BioGrow fertilizer: fake or not

Fertilizer BIOGROW

Information on "miracle fertilizers" periodically appears on the Internet, which supposedly increase productivity, if not by orders of magnitude, then by exactly 2-3 times. Unfortunately, in most cases, such "news" is not supported by real evidence, and even more so by reviews of experienced summer residents. In this regard, it is interesting to understand whether it is worth acquiring the BIOGROU domestic fertilizer. To do this, you need to study its composition, as well as reviews of gardeners and experts on the effect of fertilizing plants.

Fertilizer composition

In its chemical composition, top dressing belongs to the category of organic: it does not contain mineral substances. Thanks to the use of "Biogrow" you can forget about humus, mullein and other organic fertilizing. The composition of the product includes biostimulant substances that activate the development of the plant and develop its resistance to pests and adverse external influences:

  1. Concentrated humic acid serves as a good stimulator of root growth. The processes quickly penetrate the soil (even rather dense), so that the plant quickly begins to receive moisture and nutrients. This is especially important during periods of insufficient watering (hot days). Also, the substance significantly increases the resistance of the plant to adverse effects, increases the germination of seeds.
  2. Ground bacteria are a group of beneficial microbes that live in the upper part of the soil. They interact with the roots of the plant (symbiosis), thereby facilitating the flow of nutrients and water through the hairs. Accelerated metabolism leads to faster growth, and therefore such crops bloom faster.
  3. Blood meal is replete with reserves of iron, as well as essential amino acids and proteins based on them. This increases the resistance of the culture to temperature and pests, and also significantly speeds up metabolic processes.
  4. Biologically active water, enriched with organic substances, has a restorative effect on the soil. It quickly develops beneficial bacteria, which favorably affect the culture. Thanks to this, the plant develops rapidly and gives a good harvest.
  5. Despite the fact that BIOGROU is an organic fertilizer, it also contains mineral trace elements. The reason is that another component of top dressing is ash, which is obtained from deciduous trees. It contains sodium, silicon, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, potassium ions. These substances accelerate growth, provide rapid flowering, increase the natural resistance of the crop.

That is why BIOGROU fertilizer can really be considered universal: in most cases, the use of other fertilizing is not needed.

7 useful properties of BIOGROW

Based on the characteristics of the chemical composition and its effect on the growth of crops, we can say that top dressing really works well on foliage, roots, flowers and fruits. You can list a lot of pluses, here are just a few of them:

  1. Since the composition includes only natural ingredients, top dressing does not harm plants, even in the case of a small overdose.
  2. Thanks to a comprehensive set of various organic and mineral substances, BIOGROU replaces almost all types of fertilizers: you can not only simplify your work in the country, but also save money.
  3. The use of the product is especially useful on depleted soils. From year to year, the composition is enriched, which lays a reliable foundation for obtaining constantly high yields.
  4. A stable increase in fruiting by 1.5 times is noted.
  5. The resistance of crops to temperature extremes, drought, and also to the action of pests is noticeably enhanced.
  6. Thanks to the accelerated development, the overall duration of the growing season is significantly reduced: flowering and fruit formation occur faster.
  7. Harmful bacteria are destroyed thanks to the active reproduction of beneficial microorganisms. Dangerous fungi that badly affect the roots also die.

From the listing of these properties it is seen that the main advantage of BIOGROW is the saturation of the soil not only with useful organic and mineral substances, but also with valuable bacteria. They live near the root system of the plant, facilitate the penetration of water and nutrients into its cells. Therefore, there is an increase in the growth of culture.

How to apply "BIOGROW": step-by-step instructions

The tool is used in accordance with the instructions. As a rule, 2-3 feedings per season are sufficient. As a general rule, a teaspoon is dissolved in half a bucket of water (5 liters), mixed until completely dissolved. At the same time, 3 methods of application have been developed:

  1. In seed soaking mode, the material is left in the solution for two days (in the case of cabbage and tomatoes), and in the case of potato nodules, it can be etched for half a day.
  2. In the normal watering mode, the beds are treated based on the calculation: 1 standard bucket (10 liters) per 3 square meters. Watering is more frequent in the case of processing sprouts, as well as in the dry months.
  3. Finally, when the plant blooms, and the ovary also begins to form, it is necessary to produce additional spraying with a spray gun. As always, this procedure is carried out in the evening, after sunset.

How not to buy a fake