DIY shed: construction guide

At each summer cottage there are outbuildings, each of which has its own direct purpose. One of these is the barn for a variety of accessories. It is easy to build with your own hands.

In vain, many summer residents believe that they can easily do without outbuildings. Naturally, some people buy a summer cottage for relaxation, and not for work, but in this case, a special structure is needed for storing summer cottages. Even if you are not going to plant a garden, a vegetable garden and grow flowers, you will need to place garden furniture somewhere in the off-season, an air mattress and hammocks, a folding barbecue and other accessories for a summer vacation.

So, cutting off thoughts about the uselessness of such a building, we turn to the definition of a barn, the materials of its construction and methods of construction, and at the end of our material we, as usual, will consider one of the options in more detail - for example.

How to choose a barn for a summer residence

You can argue for a very long time about whether it is necessary in the country or not, you can choose its size, functionality, production material, but all such arguments must be clearly debugged and systematized, otherwise the project can become a real headache, and not a pleasant work for several days.

DIY wooden shed

A simple and inexpensive option for an ordinary summer house with traditional planting and growing vegetables and fruits, as well as relaxing after work. Such a shed is necessary for the needs described above; to store country utensils, tools, furniture, fruits and vegetables after harvesting and so on.

Now let's look at the benefits of a wooden barn in the country. It is impossible to say that this is the strongest, most reliable and durable building, but it’s easy to say that this business building has been idle for more than 30 years. Naturally, subject to proper construction and proper care. It is also worth mentioning the ease of installation of the structure, which even without special skills can be built in a few days. Next, we mention mobility. Such a shed will survive one or two transfers in an elementary way - verified in practice. Of course, it is not built in order to disassemble and build it in a new place, but everything happens in life. In terms of mobility, we are talking about small buildings made of timber and planks; if we talk about a large wooden shed on the foundation, then this does not apply to him. And finally, I want to recall the price of the issue, which will be several times lower than when using other materials. And before you heed the advice of people who insist on the fragility and unreliability of the tree, translate the quality into the service life and money and once again precisely calculate what is most beneficial for you.

It is very simple to build a wooden shed in the country house with your own hands - for this you will need only the simplest knowledge, ordinary tools and materials. First of all, the base is installed on a strip foundation or metal frame. Next, a supporting structure is formed from a bar, a “skeleton" is created and sheathed with a board or other material convenient for you. Naturally, it will be necessary to make a roof (which is also not difficult), install doors, process the materials with varnishes and paints and make the room airtight. But this is where the work ends, and, as you see, we were not joking about the fact that a wooden outbuilding can be erected in a few days.

Frame shed

More durable and reliable construction, which can already be sheathed with almost any material, insulated and maximally sealed. Naturally, even if the casing disappears with time, it can always be replaced. But, which is also understandable, the price of such a barn will probably be several times more expensive, although if you install the frame with your own hands and sheathe it yourself, you can try to save a little.

The main advantages of the frame shed in the country can be considered its durability and reliability. Convenience of assembly will remain undeniable, since such structures are mounted in a matter of days, and with the help of a special team - in hours. The frame building can be sheathed with wood, metal, more modern and reliable finishing materials. It will also be a stable and truly capital construction, which will withstand more than one year of service.

The construction takes place in several stages - pouring the foundation, installing the base, mounting the frame and the bearing, sheathing and roof, finishing work. At first glance, everything is very simple, but here the foundation is the most important element. The reason for this is the weight of the structure, which will significantly differ from the weight of the wooden shed, and therefore the materials for the carriers, as well as the base of the frame, must be selected and installed very correctly. After the foundation is poured and tied to the base, the masters (or yourself) installed the frame and the roof, you can proceed with the casing. Do not forget to install sound doors, conduct electricity, put ventilation, make the room airtight.

Foam Shed

Use a similar option is already in a country villa or next to the cottage. To build a shed from foam blocks in a country house with an ordinary vegetable garden and a garden makes no sense.

There are a huge number of advantages of building from foam blocks. Of course, this is a high-quality and durable material that is becoming more popular every day: installation is quick and convenient, the buildings have been standing for decades and can withstand absolutely any atmospheric phenomena. But there is only one caveat: it is necessary to calculate the size of the room and its purpose in advance (in principle, as before starting any construction) and correctly assess whether it is worth spending so much money and effort to build an ordinary summer cottage. In short, you can stop at the following: a do-it-yourself barn made of blocks is reliable and durable, but also quite expensive. Naturally, we are talking about the costly part only in comparison with the previous materials that we have already considered.

You can build a small building at the cottage from foam blocks yourself, but using the strength and skills of hired craftsmen would be much more correct. This is new and not very easy to build material (of course, if you are new to construction), and therefore it is better to pay once for quality than to remodel several times and still get not what you planned.

Having considered several options for commercial buildings that can be used for construction on your own site, we came to the one that I would like to tell in more detail.

Brick shed

And now we will talk more consistently and analyze the most popular and sought-after option, which is used in almost half the cases. It's about a brick shed.

The advantages of such a construction abound:

  • quick construction, compared to some other materials;
  • material familiar to any brigade;
  • low cost of construction, building decoration and other works that are necessary to complete the project;
  • strength, durability, practicality of construction.

In principle, this is enough to choose a brick as a material. Next, we will consider in detail how to build a building from it yourself.

Foundation required

If, say, it is not necessary to drive out a capital foundation under a metal shed box or under a wooden one, then choosing a brick building, you will need to take care at least to fill the strip foundation - the simplest one, under the base. It is necessary for the stability of the entire structure and for maintaining the main building material from soil moisture. Also, a quality foundation will give you the opportunity to load the building as much as possible - for example, create an additional attic space, or make an arbor on a flat roof of the shed, a place for rest, install an arch under grapes, put frames for drying fruits, and so on. We have repeatedly talked about the technology of pouring the strip foundation when we talked about other summer cottages, structures, fences.

Brick Wall Forcing

Having established a high-quality foundation, bandaged it with the base and made waterproofing, you can begin the main work - the forcing of the walls. It’s enough to work in half a brick, build from silicate brick, prepare the mortar strictly according to the technology, but always taking into account weather conditions and the season.

There is no need to expel the walls at one time - you can do it in two days, or even three, if time allows, so that the wall does not “float”. Even experienced builders have similar problems, after which they have to completely redo the work.

Do not forget about the wall layout, which must be done even at that moment, until the solution has dried. Also, be sure to include a window and ventilation holes in the shed. This is necessary for drying the interior and high-quality air movement inside it.

Do it yourself roof

This can be a slate roof on wooden logs and crates, a flat or sloping roof made of cement-sand mortar (necessarily tied up), as well as other materials that are abundant on the market now. Most importantly - do not forget about the quality of work, the correct slope for water flow, waterproofing and tightness.

Building Finish

According to the purpose of the premises, spending fabulous sums on expensive finishing materials is not worth it, but it’s desirable to cover the shed or paint it outside, open it with an antiseptic and insulate it from the inside.

The choice of finishing materials, providing the cottage with a door and windows, internal accessories and amenities is at the discretion of the owner.

DIY video about building a barn

Do-it-yourself country barn is real. Naturally, not every summer clerk will be able to immediately make a solid and capital outbuilding on a suburban area, but this must be sought, and we will try to help you as much as possible. And therefore - we do not sit idle until the summer cottages dry up in the sun or, on the contrary, get wet and rot from the weather, but we gather our thoughts, stock up on patience and get to work! You will definitely succeed!