Growing Caladium in the Garden

One of the beautiful deciduous cultures is considered to be a two-color caladium belonging to the aroid family. This tuberous plant originates from tropical regions of tropical America and has sagittal large long-leaved leaves that die off in the winter.

Caladium varieties


Different varieties of this plant has not only different colors, but also height. For example, the grade "Hercules"has greyish-green leaves with a green stripe around the edge and pink spots.


Interesting coloring Caladium "Beethoven". On a light - lettuce or white background of the sheet, it is as if a net painted in green is painted, and the central vein is painted in burgundy.


Grade "Emelinthey call it "artist's palette" for a reason, because the bright green plate of the sheet is completely covered with silver - gray and pink spots of an interesting shape.


At Kalunium "Yuno" the leaves are painted in dark green color with drawn white strokes and spots, veins are brown or green.

Growing Features

The plant is grown in fairly spacious containers with a mixture consisting of compost, leaf soil, sand, turf land with the addition of charcoal. In late autumn, when the leaves are dry, the tubers are dug from the ground, cleaned of residues, and then again sprinkled with a mixture of sand and earth, and put in a cool place. These plants in winter are immersed in complete rest.

About once a month they need to be checked. If the tuber is slightly wrinkled, then it should be overlaid with sphagnum and moisten the sand.

Caladium cultivation

Plant Care at the End of Winter

In late February - early March, kidneys wake up at the top of the tuber at the caladium, as soon as they reach a height of one to two centimeters, the tuber is removed and wrapped with moist moss, and also covered with a plastic bag and placed in a bright place. Two weeks later, the first roots begin to appear.


Tubers can also be germinated in containers, placed so that they are only 1-2 centimeters covered with earth. For planting, it is necessary to take fresh soil, and at the bottom of the pot there should be a drainage layer of at least 3-4 centimeters.

Video about Caladium

Care and watering

In the summer, these plants are watered abundantly. Caladium propagated by division of tubers and baby. Tuber slices are sprinkled with crushed coal and dried for several days.

When sprouts appear, delenki are transplanted into small pots and transplanted into larger ones as they grow. Caladiums work best in a bright but not sunny place. They need frequent spraying.