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Removing snow with special equipment is much more convenient than doing it manually. Modern snow blowers are a great way out of the situation. When choosing a good model, experts recommend looking at such an option as the Champion ST655BS snow blower. Let's take a look at the entire lineup of this brand to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each sample.

General information

The American company Champion has been manufacturing snowblowers for a long time. There are many good options.

The snowplow should be selected based on several criteria:

  • snow height,
  • workload,
  • surface relief.

Although the cars of the Champion company are assembled in China, they are in no way inferior to the original samples. There are one-stage and two-stage snow blowers.

If we are talking about a small area near a summer house with fresh snow, then the Champion ST 655BS snow blower can easily cope with such work. It will remove snow with high quality, while keeping the coating intact. A significant positive criterion is considered the absence of an electrical cord, which limits the diameter of the work. If you have a small area, you can purchase the Champion ST 661BS snow blower. While it lacks heated grips and night lights, it is powerful and affordable.

If the cost of the device should be minimal, and there is a small area adjacent to the house, you can choose an electric snow blower STE 1650. It is very light and practical. The machine has an excellent grip and is renowned for the quality of snow removal. Its weight of 16 kg makes it easy to guide even a child. The only drawback is the power supply. Therefore, having areas separate from the house for snow removal, it is better to opt for another option.

Overview of the most popular models

The brightest representatives of the Champions will be shown below. Let's study them in more detail in order to be able to make the right final choice.

Snow blower Champion ST 1376E

This sample can be considered one of the most powerful machines for clearing snow, its capabilities are simply impressive.

Has the following technical characteristics:

  • 13 h.p. power;
  • Engine capacity - 3.89;
  • Capture width - 0.75m;
  • 8 speeds (2 back);
  • Manual and electric starter;
  • Halogen headlight;
  • Heated handles;
  • 6-liter gas tank;
  • Weight - 124 kg.

This version is considered a professional snow removal machine. He can handle a lot of work without stopping. The Champion ST 1376E snow blower is ideal for businesses.

Champion ST 246

If the budget is small, but it is simply necessary to purchase a unit, then as an option, you can consider such a sample as the Champion ST 246 snow blower.

Its parameters:

  • 2.2 horsepower;
  • Bucket width 0.46 m;
  • Manual starter;
  • Headlight for night work;
  • 1 speed (forward only);
  • Weight - 26 kg.

Despite the low power ratings, the Champion ST 246 is able to clear fairly decent areas. It is worth noting that it is best to use this unit for cleaning flat surfaces with fresh snow, since it will be difficult for it to remove compressed snow. This option is ergonomic and easy to operate.

Electric snow blower Champion STE 1650

If a snow blower is needed for a small summer cottage or terrace, the Champion STE 1650 snow blower will do the job.


  • 1.6 kW;
  • Electrical engine;
  • 0.5 working width;
  • Plastic bucket;
  • Weight - 16 kg.

The machine does not have a very powerful package, but it can easily overcome the low snow cover near the house. Of course, it is inconvenient to clean snow in areas remote from outlets, because you will need to use carriers, but the price of the model pleases. You can buy a STE 1650 snow blower for 8000-10000r.

Champion ST 761Е

When you need a machine to clear areas near your garage or home, you might want to consider the Champion ST 761E snow blower. For this unit, frozen snow is not a problem, it will easily break it into powder. A positive parameter is the presence of a special tube that ejects recycled material in the specified direction. That is, this process can be regulated.

  • Power - 6 HP;
  • Capture width - 51 cm;
  • Headlights for illumination;
  • Manual and electric starter;
  • 8 speeds.

The Champion ST 761E snow blower will easily cope with the task assigned to it, whether it is fresh snow or already compressed snow. This is possible thanks to the powerful motor and metal blades. It can be used in manufacturing as well as in utilities to clear areas in front of houses.

Snowplow Champion ST 662 BS

This sample has all the basic parameters that must be present in snow plows. It is practical and comfortable to use.

Snow blower Champion ST 662 BS has the following characteristics:

  • 5.5 horsepower;
  • 7 speeds;
  • Steel auger;
  • Bucket width - 61 cm;
  • Manual starter.

Due to too much weight, it will be difficult for an elderly person or woman to pull out the unit for work. Although this variation does not have an additional headlight, like the Champion ST 761E snow blower, this does not prevent it from working well under the light of lanterns. Among the advantages, one can name a wide neck in the gas tank, which makes filling gasoline as convenient as possible. The ST 662 BS machine is able to clear large amounts of snow quickly and efficiently.

Snow blower Champion ST 855 BS

This representative of snowblowers is a powerful snow remover. It is gasoline, with a fuel capacity of 2.8 liters, and has a four-stroke engine. Snow blower Champion ST 855 BS weighs 25 kg, it is worth considering this parameter when buying, because the lighter the device, the easier it is to operate. Wheels with good tread are a positive criterion. This allows the unit to drive effortlessly on frozen snow and ice. The Champion ST 855 BS snow blower fits perfectly into household appliances for a private house, as well as for cleaning on sites of enterprises, supermarkets, offices, etc.

Snowblower Champion ST 661 BS

There is a small field of work - then you can opt for this option. The Champion ST661BS snow blower is a worthy variation of the Champion range. He will perform the work with high quality, and the coating will remain intact. The device is very easy to operate, and, most importantly, comfortable, because all the levers and switches are located close to the hands.

It is very important to be aware of the technical characteristics that the Champion ST661BS snow blower has:

  • 5.5.l. from;
  • 61 cm bucket coverage;
  • Manual / electric starter;
  • 8 speeds;
  • Weight - 68 kg.

The advantage is considered to be a low sound when the machine is running. Although you will have to pay a decent amount, you will not have to regret it. The Champion ST661BS snow blower will only delight its operator.

Snowplow Champion ST 655 BS

This is perhaps the brightest representative of this brand. It contains all the positive qualities of all Champion snowblowers: it is relatively light (35 kg), powerful (5.5 hp), has a four-stroke engine, while the passage width is 60 cm.This unit is ergonomic, comfortable, maneuverable, and Although this machine is very similar to the Champion ST661BS snow blower, the ST655 is still half the weight, which is important for women and the elderly. The electric starter will help to start the car even in severe frosts, which is important for a snow thrower. It does not, of course, have headlights and heated grips, like the Champion ST 761E snow blower, but it still pleases with its effectiveness.

Features of operation

By following a few rules, you can protect yourself from unexpected difficulties.


  • Before starting to use, you need to read the instructions, check all the details.
  • It is good to wipe down the device after use. It is especially important to prepare the unit for winter so that it does not rust.
  • If it is an electric Champion STE1650, it will be necessary to check if the machine is plugged in.

All the presented samples are modern and multifunctional, but in order to purchase a high-quality device, you need to weigh everything and read the reviews of the owners of such machines. Then there will be no reason to regret a bad purchase.

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