Garden bridge - an original decoration of a summer residence

Garden bridge plays a final role in landscape design, if you arrange the passage through a small artificial reservoir, for example, a stream. Make it easy if you want to get the original product and not spend a lot of money at the same time.

Like any landscape design, such bridges to order will be quite expensive, and you can easily see this if you examine the price list of the nearest design company. But you can save significantly, about 2-3 times, if you do it yourself. Naturally, if a serious decorative design is planned, the work will be difficult and painstaking, but if you simplify the project as much as possible, then a bridge over a small body of water, or even a dry stream, can be built in just one day.

Decorative garden bridge

Which bridge to choose for a summer residence

You will have to personally choose the material of production and the appearance of the product, focusing on landscape design, budget and your own skills, but there is always a mandatory list of parameters that should be followed when determining.

Ruggedness and reliability. These qualities are interesting to every summer resident, since a reliable thing will last longer, which means that in terms of years of service, the design will be much cheaper. Absolutely every garden bridge can have such qualities - wooden, metal, forged, you just have to work with quality. Also, do not forget about the treatment with protective agents and constant care, which will extend the service life.

Security. One of the main qualities, which is fully responsible for the health of a person crossing a stream across the bridge. The design should be strong, the material should be fixed securely, the frame should support the weight of several people at the same time, the base should be installed on the ground or on a special foundation. Here again we can mention the care of the product, since timely painting or varnishing for a long time will provide the materials with their original qualities and eliminate brittleness, which means they will protect a person from injuries.

Decorativeness. Naturally, appearance plays a huge role, and you can not argue with that. We can say that garden bridges, as small architectural forms in the landscape, are precisely a decorative element, since, for the most part, it bears beauty, and not practicality. Any artificial pond in the country can be circumvented, but the transition through it is intended only for an original accent.

Wooden bridges

Wooden garden bridges are considered the absolute leader, and not only sales, but also independent production. The reason for this is the naturalness of the product, which carries warmth and harmony with nature. Moreover, it is worth noting that the tree in the country is the most popular material, and this is the answer.

Wooden products can be cheap and expensive, simple and quite complex in terms of design, custom-made and made independently. The only recommendations here will be the selection of quality material and the right production technology. If you follow all the rules and work with excellent wood, then a structure up to 5 m long can be created in one day, even alone.


It will not be possible to create a garden bridge entirely from metal, since you will need to purchase parts of the foundation that cannot be made without special equipment. These are bent beams on which the wooden or metal path of the bridge will pass. But everything else is possible on its own, because there will be very little work left.

Here, too, you can talk for a long time about the complexity of the design and the cost of the project, but it all depends on your personal desire and financial capabilities. By and large, you can buy a prefabricated bridge and install it in a couple of hours, but you can try to save money and personally digest the foundation, install the bridge, cover it with a board and so on, but it will take several days.

As for the design, everything is in order here, especially if you decorate the bridge with something, for example, lanterns, railings and flowerpots, living plants on different sides and so on.


An expensive decorative product that you can only assemble with your own hands, and you should not do this, since you are already seriously spending money on forging. Let the work be carried out to the end by specialists who will be fully responsible for the quality.

Wrought iron bridges are a classic of landscape design, and a popular element of our time, which is interesting to so many people, as an addition to the courtyard with small architectural forms, a good combination with pergolas, forging benches, arbors and lanterns. Therefore, worrying about the design is not even worth it, forging elegantly fits into almost any exterior.


Most often these are combined designs, in which the best moments of wooden and forged varieties are collected. The bases and railings are forged, the flooring is wooden, or even from a burnt board with a pattern, engraving, further, the original decor is with patterns, wrought flower pots and ornamental plants, small lanterns and other landscape decor.

Construction Features

Seat selection

Of course, this device is necessary for crossing a narrow river or stream, but you can always install a bridge in a place where there is no reservoir by organizing a dry stream, a pretty rocky scattering, a small canal or even flower beds with wildflowers. Therefore, choosing a location is very simple.

Preparation before installation

All that needs to be done at this stage is to remove all unnecessary from the site and prepare the soil for installation and decorative decoration of the bridge at the edges. Of course, for a heavy bridge, you need some foundation or even fixing it on the banks of the stream, for decoration - stones and plants, for styling - lanterns and other decor, which means that the site should be clean, without debris and weeds.

Foundation or platform under the base

Most bridges are installed without a foundation, but we recommend that you pour a solid foundation if it is heavy, large and made of metal or forging. For this, a strip foundation is sufficient, which will be tied to the metal edges by welding, while simultaneously securing the bridge and making it more reliable and stable. If you install the bridge several meters long, it will be enough to put a couple of bars under its supporting bases, on each edge of the bridge, so that the base does not go into the soil and does not deteriorate very quickly from moisture. Instead of bars, you can use concrete columns, bricks or, best of all, natural stone.

Foundation creation

As we said above, you compile the project yourself, which means that the entire selection of materials is on you. Wood, metal, and maybe concrete masonry casting. But, we will start from a simple one - metal beams, a board, a bar or logs. The design of the bridge can be flat or curved, and therefore it will be necessary to choose the material accordingly. If there is nowhere to buy material for the base of the garden bridge, or it is expensive, you can install two logs in the form of load-bearing beams, or make braids. You can make them from a durable board, for example 50x300 mm, by setting it along the length of the correct shape and arranging the braid by folding the finished trimmed parts. But, if all this is beyond the means or simply there is no time, it is enough to make an even bridge with the help of logs or bars.

Even before the assembly of the main structure, all parts must be properly treated with protective agents, for example, antiseptics and paint, or drying oil and colorless varnish to extend the life of each individual element and structure as a whole.

Base installation

The base is installed on prepared carriers - the foundation or bearing pads made of wood, stone and so on. Everything is very simple here - setting by level, fixing, connecting the bases to each other on an equal width and checking the strength, further, only the flooring of the bridge itself.

Wood flooring

We decided to choose a board as the flooring, since we are talking about the simplest option, and working with wood is always convenient and even pleasant. The board is cut to size and laid on the base, screwed on stainless screws, which is most practical. Also, you can choose a decorative flooring, a special board or even a log, but here it is already worth starting from the budget.

Decoration of the bridge in the garden

Since the main assembly work is completed, you can start decorating - additional painting, installation of railings, decoration with plants and lighting, flooring of stones and the installation of a recreation area and so on.