Tomato Iceberg

Tomato Iceberg

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Each tomato variety has its own distinctive features and nuances of cultivation. Some tomatoes thrive in the open field, while others yield crops only in greenhouse conditions. The choice of one or another method of growing, exactly like the varieties, is behind the gardener. This article will focus on the Iceberg tomato, intended for growing directly in the garden.


The Iceberg tomato belongs to early ripening varieties. The plant practically does not need pinching and is intended for planting in open ground. The bush is undersized, strong, up to 80 cm in height.

Ripe fruits are rather large, fleshy, juicy, bright red in color. The weight of one vegetable can reach 200 grams. The yield is high. With proper care, up to 4 kg of tomatoes can be harvested from one bush.

In cooking, tomatoes of this variety are used for making juices, vegetable salads, and canning.


The indisputable advantages of the variety include:

  • good resistance to sudden temperature changes and good frost tolerance, cold resistance;
  • high density of ripe tomato fruits;
  • unpretentious cultivation and the absence of an urgent need for pinching and forming a bush;
  • excellent presentation and excellent taste.

The ability of the variety to tolerate temperature changes and cold well gives it a great advantage among fellows, thereby expanding the geography of planting, making tomato reproduction available even in the most northern regions.

As you can see from the description, Iceberg tomatoes are not afraid of low temperatures and successfully drift in the vast northern regions with a short period of summer heat and harsh, frosty nights.


Anna Ivanovna, 46 years old, Saratov

I would like to share my personal experience of growing Iceberg tomato. I grow tomatoes of this variety in the open field. Special efforts are not required when leaving, the main thing is to water, loosen the soil and fertilize the plant on time. My harvest is always excellent. Each tomato is dense, beautifully rounded and deep red in color, one in one, just like in the picture. I also really like the fruit to taste. I'm happy with the variety. I plant it regularly and advise everyone.

Ivan Semenovich, 64 years old, Orsha, Republic of Belarus

The Iceberg variety has become a real discovery for me. Thanks to him, I no longer suffer every year with the installation and shelter of the greenhouse, which is important at my age. Children cannot always help me with the housework, so I have to rely only on my own strength. Growing tomatoes in the garden for me is the most optimal and physically less expensive way. The plant is unpretentious, it tolerates all the vagaries of nature well and annually pleases me with a bountiful harvest. Now I plant only this tomato variety. The result is always excellent. Delicious juice and ketchup are obtained from this tomato variety, and it is also very convenient to use it for preparing preparations for the winter.

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