Choose a children's pool for a summer cottage

For many people, a trip to the country house is associated not only with active working days off, when it is necessary to plant seedlings, cut trees or harvest berries from bushes, but also with a long-awaited vacation. It is pleasant to spend time in the coolness of your own garden, enjoy a picnic on the grassy lawn near the country house, or simply gather friends in a cozy gazebo by setting a barbecue nearby.

But each of us is well aware that these classes are for adults only. What to do with children than to occupy little children so that they also have fun? These questions have many answers, but today we will consider only one of them - the installation of a children's pool in the country. Read about how to choose it, where to install it and whether it is worth it.

Children's inflatable pond in the country is an excellent solution that instantly removes the issue of employment of children in the territory of the site. Now the kids will not distract their parents from work and rest, they will not trample the beds and pluck unripe fruits, and they will be busy only with their own business - bathing and having fun.

Benefits of own pool

Many parents are skeptical of such purchases and, if they do not immediately reject them, they often delay consideration of such an option. But, if you think about the benefits of your own small pool for children, it becomes clear that this is a pretty good and practical children's “toy”:

  • Children's pools are very popular with children of any age;
  • This tool activates the child's interest in outdoor recreation;
  • The pool is an excellent reason to start hardening, which is very useful in childhood;
  • Own small pool is much safer ponds in the vicinity of the cottage;
  • The pool is always at hand, it is easily inflated, installed, also collected and stored, without taking up much space;
  • A small product will not be expensive and will become one of the most durable ways to entertain a child.

How to choose a children's pool

The product should be selected according to certain criteria. In this case, you will be sure of the quality of the purchase, its safety and durability.

Pay attention to our following recommendations, and you can choose and purchase a children's pool, really meeting your requirements:

  • Quality and safety. Apparently, these are the main criteria for choosing any children's thing, and every parent will agree with this. Try to choose the highest quality materials, pay attention to the certificates confirming this. Also ask the seller for confirmation that the pool is made of environmentally friendly materials, appropriate glue was used to glue it, and the drawings are made with safe paints. Touch the material with your hand, try to smell (it should not be too harsh and chemical), inspect the structure for sharp sections, plastic dangerous corners and so on;
  • Price and its relevance. A cheap product is not always high-quality, but this does not mean at all that you should pay attention only to expensive things on this occasion. You can always go around several stores, see offers on the Internet, and ask friends who made such acquisitions for advice. It often happens that in an expensive and advertised children's store, everything costs an order of magnitude higher than in stores on the outskirts. If you want to make a purchase for reasonable money, you will definitely find an hour or two to study the market;
  • Convenience. The children's pool should be comfortable, first of all, for the child. Pay attention to the presence in it of a soft seat, handles for emphasis, a cup holder for water or juice. It is also imperative that not only the side parts of the pool are inflated, but also the bottom. So it will be not only much more convenient and pleasant for the baby's legs, but also safer, because the soft bottom is less slippery, and also will not allow it to hit during active actions - jumping, somersaults, etc.;
  • Accessories. In principle, we have already touched on the topic when we talked about cup holders, pens and so on, but we would also like to draw the attention of parents to the tent for the pool. It is necessary in order to hide the baby from the hot sun or light rain on a summer day. You can also add a special bag, pump, and filters to the accompanying items;
  • Design. Children like everything bright and beautiful, so choose an inflatable pool with interesting drawings or patterns, decoration with cartoon characters or famous fairy-tale characters, in the form of fruits, fish, cars and so on;
  • Shape and size. It would be much more correct to choose a round model, since the absence of angles in the spike will give the pool the opportunity to serve much longer. It is also worth considering the size. A larger pond should be taken only if you expect to take several children at the same time, if you have one child, then it is better to limit the size. Firstly, a small pool is safer, because it has less water and the child will be able to rely on several sides at once, and secondly, and most importantly, in a small “tank” the water will warm up much faster. Changing it will also be easier.


The pool is best installed on a flat and debris-free surface to protect it from damage. Place it near a water source so that you don’t have to bother yourself. Also, a pool for children is best set in the sun, so that the water in it warms up faster. Consider the convenience of draining water.

How to choose a children's pool

And at the end of our article, I would like to remind each potential buyer about the most important thing:

  • Bathing children should occur only under the constant supervision of adults;
  • The water temperature should be at least +22 degrees Celsius, which will not allow hypothermia of the child's body;
  • Water should be clean, so it should be changed on time. This will not allow the health problems of babies;
  • Try to always alternate bathing and children “ashore”. Too long in the water will not benefit even on the hottest day;
  • When buying a pool, try to allocate a certain budget for the necessary additions - filters for water purification, a thermometer to check the temperature of the water, a special bag for storage, anti-slip mats, etc.

Choose a pool for children carefully, pay attention to quality and convenience, design and compliance with children's interests, and then, besides confidence in the safety of the child during fun in the pool, you will also always feel his grateful look on you.

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