DIY wooden gazebo construction

Many people perceive the summer cottage area as a vacation spot - they come there on the weekend or spend several weeks in the summer. To make your leisure as comfortable as possible, you can place a gazebo on the territory. Regardless of financial capabilities, anyone can build such a structure using suitable materials. If you are striving to create a beautiful and environmentally friendly structure, then the choice should be made in favor of wooden structures.

The advantages of arbors made of wood

Before you start building an object from wood and search for drawings, get acquainted with the properties of this material, even if your goal is a simple altanka. Among the advantages of wood, the following can be distinguished:

  • weight. Wood is a fairly lightweight material, so the structures built from it do not create a serious load on the base. This in turn provides good savings on foundation work. A massive foundation for the summerhouse is unnecessary. You can completely get by with a lightweight version of the base;
  • environmental friendliness. Wood is an absolutely safe material for human health. Having arranged a gazebo made of wood in your garden plot, you can hide from the heat, read a book or play with children;
  • ease of handling. Any design decisions can be easily implemented using wood. Each owner of a summer residence can create an incredibly beautiful gazebo even with minimal construction skills;
  • price. How much it will cost you to build this object on your own site, largely depends on the selected tree species. Most often, summer residents make their choice in favor of birch, pine or oak. Their cost compared to metal structures is quite acceptable, so most can afford the construction of a wooden gazebo;
  • universality. The construction, built of wood, in the conditions of any landscape design looks harmonious. Therefore, when erecting a new facility, at the end of construction work you will not have to make changes.

Design flaws

Arbors for a garden made of wood and have disadvantages:

  • low resistance to fire. To exclude fire, a wooden gazebo is not recommended to be placed next to stationary barbecue facilities. The risk of fire can be minimized if the material is treated with special protective impregnations;
  • poor moisture resistance. The presence of a constant source of moisture nearby - a river or an artificial fountain leads to the most unfavorable consequences for the construction - the structure begins to rot. However, this can be prevented if, during the construction process, a waterproofing compound is applied to the structural elements.

DIY construction

Do-it-yourself wooden arbor is quite real and not so difficult. First you need to decide on the type of design, as well as the shape. You can create a simple object that is cheap and does not require a large investment of time. And you can spend heavily on the construction of a gazebo. In the end, you can get an incredibly beautiful object that will delight with its beauty on the outside, and inside will amaze the interior. To make your object original, you can arrange a glass roof in it.

Before starting construction work, it is necessary to create a project for a future gazebo. The drawing package must be present in the documentation package, which you will have to focus on when building the object. He will also help determine the amount of materials, as well as tools.

Materials and Tools

In order to build a gazebo with your own hands, you must purchase the following materials:

  • crushed stone;
  • cement;
  • sand;
  • brick;
  • piles
  • wooden blocks;
  • boards;
  • To overlap the roof, you can choose - corrugated board, slate or polycarbonate;
  • metal corners;
  • nails or screws.

Also, before starting work, it is necessary to prepare:

  • electric plane;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • a chisel.

Location selection

Experts do not advise the construction of arbors in the lowlands, since rainwater flowing into these places will eventually lead to decay of the tree.

The proximity of a residential building is also important.. At what distance from the house to place the gazebo, the owner determines individually. However, there are general recommendations that all beginner builders should follow:

  • if the gazebo will be located in the immediate vicinity of the country house or adjacent to it, then its external design should be in harmony with the architectural style of the main structure;
  • the facility must fit into the surroundings. Regardless of where the gazebo will be located, its entrance must be oriented so that, being inside, a view of the flowerbed, front garden opens;
  • When erecting an object in an open area, it should provide reliable protection from the wind. To do this, it is best that the gazebo is adjacent to a blank green wall, which is created from neatly trimmed shrubs. Also, the structure can be placed next to a decorative fence or placed against the wall of the house;
  • you must ensure free access to the gazebo from any corner of your site. In this case, you do not have to go around the house to get into it.

Foundation construction

Experts who have extensive experience in the construction of wooden arbors recommend using a columnar foundation as a base. They consider it the most simple and affordable in terms of money. The process of its creation includes certain stages:

  • on the selected site, it is necessary to mark with a rope and wooden posts. In the future, work on the foundation will be carried out on this site;
  • then it is necessary to remove the top layer of soil on the marked out territory, having gone deeper by 0.5 cm. The need for earthwork is due to the fact that their implementation will reduce dampness under the future arbor;
  • further work is carried out to dig holes. The pillars of the foundation will be placed in them. Their depth is determined based on the degree of soil freezing in your region. If the site is dominated by sandy soil, then you should dig holes with a depth of 30-60 cm. If the soil in the summer cottage is highly mobile, then the holes should have a depth of 40-120 cm, and in areas with forest soil this parameter should vary from 50 to 100 cm;
  • different materials can be used to create the pillars. For example, a brick. Specialists do not prohibit the use of used material. You can also opt for asbestos-cement pipes or use ordinary wooden poles. However, choosing this option for the construction of a columnar foundation, you need to think about their protection from moisture. In this case, they can serve you for decades;
  • after that, on the marked-up territory, it is necessary to lay out one after another: a layer of sand with a thickness of 10 cm; crushed stone layer 10 cm; a layer of concrete mortar 30 cm. A layer of roofing material should be laid on top of the latter without fail;
  • then the construction of the columns is carried out, for the manufacture of which 3-4 bricks are used. They are necessary in order to provide a small space between the soil layer and the wooden floor of the gazebo. It eliminates the premature onset of wood rot;
  • a layer of roofing material must be re-laid on top of the pillars.

Floor mounting

There are several proven options for flooring in such structures. The walls in the gazebo can rest on the base or directly on the floor. The first option is more attractive, since when it is used, the floor does not sag between the vertical supports. It can be easily assembled, and if necessary dismantled, without experiencing serious difficulties.

For the arrangement of the floor, wooden bars are used, in which the cross-sectional value is 10 × 10 cm. In order to protect them from premature damage by mold, insects or rotting due to moisture, they are processed using copper sulfate. Sex suitnailing prepared boards to the logs of the bars.


When erecting the frame of the structure account for openness and airiness. The construction of arbors with walls of a deaf type is devoid of any meaning. To arrange the frame of the future gazebo, boards and wooden blocks are used. The base, made of boards, is fixed using nails. Installation of supports is carried out using wooden blocks.

Wall cladding

The most simple and practical option is the covering of the frame with wooden boards. However, in this case, an aesthetic point should be taken into account. If you show imagination, you can equip the building in an original way, and it will become part of the design concept of your summer cottage.

As an option for decorating the gazebo, you can plant plants around it: grapes, roses or hops. They will give the object a complete look and create protection against such negative factors as the wind and the scorching sun.

Roof installation

For the construction of the roof should use material suitable for residential buildings. If we talk about the types of roofs that are currently most in demand, we can distinguish a multi-pitched roof. Simpler in its structure, but no less original is the single-pitch design.

If slate is used for the roofing device, then it is necessary to cut out the sheets according to the dimensions indicated in the drawing, and they should be fixed with nails. Quite often used shingles. For its reliable installation, it is necessary to lay the slab in advance on the OSB lags, and fix the roofing material over it.

Interior decoration

When all construction work is completed, you need to think about creating an original interior at your facility. Suitable furniture should be placed inside. The best solution would be to install wicker or wooden chairs with a table. This composition is perfectly complemented by a soft sofa and barbecue.

If you conduct electricity in your summerhouse, you can use it not only for relaxation, but also for work. Having completed all the electrical operations, the structure can be used as a personal summer office, where in comfortable conditions you can work on a laptop or just read books. However, you must understand that the installation of electrical wiring must be performed before conducting internal and external finishing work.

It should also be understood that wood is a material that is highly flammable. Therefore, the wiring should be performed only on a special corrugated hose, which will avoid a fire due to a power surge or due to a short circuit.

The construction of a wooden gazebo on a summer cottage is a very good idea. With their own hands, everyone can build this object. If you do not have experience, then you can opt for a simple design. It is not necessary to spend money on the purchase of materials for the construction of a garden gazebo.

If you still have boards after the construction of the country house and you do not know where to put them, you can send this lumber to the construction of the gazebo. With her, your stay on the hacienda will become even more comfortable. In the gazebo, you can have a tea party in the company of friends or just relax on a soft sofa.