DIY gazebo table

Each experienced summer resident and just that person who likes to have a little fun in his own summer cottage, at a certain time, comes to the conclusion that something is missing in the country.

And so it begins: building a small shower, erecting a barbecue, repairing a fence or replacing it with a new one, of personal production, attaching a staircase to a residential building or a temporary hut, building a smokehouse for meat, poultry and fish, and so on. But there are those things that are necessary immediately after buying a cottage or after you built it. The list of the main is very long, but in the first place we will put a table and chairs, because without them there’s nowhere to go.

Today's article will be devoted to the table, and to be even more precise, to the table for the gazebo. You can make such a table with your own hands, for this you do not need to call an expensive measurer and a joiner, who then, having scratched his head with a pencil, will announce to you the amount that will permanently drive your wallet into minus. It's simple, you have to determine how your should be gazebo table, its quality, durability, dimensions, general appearance, production material and get started. Remember that the main thing in your table is its strength and stability, otherwise it will not be very nice to praise your new creation, which at the same time sways and helps drinks to spill.

Getting to the construction

So here we go. It is desirable to make a table of good wood so that it is not just beautiful, but also of high enough quality. Wood can be purchased at any carpentry workshop. But do not forget to make accurate measurements of the table first. To help you come a tape measure, a piece of paper and a pen. Draw a simple layout, estimate the size and apply measurements to the paper, and only now, knowing all the parameters of the future table, go to the joiner. Here you buy material, grab the necessary tools from home and get to work. A table for a gazebo with your own hands can become a masterpiece, you just have to invest in it a piece of the soul and your skills.

Video about the construction of an ordinary table for a summer residence

Using the tool, the imported material must be marked and cut. Immediately fold the countertop of the required size and install several guide rails on its back side, which will make the countertop durable and prevent it from loosening. Guide rails can be attached to the countertop using self-tapping screws, so it will be quite durable and will not affect the quality of the product. When the countertop is ready, it can be set aside for a while and proceed to the base of the table. The table must be installed firmly, which means that it is better to use the foundation for it. Then the table will not stagger and will not bring any anxiety.

Countertop Base

The base can be made of concrete and brick, metal pipes, or you can simply fix the thick, wooden legs for the table with cement mortar in the ground. To do this, you will need to dig the right number of recesses, it all depends on how many legs your table will have. Next, install the base legs in the recesses and spill everything with cement. It will harden for several days, but only in the first couple of hours the table legs can be leveled in the recess with the solution, so try to install them perfectly right away. In principle, everything, it remains only to place the countertop on the legs of the table fixed in the ground, to carefully grind everything and open it with varnish. Varnish is best applied in several layers, sometimes up to five, as it is well absorbed into the tree.

And now - a table for the gazebo with your own hands is ready, you can invite guests and celebrate any holiday, covering your own creation with the most delicious dishes and drinks.

Table for a summerhouse (20 photos)