Types of special shovels: choose a convenient and high-quality tool

Working on a summer residence, we use a special tool, each type of which facilitates the current process. We use shovels, but not every summer resident knows how many of them actually exist. Today we will discuss the types of special shovels and tell you why they are needed.

Indeed, in the country, we use only some of these tools, and most often, shovels (pick-ups) and bayonets. The first ones help us collect bags of sand, gravel, coal, grain, as well as remove garbage and snow, transfer bulk materials from one place to another, and so on. Bayonets are necessary in order to dig in the garden, in the garden, on the grounds outside the yard, which we ennoble, other. But there are other varieties that facilitate some work in the country, and today we will talk about them.

The unit for snow removal in the country

Most of us, when you need to remove snow in the country, works as a shovel. It is very convenient, because you can always not only collect snow on a scoop and throw it aside, but also break the ice, which could freeze on the tracks or the threshold. Of course, a snow shovel cannot be compared with some of these functions, since it is difficult to break ice with it, the tool itself will break faster. But only a wooden or plastic snow shovel is capable of collecting several times more snow on the tray, which means saving time cleaning the area, and also, it will never scratch or beat tile, stone and other paving materials on the tracks. But what if the ice is already frozen?

The fact is that the ice just does not freeze, but appears under the thickness of the snow, if the first was not cleaned in time, but was just crushed underfoot. To prevent ice from appearing, you just need to remove the snow in time, and the best helpers in this will be a snow shovel. If the ice is already frozen, then you will have to use a heavier tool, as well as special means, for example, even salt.

How to quickly and easily dig a garden

Sapper shoulder blade in the country

How can a small sapper blade help in the country when there is already a large, powerful and well-ground bayonet in the arsenal? Many summer residents underestimate the capabilities of sapper shovels in a summer residence, and therefore can not try all their advantages.

In garden work, this tool is a real find, because it can be used to harvest large weeds or shoots in the front gardens, in the garden and even in the garden. It has a small weight and a special handle, and therefore it is very convenient to hold it in your hand and work. Also, the scapula is well sharpened, which makes it possible to cut them off from the first exact hit on the trunk of a weed or shoot. At any time, you can dig it, for example, if you need to get the rhizomes of the mentioned plants from the soil. Now it will not be necessary to carry a heavy ax and a bayonet spade, just grab a sapper blade and work with pleasure.

In addition, many modern models have additional nozzles included:

  • Large knives for cutting or chopping;
  • Hacksaws for small branches and dead wood;
  • Axes that can be used not only in the case when the shovel can not cope with the cutting of overgrown trees, but also for its intended purpose, for cutting firewood.

Cleaning shovel in the country

But this species is not at all for giving, but for geological and archaeological work, where it is most often used. Of course, you can buy it for a summer cottage too, if you are constantly working on improving the landscape design of the land, it might be useful to you.

A universal option for working in the country

At the moment, in hardware stores you can also find universal shovels that can be used both as a pick (shovel) shovel and as a bayonet. They have a fairly strong tray, which is pointed and slightly curved inward. The sharpening makes it possible to dig even the hardest soil, but the modified tray adds the functions of a shovel. A very convenient tool, especially if you work in the garden, for example, with tree planting.

Do it yourself miracle shovel

Other species

There are many more species that we do not describe, but we definitely mention, but all of them are less practical, and therefore, we simply cannot recommend them for comfortable work.

Telescopic shovels for a garden

For example, let's take telescopic shovels for work in a garden and a kitchen garden. The latest achievement, which pleased many with the fact that you can adjust the size of the handle for yourself, but immediately upset, because the system is very unreliable, and the tool comes into an extremely shaky and flimsy state after a couple of months.

Shovels with interchangeable trays

Also, you can recall the models with removable trays, which can perform almost any job. This, of course, is very good, but the trays themselves cannot be called high-quality, and the place of contact between the handle and the tray quickly becomes worn out and then the shovel is not as good as immediately.

Special Tools

Also, specialized shovels, but these are not types of shovels, but simply separate trays, each of which is designed for a different type of soil.

The best shovel for the garden

Choosing a shovel for work in the country is only for your own requirements, but not just a nice new and high-quality one, but also convenient, easy and practical in your hands.

It remains only to go to the hardware store and stock up with the necessary tools for the whole season, because when the barn has everything that is needed, you don’t have to worry about breaking the deadlines for any summer cottage.