How to choose a chainsaw at the cottage: 2019 rating

A person living in a private house or owning a suburban area cannot do without such a tool as a chainsaw. Everyone who is thinking about purchasing it raises a lot of questions. One of the most important: which chainsaw is the best and which company. ABOUT nuances of choice This tool will be discussed in this article.

Types of chainsaws

All the variety of this tool can be divided into three main categories:

  • household;
  • semi-professional;
  • professional saws.

Household models

Models belonging to this group are an excellent choice for people who plan to use the unit up to 30 hours per month. Their distinctive features are small dimensions and weight. Using such a tool, the owner of a private house can easily make firewood for the stove. Aggregates of domestic use are quite capable of solving a problem such as pruning branches trees.

Specialists call these models amateur. Their characteristic feature is low power. For inexpensive chainsaws, it usually does not exceed 2 kW. In their equipment they have low profile chains with a minimum vibration level. Using such a tool in a summer cottage, you can perform minor gardening and construction work without applying serious physical effort.

Semi-Professional Chainsaws

Compared with household tools of this class is more powerful. This parameter for most models varies from 2 to 3 kW. They are distinguished by a large weight in comparison with a tool from the first category and are intended for cutting down thick branches trees and construction work. If in the near future your plans are to build a house, then you should definitely think about purchasing such a gas tool. Experts do not recommend using it for more than 4 hours. Otherwise, the engine life of the chainsaw will decrease markedly.


This category includes a tool characterized by high power. It is used when work is ahead. on an industrial scale. The main feature of the saws in this category is that they can be used for more than eight hours without interruptions. The power of professional units is exceeded 2.5 kW. Particularly endurance models differ with a power indicator of 2.7-6 kW.

A reasonable decision to purchase such a tool is in cases where the owner of the suburban area decided to build a log house on the territory of the allotment, set up a bathhouse or build a gazebo. If you have to work with tree trunks of large thickness, then you should choose it professional chainsaw.

Characteristics of chainsaws

When choosing this tool, attention should be paid to the power of the model. It is from this parameter that the depth and speed of sawing the material depends. The best option would be a model in which the power corresponds to the weight of the tool. In this case, when using it, you do not have to apply serious physical effort, and the final result will be of high quality.

It should be understood that the greater the power of the tool, the more severe it will be. And this means that during the work process you will have to make significant physical efforts.

If we talk about the design of the chainsaw, then it is a classic mechanism. A two-stroke ICE acts as his heart. It does not include a gearbox, but there is a single-stage chain transmission. Ensuring the operation of the saw chain, it carries out the work of the saw. In addition, in modern models there is cleaning system air entering the carburetor. Among other elements in the design of the saw there are:

  • starter;
  • chain tensioner;
  • fuel tank and a number of other elements.

Chainsaw Tire

When choosing a tool, you should first pay attention to how long the tire has. It should be remembered that the greater its length, the greater the area a saw can cover. Picking up suitable unit, care must be taken to ensure that the balance between tire length and power is balanced. If the latter is insufficient for the saw, then in this case during operation it will be necessary to make additional efforts, which will negatively affect the resource of the saw engine.

When choosing a chainsaw, you should always read carefully instructions. The passport to the unit indicates the maximum permissible tire length. In semi-professional and household saws, tires with a length of up to 40 cm are used, and in professional units - up to 75 cm. The tires with which modern chainsaw models are equipped are of three types:

  • narrow
  • lightweight;
  • long.

Narrow manufacturers usually install models for domestic use. They have a small capacity and are mainly used to perform small-volume work. These tires usually come with a low profile chain.

Lightweight tire manufacturers are made of steel. In order to provide comfort mode when using the tool and its light weight, a polyamide layer is laid between the steel sheets.

Long. They are equipped with a tool that is used to cut large diameter tree trunks. These tires have interchangeable heads. Usually they are equipped with professional chainsaws with high power, which can be used without interruption for many hours.


When choosing a machine for personal use, attention should be paid to the chain. The distance between the teeth determines its pitch. For household saws, the chain has a small pitch that is 0.325 inches. She is able to withstand only a small load. If you use it to execute high volume works, then the chain will quickly become dull.

In powerful units in the structure of the structure, a chain with a pitch of 0.404 inches can be detected. This indicator provides the occurrence of enhanced vibration during operation of the tool, but provides increase in productivity. Saws with this chain cannot be used for cutting frozen or hard wood. In a more powerful tool, which belongs to the professional category, chains with a large step indicator are used. Their feature is the presence of brazing from hard alloys.

Petrol engine

In every modern saw model, you can find a two-stroke carburetor ICE. It has two tanks. One of them is used for gasoline, and the other for oil. The volume of the fuel tank is twice the capacity intended for lubrication. This ratio is designed so that the production of fluids occurs in the same time.

Tools produced by domestic companies can run on 76th gasoline, and motorcycle oil is allowed to be poured into the lubricant tank. If you decide to opt for a foreign manufacturer, it is best to choose high quality gasoline and use oils recommended by the manufacturer. In this case, the tool will last for many years.

Choosing the best chainsaw for the price and quality

A person who first acquires a chainsaw to solve his problems in everyday life, faces certain difficulties. The thing is that the market offers big choice chainsaw models. Therefore, the proper selection of the unit becomes a rather difficult task.

When deciding which unit to choose, you should pay attention to the rating of chainsaws in quality and reliability. It will not be superfluous to get acquainted with expert reviews. Studying them, you can gather valuable information and make a faster decision. Avoiding mistakes when searching for chainsaws will also help reviews on thematic resources on the Internet.

If you need a cheap and reliable tool, then among domestic manufacturers it is worth paying attention to the Taiga 245 model. Such a chainsaw can be purchased at a price of 4200 rubles. Another Russian-made saw is the Ural 2TE. It is intended for professional work, with which its higher cost is connected - 19,000 rubles.

If you need a model with an optimal ratio of price and quality characteristics, then it is worth considering models of foreign manufacturers. First of all, you should pay attention to the products of the Japanese company Makita and the manufacturer Husqvarna, well-known in the Russian market.

Models produced by these companies will be an excellent choice for use in everyday life. With their help, it is possible to effectively solve both light and large-scale tasks in the country and in construction. If you are looking for a chainsaw for use on a suburban area, then you can look at the Makita DCS 340 or DCS 341.

These models can be considered as the best option, since these small saws have high performance. Due to the presence of high-quality internal filling during their use, the summer resident will not experience any difficulties. Observing the operating conditions and not forgetting about the maintenance of the chainsaw, you can be sure of its long service life.

The universal saws of Husqvarna 340/350 are oriented to the solution of absolutely any tasks. One of their features is the presence of powerful anti-vibration protection, as well as a quiet working stroke. The cost of such chainsaws varies from 13 to 20 thousand rubles. More durable are units manufactured by Stihl. Regardless of which model you prefer - a lightweight and low-power unit or a tool with high performance, buying a saw will require expenses of 25-30 thousand rubles.

Criteria for choosing a tool for a summer residence

It is very difficult to give an unambiguous answer on how to choose the right tool for a summer residence, since each owner of a suburban area has his own requests and the volumes of proposed work vary greatly. In order to choose the best saw, you need to build on your individual needs.

If you periodically need to carry out certain procedures in the garden and infrequently require a sawing of wooden boards in a small volume, then the right choice would be to purchase a household tool of compact dimensions. If you regularly carry out garden and construction work at your site, then you should pay attention to chainsaws from a semi-professional and professional model range.

If you are ready to spend serious money on the purchase of gasoline powered tools, you can consider Husqvarna and Stihl products for purchase. The models of these manufacturers are the best choice both in terms of their functionality and performance.


When the owner of the cottage realized that he needed a chainsaw, what brand to choose - the most relevant question for him. Everyone wants to spend money and get a reliable tool. This can help reviews on specialized resources. Getting acquainted with valuable information, everyone planning to purchase a unit can learn how to choose a chainsaw for a summer residence and clarify for themselves the moment which chain is best for a chainsaw. Having clarified the important nuances, you can avoid mistakes when choosing a model and spend money correctly.

A few years ago I purchased a Makita DES350 saw. I used it to make a log house bathhouse and firewood. The tool pleased me with high reliability. Over the five years of operation, my spending on its maintenance was reduced only to replacing the chain and clutch drum due to the wear of the sprocket. I am completely satisfied with the tool and recommend it to everyone who is looking for a reliable assistant in the garden and in construction.

Kuropatkin Sergey

If you want to have a reliable chainsaw at your disposal for little money, then in this case the Stihl MS180 is the best choice. I have been using it for several years now and it has never failed me. I often use this saw for construction work. If you resort to her help only on weekends or several times a month, then I have no doubt that she will last for decades.

Victor Arinkin

For domestic use, I recommend purchasing Stihl chainsaws. They are highly reliable and have a perfect air purification system. In this regard, they are significantly superior to similar models from Husqvarna. Everyone should decide which model to choose, being guided by the volume of work for which it will be used. I am sure that if the unit is operated correctly, it will not fail and will facilitate the implementation of a wide range of work in the garden and during construction.

Egor Rubakhin

A chainsaw is an indispensable tool for any summer resident. Owners of private houses also can not do without this tool, since the preparation of firewood and the implementation of construction work becomes an easier task when you have at hand an aggregate from a well-known manufacturer.

In order for the purchased unit to please its reliability, and its service life was long, it is necessary to give preference in favor of models of well-known manufacturers when choosing. At the same time, you should not save money so as not to run into a fake. Applying the purchased chainsaw for the purpose, you must not forget about regular maintenance and timely replacement of consumables. In this case, it will last a long time, providing an easy solution to various problems in everyday life.