Care for the country pool

People very often ask questions regarding the maintenance of garden pools. Such extraordinary activity is associated with an abnormally sultry summer, when garden ponds and pools appeared in many suburban areas. But few people know how to properly care for such structures. Therefore, this time we will talk about how to care for the pool.

Any pool is a cherished dream of any person. If the pool is stationary, and even more so - winter, then not everyone can afford it. But any owner of a house or a suburban area can create an inflatable or frame version of his pond. The main thing is that there is a place where you can place it.

After you have bought and installed the pool, you can begin to actively use it, but at the same time you need to take some actions in the direction of caring for your home reservoir. Of course, I do not want to catch pessimistic thoughts, however, if someone thinks that all the maintenance of his pool consists of a one-time filling with his water, he is deeply mistaken. To bathing in a pond brought only positive emotions, it is worth taking a little care about it.

It is best to fill the pool with water from the water supply, because it has already been filtered and is always much cleaner than the water in the nearest body of water.

To keep the water in the pool clean for a long time, there is special equipment for pools, which is most often called simply - filters. The principle of operation of each filter unit for the pool is the passage of water through a filter container that is filled with quartz sand. A similar installation includes a pump through a separate pipe that takes water from the bottom of the pool and from its surface. Then it enters the filter tank, in which it is cleaned from mechanical and chemical contaminants. After that, already clean water through another pipeline enters the pool. A properly operating installation must drive through itself the entire volume of water at least three times a day. According to this principle, the power of the filter unit is also selected relative to the volume of the pool.

It is also desirable that a constant replenishment of fresh water be organized, carried out automatically through a special float valve. Daily exchange of water should be carried out in an amount of at least 50-70 liters per one bathing person. Debris from the surface of the water is removed using a net.

Water disinfection

Water in the pool should be disinfected also with the help of chemicals. For this purpose, special means for swimming pools containing chlorine and active oxygen are used. To prevent the development of algae and the “blooming” of water, algaecides are present in this chemistry - substances that destroy algae in the aquatic environment. In more detail about means for cleaning the pool - Various types of chemicals for the garden pool.

One of the main indicators of the state in the pool of water is its acid-base balance. This indicator is measured by a special tester, and it should be in the range from 7.2 to 7.6 pH. To bring the acid-base balance of water to normal, there are various chemical agents for its regulation, produced in the form of granules. Such funds exist both to increase and to reduce the acid-base balance.

How to keep pool water clean

The main types of pool care chemicals

  • various chlorine tablets, which serve both for short-term chlorination and for disinfection for a long period;
  • coagulant - granular powder, after dissolving in water making it transparent;
  • universal tablets, which include in their composition all of the listed substances (chlorine and bromine, algaecides and coagulants, and others).

In addition, it is recommended that ultraviolet irradiation and ozonation of water using special devices.

Depending on the use of the pool, you need to completely drain the water several times a season, and immediately, while the walls and bottom are still wet, clean them with disinfectant detergents.

In case of long non-use of the pool, it is recommended to close it with an awning, thereby protecting the water from debris and dirt. To remove branches and leaves, other garbage from the surface of the water is possible only mechanically, using a large net. And remember that the above tools and measures give a positive result only when they are applied in a complex.