.

Water in the system acquires the necessary temperature due to the combustion of firewood in the furnace, as well as due to hot smoke that enters through the pipe inside the tank with liquid. A fairly serious unit that can heat a large amount of water to a high temperature has its drawbacks - it is almost impossible to regulate the outlet water temperature. But there are always ideas that allow us to increase the comfort of our own lives, for example, installing a mixer at the outlet of the Titan and connecting cold water to it, thanks to which the temperature from the wood-burning water heater can now be regulated.

Electric bulk heaters

This electric water heater in the country can really make life easier for a person whose cottage is not provided with a constant supply of water. For example, the site is supplied with water from a well or a special tank, a water pump has not yet been installed, and it is necessary to wash dishes and rinse after a working day. Then you simply draw water into the bucket and pour it into the wash basin for a summer residence with a water heater, which is installed around the corner of the house, or into a heater with a shower, where you will take procedures with water of the required temperature. In fact, this unit is a great alternative to not very comfortable amenities that you should not worry about, but just change for yourself.

Manufacturers of water heating equipment

Now that you know approximately how to choose a device by type, you need to go to the manufacturers of this equipment that present their products on the market. The most famous and popular brands on the market today are Atmor, Ariston, Atlantic, Delphi, Bosch, Electrolux, Fagor, Nord, Burning, Termex, Baxi, Ferrol, Proterm, Hotlex, Etalon, Saturn and others.

How to choose a water heater

So, let's immediately install the correct algorithm for choosing the water heater you need. To do this is very simple, just try to adhere to a certain direction and steps:

  • Appointment of the unit;
  • The choice of type, volume, power;
  • Number of functions, automation;
  • Dimensions, shape, installation location, general dimensions;
  • Manufacturer, price, warranty of the seller;
  • Determination of quality, reliability and durability (guarantees and accompanying documents).

How to install a water heater in the country

Installing a storage water heater, instantaneous or even bulk, is extremely simple, and you only need to calculate the approximate load on the surface and choose the fasteners for installation. Everything can be calculated by determining the weight of the unit and its volume, that is, adding up the mass of the installation itself and the maximum amount of water inside. Next, select the fasteners and wall that can withstand this mass, and install the unit.

It is advisable to choose a brick or panel wall for installation of a water heater in the country, as well as anchors that are ready to withstand the total weight of the unit and water. Be sure to make a margin of safety.

How to connect the system

The connection diagram is quite simple, you just need to correctly supply water to the unit and set the water intake points, connect the valves and taps and do not forget about adjusting the safety valve, which will help to discharge water with excessive pressure inside.

If you are worried that you can do something wrong, do not know how to install and how to ground the water heater in the country, invite a specialist to ensure that the work is performed well.

Do-it-yourself water heater

To tell you the truth, making a flow or storage water heater yourself is a little dangerous. Here it is necessary to observe not only the correct connection to the electric network and make grounding, but also correctly calculate the power, volume, pressure, insulation of the tank, the placement of the supply and intake of water, the sealing of the inputs, regulate the mixing of the liquid, and so on. In some cases, it turns out even so that the production, installation and connection of such a unit becomes much more serious in terms of costs than buying a ready-made unit. It is worth noting that in the case of self-production, you will not have any guarantee for the further operation of the water heater, and if it becomes unusable in a few months (and this happens quite often), then no one will compensate you for the cost or repair it is free. And among the most frequent breakdowns of home-made water heaters are tank deformation due to incorrect calculation of pressure and temperature, burnout burn-outs, thread breakdown and crash of fittings from tanks.

In this case, it remains only to advise you on a solar water heater for a summer house. Of course, there will no longer be that comfort (high water temperature, constant uniform supply, automatic adjustments), but then everything will be extremely clear and safe. You will only need to purchase a tank (for example, even a standard tank for a shower), install it in a sunny place, supply water to it and make a high-quality conclusion. Everything, warm and even almost hot water (after a hot summer day) you will be provided for the entire warm season.

How to choose a water heater for a summer residence

Each person makes strictly individual requirements for such a technique, and therefore, before making the final the choice of a water heater for giving, make a similar list for your own purchase. Believe me, with certain requirements it will be much easier to choose and buy a device.