DIY wind music: simple creation of original talismans for summer cottages

The music of the wind is an oriental talisman that has become a popular accessory not only of our house, but also of its summer cottage. Today we create it with our own hands, at no extra cost, from improvised items.

Air bells came to us not so long ago, at about the same moment that feng shui became popular in the country. But, one can say that from the first days of its appearance, this talisman became very interesting to many people who gladly hang an accessory at home and even in the country, where every slightest blow of the breeze not only produces pleasant and positive sounds, but also attracts positive energy.

For a long time, wind music has been considered a kind of converter of negative energy into positive energy and, even if you do not believe in it, you can simply decorate the entrance to the house, gazebo or patio with cute Feng Shui elements that will not only delight you with sound, but also attract attention guests.

You can buy such a talisman today without much difficulty, since it is not only on the windows of specialized oriental stores, but also on market stalls, in gift departments. But, you must admit, there is no need to spend money if you can make a souvenir from everything that is considered superfluous in the house - tin cans, old pencils, small metal tubes, shells and so on.

How to make DIY wind music

For this, only desire and imagination are necessary, the rest is a matter of time and practice. Having produced your first mascot, having invested in it a piece of soul, good mood and positive emotions, you can of course stop, but you can continue to create, because you simply can’t count the mascot options.

From cans

A popular Feng Shui accessory for a summer residence can be made from cans, roughly speaking, from garbage, which will now serve to the benefit. To create this element, you do not need much - cans of different sizes, a thin strong thread or twine, paint, jewelry in the form of beads or plastic plates.

Further, everything is simple - you paint clean tin cans in different colors to make the accessory more fun, and tie the cans at different heights from the base, fastening them to the knots on the ropes. You can also decorate the ropes with beads, coins, plates and so on. As a result, you get a pretty nice product that makes an interesting sound while swaying in the wind. Believe me, it will also become the subject of heated discussions and jokes in the company of friends.

From clay pots

To do this, you will need 3-5 flower pots made of clay, preferably a small size, so that the accessory does not turn out to be of enormous weight. Next, a strong twine is taken, at the end of which a bead is tied or a large knot tied, to stop the first clay pot. The pot is put on with a hole on the other end of the twine and lowered to a bead or knot. Now, retreating from it 5-7 cm, so that the next pot does not completely cover the previous one, we again knot the knot and fix the bead. We put on the next pot, and so on.

Previously, the pots can be painted in cheerful colors, between them to fasten more nice large beads, with which to decorate the twine after you put the last clay pot on it. We recommend that you do everything accurately and consistently, first hang the smallest pot, and then, upward, increase their size.

From pencils and the old ruler

A similar product is even for a child. Only 10-15 pencils and one ruler will be required. Every 1.5-2 cm small holes are punched in the ruler, you can even accurately mark it. Further, a strong thread or thin fishing line is drawn through the hole, with which a pencil is tied at a distance of several centimeters from the ruler. Consistently fixing all the pencils on the ruler, and making a suspension in the middle or on both sides, you get the simplest musical talisman.

At times, it can be difficult to tie a pencil so that the thread does not slip off it. In this case, you can pass the thread through an elastic band, which is often available at the end of the pencil, or make shallow notches with a pencil, knife or blade.

From old keys

The simplest accessory, which is very interesting in appearance, and is able to present the surrounding space with pleasant sounds during any blow of the wind. It is very simple to create such an accessory for decorating a summer residence, you only need to devote about an hour to it, and put together everything you need. You will need a strong dry twig, 5-7 keys, a strong thread and multi-colored paints. First, you dye the twig in whatever color you want, cheerful and positive, and while it dries, tie the keys to pieces of thread that should be the same in size. Next, tie the keys with threads to the branch, at the same distance from each other, on the other hand, make the simplest suspension, and you're done. It remains only to paint the keys themselves and the threads along which they descend from the branch.

From spoons and forks

In fact, this is generally an unprecedented miracle, the production method of which we only recently learned. In order to make wind music with your own hands from forks and spoons, you need to take the fork and unbend its teeth in different directions, and punch a hole for the suspension in the handle of the fork. Now, for each curly little clove, we tie the same pieces of thin fishing line, about 10-15 cm each, decorate the fishing line with beads of a favorite color, and tie spoons on the ends of the fishing line that are no longer needed on the farm. The result is an extremely original thing that can be hung anywhere.

Music of the wind: do it yourself

Original product from a plastic pot and lids

If the house has bottle caps and a plastic flower pot (everyone has them), then you can quickly, literally within half an hour, make a musical accessory with your own hands, and not only cute and effective, but also making original sounds in the wind.

The production process is quite simple, and to complete it you will need only 30 minutes of time, 5-6 pieces of strong thread or fishing line, 50 cm long, several dozen bottle caps, as well as a plastic flower pot and a piece of twine for hanging. First of all, evenly punch holes in the pot, upside down, around the entire circumference, for 4-5-6 or more pieces of fishing line that you have prepared. Next, sequentially put bottle caps on the thread or fishing line (in which there are already holes made with a needle or awl), after 2-3 cm from each other, you can even more chaotically. To prevent the covers from sliding, we knotted on both sides of each of them. Now that a certain number of threads with covers is ready, carefully thread them through the holes in the plastic flower pot, and tie them. On the other hand, we make a suspension, for example, of twine.

Everything, the music of the wind is ready, but you can always and a little dream up, for example, hanging beads and bells on the edges of the fishing line with covers.

We make wind music from bells and shells

All that is needed to create the next mascot is a small dry and strong twig, shells, bells and threads. Further, everything is done in exactly the same way as in the production of an accessory from keys, only you do not need to dye anything, and we don’t put a key on each strong thread, but sequentially shells and bells, or in any other order convenient for you.

The result is a magnificent talisman that can only be distinguished from the store by quality, since an independent product is often much better than store stampings.

How to make wind music

Classic Bamboo

And, finally, the classical music of wind from bamboo, or our first product from metal tubes, which was created in the likeness of bamboo.

The creation process is completely identical, and therefore, the description will be only one. Of course, getting bamboo is not easy, but it is quite realistic, there would be a desire. Next, everything else is going to come in handy to create the classic Feng Shui element - twine, beads, a wooden puck and planks.

A suspension is immediately created, the base of which will be a wooden cross (for four bamboo tubes) or any other wooden element for the amount of bamboo you need. A suspension is attached to it from a strong twine from above, from the bottom, or through special drilled holes, fishing line with bamboo tubes and beads. In the center, it is necessary to hang a wooden washer to the base, about which bamboo tubes will beat during the breeze and make sounds. The whole process takes only a few hours, and only for the reason that it will be necessary to make holes for the thread or fishing line in the base of the accessory and wooden washer. Also, while the drill is still in your hands, you need to immediately fill the holes in the bamboo elements, but very carefully and with a thin drill. After, only the garter of all elements and fastening.

Even if you do not believe in positive energy and oriental culture, try to approach work with a good mood, the necessary reserve of time, and new ideas. This will help with wind music.

DIY wind music is a reality, and you can verify this already at the moment when you make the first talisman and decorate the cottage with it, be it a gazebo or even a beautiful tree in the garden. Original and very pleasant sounds that will give you pleasure daily will often remind you of your work, as well as attract you to repeat a new achievement and make another accessory.

Music of the wind at the cottage (20 photos)