How to choose a ladder for the pool

How to choose a ladder for the pool

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When installing a frame or simple inflatable pool at the summer cottage, as well as starting the construction of the capital pool, you should definitely take care of its comfort and safety. A mandatory element that provides these criteria is a quality staircase for the pool. How to choose a similar staircase, what to look for and what mistakes to prevent, you will find out right now.

The ladder for the pool is not only an indispensable element of comfort, which greatly facilitates the descent into the water and the rise of a person from the pool, but also the decorative part. Therefore, we recommend that you choose it at the initial stage, for example, when you select the pool itself or compose a design project for it.

How to choose the right ladder for the pool

At the moment, there are a considerable number of interesting offers on the market from a wide variety of manufacturers. This makes the choice simple and at the same time difficult, that is, it becomes easier to choose a ladder with so many models, but which one to take? We will try to answer this question. So, the main criteria for choosing a ladder for a pool.


Undoubtedly, this fact should be immediately paid attention to, because no matter how beautiful and convenient the staircase may be, if it is slippery or improperly fixed, it will not suit anyone. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a ladder carefully, relying on the advantages of materials, installation quality, as well as environmental friendliness. Firstly, you should choose the right size of the stairs, its parameters, material of execution, installation methods. The staircase should be fastened simply and reliably, withstand heavy loads, not slip, and have conveniences (special pads, railings, handrails, notches, and so on);

Production quality

As we all understand, expensive goods are not always good, and therefore we carefully study the manufacturer's documentation. This is not shameful, since you pay money, and you have the right to receive high-quality goods for them. Pay attention to warranties, quality certificates, additional compliance documents, and so on. Also, do not forget about the performance material, which should be durable. The method of attaching the stairs is also important, its quality should be evaluated first of all, since if the staircase for the pool will not be attached securely to the side or special clamps, then you simply do not need it;

Staircase manufacturing material

Metal, wood, plastic, concrete with finish, polyester, fiberglass ... the choice is almost unlimited, but you must understand that each pool has its own staircase. Here you can take care of both the appearance and the overall decorativeness. But do not forget about the first two criteria of the right choice, otherwise all external beauties will not be so useful;

Mounting Methods

Depending on the type of staircase and the materials of its execution, you will have to carefully choose its fasteners. Initially, they must be reliable in order to ensure the safety of the person who uses the stairs to go down to the pool and climb from there. Further, fastenings should not harm the pool, which means that pay attention to the correct sizes, bedding, gaskets, special rubber inserts and so on. All this should already be in the set of a good staircase;

Ladders for the pool


A clear coincidence of the dimensions and parameters of the stairs with the depth of the pool, the amount of its filling with water, the height of the entrance to the pool, the width of the side is also mandatory. It is important to choose the parameters of the steps correctly, where the main difference will depend on the one for whom this staircase is necessary. For children, you need to choose a ladder with more frequent steps and their small height, for adults - steps are a little less frequent and wider. Also, it is necessary to choose the height of the railing, which will determine the ease of use;


Depending on the type of staircase and its quality, you will be able to correctly assess its cost. Most often, good stairs are expensive, but there is also a factor of importance of the manufacturing company on the market. Therefore, if you manage to find a less eminent manufacturer who can provide you with the necessary goods of good quality, then the price can significantly decrease;

View of the stairs

One of the most important selection criteria, since here you need a clear combination with the view of the pool. You can determine it at the design stage, or after installing the pool, but then, you may have to make a staircase to order. If we talk about the correspondence itself, then for a frame pool the standard ladder is most suitable, for example, stainless steel, with wooden or plastic steps with special overlays. If you have a capital pool, the bowl of which is installed in a special pit, then you can consider the option of the Roman staircase for the pool, which is often called the pyramid.

Installation of stairs for the pool

Due to the increased safety and reliability requirements that are imposed for such an accessory, we recommend entrusting the installation of the stairs to specialists. They will be able not only to perform high-quality installation, but also to install a ladder without any possible damage to the pool itself (scratches of the side, chips of decoration, breaking through of inflatable pools and so on).

Also, experts who know exactly how to help you with the installation will help you choose the location of the stairs, the option of attaching them, and possibly tell you the most suitable type of stairs for the pool. The most important thing in this case is to remember that the stairs for the pools are installed in the most illuminated place, must comply with the parameters of the pool and be securely fixed.


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