Dahlia Dana

Dahlia Dana

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In the composition of any flower bed there are flowers that create a background, and there are pearls that attract all eyes. These are the flowers of the Dana variety. This incredibly beautiful variety belonging to the cactus dahlia family will adorn any flower garden.

Characteristics of the variety

Dahlia Dana is an annual tuberous plant. It is impossible not to notice this flower, because the height of this dahlia is almost 120 cm. The bushes of Dan's dahlia are very branchy, but, despite this, they are compact in size. The stems of this variety are hollow and strong with many feathery leaves of a dark green color.

Cactus dahlias, including Dana, got their name for a reason. The photo below shows that the petals of these flowers are curled into tubes, thereby making the flower look like a prickly cactus.

The size of the flowers of this variety is not inferior to the size of their stems. Dana's inflorescence diameter can be from 15 to 20 cm. This variety of dahlia has a very interesting color. The bright pink color of its petals changes to yellow when approaching the center of the inflorescence, forming a solar core.

Dana can be grown with equal success as an integral part of a flower bed, and for cutting. Dahlia Dan blooms for a rather long time - from July to September.

Growing recommendations

Dana is undemanding to the composition of the soil, but it will be best for her on light and cultivated land. As for the landing site, you should give preference to a solar flowerbed, protected from the wind.

Important! When planting this flower, do not forget about fertilizing the ground and good drainage.

This variety is very sensitive to frost. Therefore, it is worth planting Dana in the middle lane only after their complete completion. As a rule, this period falls on the end of May - beginning of June.

When planting tubers, you must adhere to the recommended planting scheme:

  • between plants should be from 30 to 40 cm;
  • the height from the tuber to the surface of the ground should be no more than 7 cm.

Caring for young seedlings and adult flowers is easy. It will consist in carrying out the following procedures:

  1. Watering. It should be done regularly. Dan's dahlias do not like drying out of the soil.
  2. Top dressing. Fertilize dahlias only after watering. To do this, use mullein infusion, superphosphate with the addition of ash and potassium sulfate. The regularity of feeding should not exceed 1 time in 10 days.
  3. Mulching. Laying mulch on a flower bed will reduce the evaporation of moisture, thereby protecting the soil from severe drying out.
  4. Removal of side shoots. This procedure is necessary for the early and longer flowering of dahlias. In this case, it is necessary to remove shoots up to the 4th pair of leaves.

In the fall, in mid-September or early October, dahlia tubers must be dug up. If this is not done, they will freeze over the winter. The dug tubers should be stored in sand or peat at a temperature of +3 to +7 degrees.

We also recommend that you watch the video, which will clearly show the process of planting dahlias:


Natalia, 27 years old, Sergiev Posad

A good variety of dahlias. I chose Dana from the photo and did not regret it. Does not require special care, everything is as always: watering and feeding. I recommend.

Margarita, 39 years old, Klin

Dana planted Dahlia for the first time. The variety is good, the flowering corresponds to the photo from the package. The bushes were not pinched, the flowers were rather large even without it.

Maria, 23 years old, Lobnya

A very beautiful and unusual variety of dahlias, but quite tall. Therefore, it is better to plant it among the same tall flowers, otherwise it will stick out like a lighthouse.

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