Beautiful landscape design of the site + photos of original ideas

Currently, each site owner is trying to create a cozy, beautiful atmosphere on it. After all, I really want to merge with nature, relax and recover after a hard day. How to make the landscape design of your site harmonious, natural and beautiful?

The question arises as soon as the owner appears on the site. The popularity of landscape design is increasing every day. This is easy to explain. With a well-thought-out project, you can easily transform an ordinary space into an individual beautiful corner with a unique character and style.

It can be austere forms or a romantic corner. A well-thought-out combination of different styles by zone is possible. Then every family member or guest will be pleased to find a suitable place for themselves. Modern designers offer a lot of ideas with which it is easy to turn an ordinary walkway or garden bench into a masterpiece of landscape art.

The list of ideas is constantly growing and covers new areas:

  • Interior Design;
  • water bodies in any combination and size from small ponds to a large lake;
  • decoration of garden paths;
  • flower beds, lawns, flower beds;
  • rockeries, rock gardens, slides;
  • original fences, gazebos and garden houses.

The list goes on and on. It is important that the landscape design of the site meets all the needs of the owner.

Where to start

The first thing is an idea that flows smoothly into the landscape design plan. It displays the entire area, then subdivides it into zones. Their number depends on the needs and lifestyle of the family. If you do not have time or skills, you can turn to professionals. However, now there is so much information available that you can plan a beautiful landscape design on the site yourself. And at the same time calculate the expenditure side of the budget for this event.

Planning is the next stage in the creation of landscape design of the territory. The site is divided into zones, taking into account the location of natural ponds and trees. There are no limits to fantasy here.

The main thing is that the elements of the landscape are combined and are available in production. Familiarize yourself with the main types of styles, how they look and combine. Modern landscape design often incorporates elements of one style into another, which looks very creative.

For the younger family members, it is imperative to provide a children's playground, as well as a sports lawn. Adults can also spend time on it.

Important! It is necessary to carefully consider the layout of the children's area so as not to leave the kids unattended.

This also applies to water structures in the landscape design of the site.

Particular attention is paid to the corners of the garden and the site. In these places, unusual figures, decorative or retaining walls, fences of an original configuration look great.

We must not forget about irrigation systems, lighting, life support systems. The plan for the location of such objects must be taken into account when planning the landscape design of the site.

This will prevent possible destruction and help to plan the sites so as not to pull unnecessary communications to the facilities. Consultation of specialists, if you are not one of them, will help to comply with all the necessary norms for the placement of objects.

Important! The homestead should not be located closer than 6 m from the highway border.

In the same way, they adhere to the rules in relation to neighboring areas.

Think in advance about the need for a parking lot for guest transport, a bicycle parking, a woodshed for a sauna.

You can create beauty on the site with two options for landscape ideas:

  1. In the first case, the effect is created with the help of the beauty of the lines and bright contrast. In such projects, the main idea is fulfilled by "correct" clear lines, symmetry of forms, artificial surfaces.
  2. In the second option, they try to preserve the natural appearance of the natural landscape interspersed with artificial details. All objects should have smooth lines and borders.

Attention! There is also a third option - a combination of the first two, but not mixing them.

In this case, the natural relief is left, but creative modern elements, artificial materials, glass, concrete, stone are added. A sharp contrast between artificial and natural design is obtained.

We create beauty on the site

The beautiful landscape design of the estate is created using plants and architectural forms. If the site is small, then you won't be able to experiment a lot. We'll have to give up a spacious lawn, a large pool, a huge veranda. But, this does not mean at all that beautiful corners will be inaccessible to your sight.

Advice! Pay more attention to flower beds, green spaces.

They will add coziness, cover the areas a little and make the space attractive.

When it is impossible to create a stream or lake, replace natural bodies of water with "dry" ones. This landscape design option does not require a lot of space and costs.

A large plot gives complete freedom, but at the same time it is very difficult to immediately see the whole project and place objects so that they harmoniously fit into the environment. Usually a simple solution is used - a lawn. On an open area, this is an excellent landscape design solution. In addition, modern designers suggest combining lawn areas with flower beds, a swimming pool, and walking alleys. There are a lot of types of lawns. All that remains is to find the one that suits your level of employment and funds.

Plants are also selected according to the degree of employment in order to provide them with proper care. An excellent solution is a sheared boxwood or wild grapes climbing on any vertical surface.

For a recreation area, gazebos and platforms with benches are good. The originality in the landscape design of such a zone is given by original lamps or flower beds, stone compositions and mosaics.

Some complexity can be represented by the unevenness of the surface that needs to be beaten, the composition of the soil, which is unable to provide plants with nutrients. Or the climate of the region - here you have to work hard to pick up the plantings. But, with a competent approach, all these difficulties become the advantages of the site.

A downhill slope can be strengthened and beautified, stones can be used to hold the ground and at the same time beautify the terrain.

Moving on to examples

Theoretical knowledge of site landscape design is always important. But in practice, something will come spontaneously, something unexpected. When designing landscaping, photos of ideas are saved to share with friends. After all, any project can radically change the look of the site, combine beauty and convenience.

If there is already a cottage on the site, then landscape design is simply necessary. After all, before the guests enter the house, they get to the site.

Therefore, the entrance area requires special attention.

The front part of the site is a special and complex object in landscape design, because any mistake immediately catches the eye. Its design should be tied to the style of the house or cottage. A hedge looks good in this place.

If there is too little space between the entrance to the house and the gate, then you should not make paving. It will emphasize the modest size. A good solution would be to break up the site into small areas. They can be made at different levels, landscaped around the entire perimeter. In this case, you will expand the space and add speakers.

It is best to start landscaping a narrow and elongated area with a path. It should run along the entire length, which will make it possible to visually shorten it.

A lot of attention is paid to the recreation area. The wishes of all family members are taken into account here. Rest can consist in a family lunch - then you need a place for a meal. Planning a harmonious hearth or barbecue and family evenings will become much more romantic.

But even without a hearth, this area can become a favorite. A beautiful little pool will make it very original and cozy.

Upholstered furniture for outdoor use is suitable with removable backs and seats. It is good to make covers on them that can be removed and washed.

When you want to read a book in silence, a small pond will create a calm atmosphere and allow you to relax.

Lawn occupies an important place in landscape design. It can be sowing, rolled, artificial. Any kind can be applied to decorate the site.

Photo of a lawn in combination with trees and shrubs.

This option resembles the English style and is gaining popularity.

Beautiful landscape design of the suburban area, photo in the style of old England:

In the case when you want constant cleanliness on the site, but there is no time for constant cleaning, we choose paving and tub plants. The result will satisfy even the most demanding owner.

The transitions between the zones create great coziness. This option is very good for a small patio.

You should always remember about green spaces when designing landscape design. Conifers have become very popular, but trees should not be forgotten either. After all, they play the role of not only a green decoration in the landscape design of the site. The main task is to protect from the wind, create coolness and shade. If there are already mature trees on the site, try to preserve them. Old ones - rejuvenate and remember that you are in luck. It will take a long time for a tree to grow to the desired size. And the shade for the site is simply necessary, especially on a hot afternoon.

Even with the inconvenient arrangement of the trees, you can always find a way out.

And for a small area you will have to try.

A terrace in a composition with a large tree will decorate the landscape design of the site.

Another beautiful landscape design theme is bodies of water.

If you are planning to make a pool, then it is better to seek the help of specialists in order to correctly strengthen and implement the structure. But all costs will be reimbursed as soon as you can plunge into cool water.

If you are at a loss in choosing a style of landscape design or cannot clearly plan the combination of details, seek help from specialists. They will be able to take into account all the nuances of your territory and the site will acquire its uniqueness.

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