Chrysanthemum bush Bacardi: white, yellow, pink and other varieties

The incredibly bright, chamomile-like chrysanthemum Bacardi was first presented in 2004 at a concert by the famous Dutch singer Marco Borsato. The variety has a number of advantages, including: a huge variety of colors and shades, aesthetic appearance, ease of growing and care, as well as durability after cutting. Thanks to them, he won the love of flower growers all over the world. Today it can be bought in almost any store, whose employees are engaged in the design of bouquets for festive events.

Description of the variety of chrysanthemum Bacardi

Bacardi is a tall, bushy perennial. Its stems grow up to 120-150 cm without breaking, due to their strength and flexibility. Despite this, the bushes are tied up. This procedure is necessary so that the sprawling plant does not lose its aesthetic appearance (it does not get dirty in the ground, the stem does not bend, etc.). The dark green carved leaf plates are divided into several parts and look quite graceful. They do not get lost against the background of flowers and even on the contrary - they perfectly complement them. Bacardi grow and proliferate quickly. In a short period of time, a lush chic bush grows from a nondescript cutting, which blooms profusely. Due to this feature, flowers are planted at a great distance. Once every 3-5 years they are seated. Otherwise, the plants become cramped, and they begin to interfere with each other. In such conditions, infection and all kinds of pests are actively developing.

Bacardi is one of the youngest varieties at the moment.

The flowers are simple, non-double, chamomile-shaped. Their middle is yellow or greenish. Its diameter is 1.5 cm. It is surrounded by dense reed-shaped petals. The latter are located in one row. The diameter of the blossoming flowers is 6.5 cm. The shades can be different and depend on the subspecies of the chrysanthemum. Like most others, Bacardi is a light-loving plant that does not tolerate shade well. With a lack of light, the bush stretches and blooms poorly. The plant can be grown in any region. It looks good and feels great both outdoors and in a pot. The degree of frost resistance is average. In regions with a warm climate, Bacardi can winter outdoors, but only after preliminary preparation.

Flowering features

Chrysanthemum Bacardi is an early variety. It blooms in mid-summer and blooms until September. This is equally true for flowers growing in flower beds, and for indoor specimens. The period of activity and rest largely depends on the air temperature. The optimal indicator for the formation of flowers is +17 ° C. If the chrysanthemum grows in room conditions, after flowering it is given a rest: it is cut at the root and removed to a cool room with a temperature of + 2-3 ° C.

Application in design and floristry

Bacardi has won a huge number of fans around the world due to its beauty, brightness and elegance at the same time. Florists love to create luxurious exclusive bouquets in which the delicate flowers of Bacardi are taken as a basis. The plant is especially prized for its resilience. At a temperature of about + 3 ° C, cut flowers are perfectly preserved for about three weeks.

Compositions that include different types of chrysanthemums of interesting shades look great

Important! When making bouquets, Bacardi chrysanthemum inflorescences can be decorated with sparkles and rhinestones.

Bacardi chrysanthemums blooming in pots are recommended to be placed on stairs and terraces, placed along houses. In a flower bed and in bouquets, it looks great both alone and in combination with any other flowers. She does not divert all attention to herself, but at the same time she does not get lost against their background.

Bacardi can be grown not only outdoors, but in pots

Bacardi is ideal with irises, lilies, asparagus and ferns. They also look great in tandem with dahlias, carnations, roses, nasturtiums, verbena and gerbera. It is not recommended to plant it only near tall shrubs and trees that can shade. The shade can negatively affect the development of the Bacardi chrysanthemum.

Delicate Bacardi does not get lost at all against the background of other flowers

Varieties of bush chrysanthemum Bacardi

There are a huge number of varieties of Bacardi. Their main difference lies in the shade. Having studied the most popular varieties, everyone can find an option that they like.

Chrysanthemum Bacardi White white

This is a classic color chrysanthemum. It looks spectacular both in the flowerbed and in the cut. Lush flowers are outwardly similar to chamomile, but unlike it, they have not a yellow, but a green center and larger rounded petals.

White flowers look delicate and touching

Chrysanthemum Bacardi Sunny yellow

Bright sunny compositions of these flowers cannot but cheer you up. The buds in this case have a bright yellow color. Even bouquets that are entirely composed only of them look very impressive.

The most positive is a bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum Bacardi Pink pink

Pink chrysanthemums are ideal for wedding bouquets. They look great in baskets and decorate any interior. Often they are combined with analogs of a white shade. This tandem looks touchingly gentle.

Pink chrysanthemums are a wonderful gift to give for any occasion

Bacardi Cream cream

This is a cross between Bacardi White and Bacardi Sunny. Florists rarely make bouquets of cream chrysanthemums only. They are usually combined with other pastel-colored flowers.

Cream-colored chrysanthemum will perfectly complement any bouquet

Baccardi Celebrate

This is a wonderful small-flowered variety of chrysanthemum. It was bred specifically for creating bouquets. In this case, three rows of deep yellow reed petals are located around the yellow-green core. Bacardi Celebrate blooms long and profusely.

Chrysanthemum Celebrate surprisingly combines simplicity and elegance

Bacardi Bordeaux red

This is one of the brightest representatives of the Bacardi chrysanthemum. Its core is yellow-green, and the petals are rich burgundy. Bacardi Bordeaux goes well with white flowers. The play of contrasts looks unusual and bright, and attracts attention.

Burgundy chrysanthemums are the brightest representatives of their species.

Reproduction methods

There are several ways to propagate the Bacardi chrysanthemum: divide an adult bush, sow seeds or root a cutting. The most reliable of these is the first. However, due to the fact that the Bacardi chrysanthemum usually enters the house in bouquets, it is often propagated by the latter method.

Landing rules

Seedlings and bushes of Bacardi are planted in open ground in the spring, after it warms up to + 12-14 ° C to a depth of 20 cm. The exact timing of the event cannot be named. They differ in different regions. So, in the south, planting is performed after spring frosts, in early April. In the Urals and Siberia, seedlings are planted in early May.

Important! In order for the seedlings to take root better, they are planted on a cloudy day when the bright sun does not shine.

For landing, choose a place on a hill. This is necessary so that there is no stagnation of liquid, and the root system does not rot. It is important that the site is protected from strong winds and is illuminated by the sun for at least 6 hours a day. The soil should be loose, fertile. If it is dense and depleted, rotted manure is introduced into it. However, it is important not to abuse it here, otherwise Bacardi will form an excessively lush green mass, and flowering will be scarce. For planting, strong seedlings are chosen, on which there are no serious mechanical damage and any signs of disease.

Initially, holes are dug with a depth of 15-20 cm. A little sand is poured onto their bottom. It will act as a drain. Plants are staggered, maintaining a distance of 25-40 cm between them. Seedlings try not to deepen much. After planting, the ground is lightly tamped. Finally, watering is performed. At night, young chrysanthemums are covered with agrofibre.

Growing features

Chrysanthemum roots are located close to the surface of the earth, so it likes abundant regular watering. With a lack of moisture, lignification of the shoots occurs. The bushes become less lush and unattractive. Plants are watered with rain or settled water at room temperature. Do it in the morning or evening. The liquid is poured under the root, trying not to wet the green mass. After watering, the soil around the bushes is loosened. This is necessary in order for oxygen to better flow to the root system. To prevent the growth of weeds and slow the evaporation of liquid, mulching with hay is performed.

In order for the Bacardi chrysanthemum to bloom profusely, fertilizers are added under the bushes at least three times per season. At the beginning of summer, ammonia nitrogen is added under the chrysanthemum. From it, the bush quickly grows green mass. Subsequently, in order to increase the splendor of the flowers, the plants are fed with potassium and phosphorus preparations. After flowering, organic matter (manure, humus) is introduced into the soil.

Cutting and shaping rules

Bacardi chrysanthemum bushes are formed by pinching. In the spring, the tops are removed from the stems that have barely hatched after wintering, on which buds have not yet appeared. This is necessary in order for the chrysanthemum to bush better. After that, a lush spherical bush grows.

Also, in the summer, stepchildren are pruned, which form in the axils of the stems. Side shoots and buds are also disposed of. When the bushes become overgrown, they are planted.

Strongly overgrown bushes need to be divided

Preparing for winter

In order for the chrysanthemum to survive the winter, preparations begin in August or September. To increase phytoimmunity, Bacardi is fed with phosphorus-potassium preparations. It should be borne in mind that the first frosts do not harm Bacardi, but only temper it. After the onset of cold weather, the bushes are cut off and stumps are left about 10 cm high. Finally, they are covered with dry leaves. This allows you to protect the root system from the cold.

Important! To make the Bacardi chrysanthemum change color, it can be watered with water with the addition of dyes.

Diseases and pests

Unfortunately, chrysanthemum Bacardi does not have strong phytoimmunity. The plant often suffers from verticilliosis. It can be easily identified by the wilted and deformed leaf plates that are located at the bottom of the stem. Over time, they become covered with yellow-brown spots and eventually dry out completely, fall off. Without timely therapy, the bush dies.

Verticillosis is one of the most common diseases

Powdery mildew is also common. The pathological process affects the leaves of the Bacardi chrysanthemum. As a result, they become covered with an ash-gray bloom with a whitish tint. Excessive humidity is a predisposing factor for the onset of the disease.

Powdery mildew is the result of excessive moisture

In addition, some parasites can attack the Bacardi chrysanthemum. As a rule, this is a spider mite. These small insects bite through leaf plates and drink juice from them. As a result, plant tissues become loose, and the green mass begins to fall off. Over time, the plant dies.

With the elimination of the spider mite, it is impossible to tighten

Chrysanthemums are also susceptible to nematodes. They are miniature worms that live in the soil and often infect fence crops. The leaves of infected chrysanthemums are covered with brown spots, which gradually merge into one. Over time, the foliage falls off, and Bacardi dies. The essence of the fight against these pests is autumn tillage.

Nematodes can kill a chrysanthemum in the shortest possible time


Chrysanthemum Bacardi is a young, but already very popular variety. Outwardly, it looks like a chamomile, however, unlike it, it is brighter and more interesting. Florists all over the world are happy to plant chrysanthemums in their summer cottages. They are unpretentious and go well with any ornamental plants. A bouquet of chrysanthemum Bacardi can be presented for any occasion.


Anna Kvasha, 45 years old, Anapa

I love growing flowers in the country. You come there, you look at them and your soul rejoices. Chrysanthemum Bacardi bought a couple of years ago. I have it in yellow and white. During the period of cultivation, problems with them have never arisen. The bushes bloom from July to late September. For feeding I use the preparation "Clean sheet". It includes a complex of vitamins and minerals necessary for the plant. I liked that the chrysanthemum is not capricious and does not require special care. I think that even a beginner will perfectly cope with its cultivation.

Inga Sergeeva 36 years old, Voronezh

I love daisies and chrysanthemums since childhood, so my relatives and friends give me mostly them for the holidays. About 4 years ago, on my birthday, my husband presented me with a new variety of chrysanthemum - Bacardi. Now this beautiful lush bush blooms on the windowsill every year. Last year, the chrysanthemum got sick with verticillosis. No folk remedies helped to fix the problem. Only the drug "Previkur" coped with this task. After successful therapy, Bacardi recovered quickly enough. There were no problems later.

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