Types of garden beds

There are many types of garden beds that you can install in your country house. Depending on the purpose, on your tastes, you should choose the best option for the location of the flower garden in the country.

Regular flower bed

The main feature of a regular flowerbed is the simultaneous flowering of all plants located on it. In summer cottages, such flower beds are rare. Most often, regular flowerbeds adorn cities. They are distinguished by the rigor of the compositional pattern, symmetry and clarity of form.

Irregular flowerbed

An irregular flowerbed differs from a strict regular flowerbed with a freer execution. Creating an irregular flowerbed on your garden plot is not difficult at all, and it will look natural and easy. It is best to plant perennial unpretentious flowering plants on such a flower bed. Try to choose plants so that they bloom throughout the summer season, then your flower bed will continuously delight everyone. In addition, perennials will save you from having to plant a flower bed every year.

Raised bed

An elevated flowerbed is an excellent option, both for a city square, and for a country house and a summer cottage. Such a flowerbed can be multi-level, which attracts the attention of others. Small raised flower beds also look very beautiful. Such flower beds can be independently built on your site. Do not be afraid to experiment and, in the end, the result of your trial and error will be a beautiful flowerbed - decorating your garden. For starters, this material will be useful.

Carpet bed

Carpet beds are not at all for suburban areas. Most often, this landing option is used to design city parks. Carpet flowerbed requires serious care and a competent choice of plants. To design such a flower bed, dwarf ornamental plants are chosen. They are planted in a certain way and, with proper care, they, growing, form a lush “carpet” with a delightful pattern. The material about the most beautiful colors will be interesting.

Vertical flower bed

A vertical flowerbed is a living sculpture. Such a miracle leaves few indifferent. Probably, everyone would like to see such a flowerbed in the form of a three-dimensional figure in their garden plot. Unfortunately, the design of a vertical flower bed is quite troublesome. First, a frame is created - this is the basis of a future flowerbed. Then special vases are fixed on the frame and plants are planted in them.


A monoclomb consists of plants of the same species. You can plant this flowerbed with your favorite flowers - roses, asters, dahlias ... You will get a bright, attractive flowerbed. If you want it to look as natural as possible, then you should not give the flowerbed the shape of a clear geometric shape - a square or circle. Have to fantasize. There is always the opportunity for an experiment.


An arabesque is a flowerbed in the shape of an outline of an animal or plant. Such a flowerbed of complex shape looks beneficial both in the city garden and in the summer cottage. However, it is very difficult to arrange such a flowerbed on your own. It is necessary to correctly select plants by height, flowering time and color scheme. For example, for a clearer border, the outline is drawn with plants of contrasting color.