Zucchini variety Zolotinka

Zucchini Zucchini Zolotinka has been grown in Russia since the distant 80s of the XX century. It is one of the very first yellow zucchini varieties bred. The advantages of this variety are high yields with bright yellow fruits that do not lose marketability for a long time.

Variety characteristics

Zucchini Zolotinka is a bushy and compact plant. It begins to release small lashes only in the second half of its development. But this has absolutely no effect on the number of fruits formed. From one bush, you can collect up to 15 bright yellow zucchini. Due to the fact that the variety is early maturing, harvesting can begin within 47-50 days from the moment of planting.

The fruits themselves, in addition to a bright yellow color, are up to 15 cm in size and weigh up to 0.5 kg. Their peel is dense and smooth. Small fruits can be successfully used for canning. Due to its juiciness and density, the pulp of this variety is somewhat reminiscent of a cucumber. In addition, it is slightly sweet and crunchy. The dry matter content of these zucchini is up to 8%, and the sugar is 4%. This variety is ideal for feeding children from one to seven years old. When canning, the pulp of the fruit does not lose density, and its beautiful creamy color will only decorate winter preparations.

Growing recommendations

The zucchini variety Zolotinka will respond with a good harvest if certain conditions are met:

  1. The landing site must be sunny.
  2. The soil is either fertile or neutral. If the soil on the site is acidic, then it must be artificially limed. It is also recommended to apply organic and mineral fertilizers.
  3. Of the predecessors, onions, early vegetables, potatoes and other root vegetables will be the best.

Sowing seeds in the ground can be done immediately after spring frosts at the end of May. It is worth preparing the holes in advance. The optimum distance between the holes is about 60 cm. Several seeds can be planted in each hole. After the appearance of the first true leaves, weak seedlings can be removed. In this case, it is important not to damage good seedlings.

Also Zolotinka can be grown for seedlings. This is done in early May, followed by planting in the ground in early June.

Caring for planted plants consists in:

  1. Using a covering material immediately after planting.
  2. Regular watering, loosening and hilling.
  3. The introduction of mineral and organic fertilizers.

Advice! It is necessary to carefully remove the remnants of the petals that are on the corolla of young ovaries. If left, they can become a source of rot on the fruit under the influence of moisture. This advice applies more to outdoor plants.

Subject to agrotechnical recommendations, you can get up to 8 kg of zucchini per square meter.


Marina, 42 years old, Pereslavl-Zalessky

The variety is distinguished by its fertility. I decided to plant it as an experiment and did not know where to put the crop later. The bushes are neat, small, like nests. There is no spread like some varieties. On the bushes I have 13 to 15 fruits. Their taste is very delicate and pleasant. I plucked them all sorts: small and not very. It seemed to me that small ones are more suitable for canning. But the larger ones are ideal for all sorts of stews and the like. At the same time, the fruits do not deteriorate. They can lie down without decaying. And the color! He's just magical, so bright yellow.

Olga, 38 years old, Kharkov

The seeds of this variety were given by a neighbor "for trial." I usually plant green zucchini, but then I decided to give it a try. Painfully she praised them. I planted it immediately in the ground, as always. We went up quickly and amicably. The bushes were all even and small. It's funny, but the garden got a decorative look, especially when the first yellow fruits appeared. The variety gives a large yield. The bushes stood straight strewn. According to a neighbor, I was expecting something incredible to taste. But we didn't like it. They were kind of bland. In general, everything went to the cattle. She ate them with great pleasure. I must say, they were well kept. Moreover, we did not create special conditions for this. The variety did not suit us. But those who doubt can plant a little for a trial.

Ksenia, 51 years old, Astrakhan

I have been growing this variety for about 5 years. The variety is ordinary, you should not expect something transcendental. In general, this variety should be compact in size. But for me, for some reason, it grows like a weed. I already bought different seeds - the result is the same. My Zolotinka does not get sick and pleases with abundant flowering. The harvest is big. From each bush up to 15 zucchini. In this case, the fruits can be harvested before the first frost. Zucchini tastes like pumpkin, in my opinion. The pulp is a little loose, but not strong. The only drawback, in my opinion, is that they overripe quickly. If you miss the moment, then their skin becomes very coarse and the flesh becomes looser. I leave such zucchini for seeds. I can recommend the variety.

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