DIY pavilions: types of arbors, algorithm of work

We strictly adhere to the rule that the gazebo should be on every site, and we think that very many will agree with us. And if so, then we would like to talk about how to build our own hands this is a great place to relax and quiet evenings in the company of friends.

We raised this topic repeatedly and talked about how important the arbor in the country is, how it can fit into landscape design, what materials it is desirable to build a building from and how to better equip it for greater comfort. Therefore, we will not linger on each individual option for long, but to summarize a certain result.

Our material will become a general conclusion and an algorithm of sequential actions for those who have a desire to build a summer house with their own hands. And which one is for you to choose!

Types of summer houses

We spent a lot of time in order to collect and describe in detail all the options of arbors we are familiar with, and now briefly recall each of them. First, we give a list of possible options, and then consider the construction of the structure with your own hands in stages.

From wood

A fairly simple structure that can be installed not only on a monolithic or solid foundation, but also on ordinary concrete blocks, cinder blocks, a brick, a pipe, a wooden beam, and even on tires from the wheels of a car. Such designs are made very simply and quickly, literally in a few days, and are ready to please you more than one season. Convenient, multifunctional, cozy and environmentally friendly wooden arbors will become a real outlet for a summer resident-hard worker or a place for pleasant evening gatherings for a youth company.

We also note the fact that a wooden gazebo is most convenient in that it can be of two types - capital and light, collapsible. The second option is to freely move around the country and change location every season. In addition, a collapsible wooden gazebo does not have to winter in the open air and lose the properties of the material. It may well be located in the barn, on the veranda of the country house and so on.

Do not forget that this type also includes structures from timber and logs. With their own hands to build them is much more interesting than ordering specialists.

Made of bricks

The next option is more durable, and it can rightfully be considered capital. Brick pavilions are built longer than wood, but they are more reliable. These are really strong buildings, which are located on a monolithic or strip foundation and can be used not only as a place for morning tea drinking and evening dinner, but also as a summer kitchen, temporary house and so on. Here, everything directly depends on the internal content of the structure.

This can be a gazebo with barbecue, and with a barbecue, and just with several benches and a large table. The option of installing a lounger, armchairs, sofa in the room is also quite real, which is very convenient - after all, glazing the arbor with double-glazed windows or even placing wooden windows in the openings, you can at one moment convert the brick building into a place to sleep. This is very convenient if you have a large company gathered in your country house, which must be placed overnight. As you can see, as the strength of the material, the functionality grows.

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We also examined this option in detail in one of our previous publications, and it is there that you can read about the advantages and methods of erecting such structures. Now we want to remind you that polycarbonate itself is a truly revolutionary material, with which you can make a lot of things. And the best option that we found is, of course, a cozy, bright, comfortable and modern gazebo made of polycarbonate.

This is a fairly lightweight design, which can include almost any type of foundation and type of frame. This is precisely the main advantage of polycarbonate structures: they can be built even from improvised means without investing fabulous money in the conveniences.

From metal

A great option for a summer resident, who has a heavy tool at hand - a grinder, a puncher, a welding machine. In this case, the construction process will be fast enough. Unless, of course, on time to purchase the necessary material.

A metal gazebo can be installed on several types of foundations, which is very convenient. These are stone, brick, strip foundation, monolithic pouring, as well as piles and pipe. But the most important thing is not even this, but the speed of assembly of the structure. If the design of the gazebo is drawn up correctly, then it will not be difficult to assemble it. All parts can be installed on the foundation in series or as a single frame. You can use bolts and other fasteners or a welding machine to assemble the structure, which gives you the opportunity to choose a more convenient option.

A metal gazebo can be both summer and all-weather, if it is properly equipped: sheathe, insulate, install double-glazed windows and doors. In short, a pretty good solution for any suburban area!

Shod arbors for giving

This type is not much different from metal. This refers to installation, its speed and complexity. But the decorative forged arbors do not hold! Corresponds to the cost, which not everyone can afford.

But there is also a small drawback: forged arbor is exactly the summer building, where it is quiet and calm, cool and fun in the company of friends. In order to convert it into an autumn premise, absolute restructuring and supplementing it with the materials described a little higher will be required - wood, metal, brick and so on.

But there is an “iron” advantage with which it is very difficult to argue: the wrought-iron gazebo is a kind of symbol of some styles of landscape design and is unique in any, even ready-made design of the territory. Therefore, if the priority is decorative, rather than practicality, then forged construction is the best option.

As for the construction of a wrought iron gazebo on your own, it is a bit more complicated here, because we would advise providing qualified craftsmen with work with expensive elements. But if you are completely confident in your own abilities, if you have one or two assistants, a good tool and a desire to work, then you can safely proceed!

Hexagon gazebo

The drawings that you previously made are not very suitable here, since you will have to create a completely new layout and conduct other calculations. It's all about geometry, and if you get along with it, the result will be excellent.

You can completely remove the foundation issue, since a hexagonal gazebo is a structure made of wood, which means that you must use the appropriate foundation, which we have already considered. Next - the installation of the frame (preferably sequential) and the construction of the roof. This is where the most complex process begins, which will require a special scheme.

If you can compose it yourself, then save a significant amount of money and in the near future will understand how the work can be interesting and exciting. The reasons for this are the shape and decorativeness of the hexagonal gazebo, bearing in itself the beauty, mood, and a sense of celebration.

Rectangular arbor

It is difficult to call a rectangular arbor an independent view, because almost any kind of structures of this type can have this form. I would just like to note that this is the simplest version of the gazebo - summer or winter, large or small and comfortable. And the reason for this is the correct form, which is always easy to work with.

The algorithm of work is still the same: foundation, frame, roof. But to make an arbor summer or all-weather - this is a question for you personally.

A simple model with your own hands can be built from a material convenient for you: brick, stone, wood, metal, polycarbonate, a combination of these materials.

Canopy Arbor

The simplest, cheapest, lightest and most practical option for small country cottages. The gazebo resembles a beach umbrella or a standard tent - it can be assembled and disassembled, transported and reinstalled anywhere. Therefore, the summerhouse is very easy to turn into a portable - you can relax with it in nature.

The design of the canopy is created from pipes with special connections - this is both the frame and the base. The foundation for such a gazebo is not needed, so immediately minus one problem. As a roof, any stretch awning, a special film, tarpaulin, fabric can be used.

Do-it-yourself gazebo in one day (video)

DIY gazebo construction: the right algorithm

In this section, we will very briefly consider the main sequence, following which you can build a reliable and beautiful gazebo with your own hands, decorate it and provide everything you need:

  • Layout. Any construction always begins with the choice of material, dimensions, shape of the gazebo and the creation of the drawing on which it will be built. Do not forget about the estimate for materials and consumables, as well as tools for making the gazebo. Put the decor in advance and ensure comfort and coziness in the room in advance, determine seasonality, calculate furniture and accessories, etc.
  • Seat selection. The first is the requirements of the structure itself: soils, uniformity and size of the site, plantings, communications, and so on. The second is your personal requirements: a place to relax in the shade or in the sun, in a garden or in a clearing, in a quiet or more ventilated place.
  • Foundation. Depending on the type of gazebo that you want to install or build on the site, you need to determine the type of foundation. The main criteria for choosing a foundation will be the size, total weight of the structure, its shape, manufacturing materials, as well as the requirements for the floor of the gazebo.
  • Base and frame. If the material is determined in advance, at this stage you will not expect any problems. Following the project, simply install the base and the general frame on the foundation, secure it well, conduct a preliminary inspection before installing the roof.
  • Roof frame and roof itself. Depending on the type of arbor, roofing material is also selected, the complexity and strength of the frame under the roof depend on it. Frame - metal or wood, roofing material - slate, corrugated board, polycarbonate, tarpaulin, ondulin, metal tile and so on. Remember: the roof of the gazebo with your own hands is not the easiest process, especially if you chose a hexagonal model.

Having finished with the main building, it is necessary to put it in order, since garden gazebos with their own hands are not only the foundation, frame and roof, but also the arrangement of both the internal and external parts.

Ensuring the comfort of the gazebo

Certain household items will help to make the building truly multifunctional, cozy and comfortable for relaxation. This is a good-made wooden table made by yourself, chairs and benches, perhaps even cabinets and shelves, if the gazebo is conceived as a summer kitchen and a place for large companies to gather. It is also very convenient if the gazebo has a stove, barbecue, barbecue. If available, you can not even have a picnic in the best of weather.

Gazebo decoration

Try to make the gazebo the most comfortable and attractive for you. To do this, you can use completely different options: painting or varnishing, decorating with inlay, decorating with tablecloths and napkins from the inside and beautiful plants from the outside.

Now that you know exactly how to build a gazebo with your own hands and turn it into a living room, you can get to work. And we can only wish you success and positive results!

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