Strawberry Black Prince

The assortment of garden strawberry varieties is increasing every year. Thanks to breeders, new plants appear that differ not only in taste, but also in the color of the berries. There are few gardeners who would not want to have exotic plants on the site.

Strawberry Black Prince is an unusual and promising variety, distinguished by glossy maroon berries. Description, characteristics, reviews of gardeners, features of agricultural technology will be covered in the article.


The Black Prince strawberry variety is relatively young, which is why a limited number of gardeners know about it. The creators are breeders from Italy. Strawberries are intended not only for summer cottages, but also for large agricultural enterprises.

According to the description given by the manufacturers, and, according to gardeners' reviews, the Black Prince strawberry belongs to the mid-season varieties. Already in the second decade of June, the first berries ripen.

You can pick strawberries until autumn, since the plant has long fruiting.

Attention! The first and last berries do not differ in size.

Features of the bushes

4-5 years after planting, the plants surprise with sprawling and powerful bushes, resembling potatoes or tomatoes from afar. The foliage of medium-sized strawberries is rich green, glossy, with a clearly visible corrugation.

Garden strawberries of Italian selection are distinguished by powerful, high peduncles, on which a large number of ovaries are formed. In early June, the bushes are covered with green berries. Here they are, in the photo.

When the mass ripening of berries begins, the peduncles bend to the ground. In the first years after planting, a sufficient number of whiskers is formed for reproduction. But the older the bush, the lower the formation. This must be taken into account so as not to be left without strawberry seedlings.


The fruits of the variety are rather dark, perhaps for this reason such a name appeared. There are many seeds on the maroon surface of the berries. They are also dark, located on the surface, so the berries of the Italian selection are prickly to the touch.

Berry weight up to 50 grams. Dense fruits are truncated cone-shaped. Inside, the strawberry flesh is deep red, without white streaks and voids. The berries are tasty, sweetish with a subtle hint of sourness.


Strawberry Black Prince, according to the description of the variety and reviews, belongs to the berries of universal use. They can be eaten fresh, made jams, marmalades, jams, homemade wine and liqueurs.


Italian breeders have created a high-yielding strawberry variety Black Prince, which can be grown throughout Russia both in open and protected ground. For long-term fruiting, one bush of garden strawberries gives up to 1200 grams of tasty, sweet berries with a strawberry flavor.

Important! The strawberry yield increases as the bush matures.

Farmers highly value the variety, because with proper agricultural technology, up to 20 tons per hectare can be harvested.


It is not only the original taste and appearance of strawberries that attract gardeners. But you can better understand the characteristics of the variety by getting acquainted with the characteristics.

First, let's talk about the merits of the Black Prince:

  1. High palatability, abundant yield.
  2. The strawberry variety can be grown in one place for up to 10 years, increasing the yield of finished products every year.
  3. The dense berries can be stored for up to two weeks, they do not flow or lose their shape.
  4. Excellent transportability contributes to the cultivation of varietal strawberries on an industrial scale.
  5. The variety is winter-hardy, tolerates frosts up to 20 degrees. Plants are not afraid of a slight drop in spring temperatures.
  6. Strawberries rarely get sick due to their high immunity.

Despite such an abundance of advantages, the variety has some disadvantages:

  • plants can hardly tolerate drought, so soil moisture must be constantly monitored;
  • difficulties arise in obtaining planting material, since adult black prince strawberry bushes do not produce a mustache.

The variety of Italian selection is tested and reliable:

Technology features

In order for the strawberry variety to bear fruit successfully for many years, you need to choose a good site for planting it.

Seat selection

  1. Planting seedlings of the Black Prince is necessary in fertilized light soil. In heavy clay areas, a large yield cannot be obtained.
  2. The beds are located in sunny areas protected from cold winds. Plants of the variety grow poorly in places with high groundwater levels. If there is no other place in the country house, you will have to make high ridges, on the bottom of which reliable drainage is laid.
  3. When preparing the planting site, a large amount of organic matter is introduced and the soil is treated with peat-humic fertilizers, for example, Flora, Fitop. This will improve the structure of the soil. The strawberry bed should not be next to potatoes or eggplants.
  4. The best neighbors are grains, beans, peas, carrots, onions, and garlic. These plants are also planted between strawberry bushes.

Planting seedlings

It is possible to grow seedlings of the Black Prince variety from seeds, but this process is laborious. It is best to use seedlings that need to be purchased from reliable suppliers, for example, in the seed company Siberian Garden, Altai Gardens, Becker.

Attention! Since the strawberry variety grows very much, when planting, you need to take into account the distance between the bushes of at least 50 cm.

Planting stages:

  • after digging, holes are prepared, half a liter of warm water is poured into each;
  • strawberry seedlings are lowered into a hole, straightened the root system and sprinkled with soil;
  • the heart should remain above the surface at a height of 1-2 cm;
  • the soil must be well compacted to remove air pockets;
  • after this planting is watered and sprinkled with mulch.

For mulching, you can use rotted sawdust, straw or cut green grass that has not yet formed seeds.

While the Black Prince strawberries take root, they need to be watered regularly. The drip irrigation system does an excellent job, it is easy to install.

Planting care

The Black Prince strawberry itself is not capricious. But, like any cultivated plant, it requires compliance with the cultivation technology. Let's consider this issue in more detail.

Watering and loosening

Plants of this variety, as noted in the description, do not tolerate drought well. Watering is especially important, and daily, immediately after planting seedlings, during flowering and ripening.

Advice! When the Black Prince strawberry begins to bloom, it is watered only at the root!

You should not be zealous with watering, since with stagnant water, diseases of the root system can develop, and the berries themselves will lose their taste. And such fruits cannot be stored for a long time.

Gardeners who have been dealing with the Black Prince variety for more than one year, in the reviews are advised to make grooves between the rows of strawberries in order to water and feed the bushes through them. Water the plantings in the evening, after sunset.

Each watering of strawberries is necessarily accompanied by loosening of the soil in order to remove the crust, which does not let oxygen to the roots, and to destroy the emerging weeds.

Feeding rules

You can feed the strawberry variety with liquid and dry fertilizers. Liquid solutions are used for root and foliar feeding of bushes (concentration is half as much). You can scatter dry fertilizer over the soil surface.

Advice! Before feeding the Black Prince strawberries, you need to water the bushes well in half an hour.

Feeding scheme

  1. The first feeding is carried out in the spring. To do this, take nitrogen-containing fertilizers to build up green mass. You can use ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, or urea. Fertilizers are used strictly according to the instructions!
  2. During the period of budding and the formation of ovaries, nitrogen fertilization cannot be carried out, you can lose the crop. At this time, plants need phosphorus. It is good to water the strawberry plantings with a solution of wood ash, which contains all the micro and macro elements necessary for the growth, development and ripening of fruits.
  3. The third time they feed the Black Prince strawberries when the berries ripen with a complex mineral fertilizer. Organicists can use green herb infusion.

Harvested ...

When the last berry is harvested, planting needs to be prepared for winter:

  1. First, cut out the old leaves, remove the mulch.
  2. The ridges weed, loosen the soil.
  3. Organic fertilizers (peat, compost, humus) are added, covering the bare root system.
  4. Before the onset of frost, the strawberries are covered with a layer of earth to ensure reliable wintering. Some of the Black Prince bushes can be transplanted into large flower pots to have fresh berries in winter.
  5. If the temperature in the region is below -20 degrees, the strawberry beds need to be covered capitally.

Gardeners reviews

Elena, 45 years old, Moscow region

The Black Prince bought strawberry seedlings three years ago at a fair from a grandmother. She turned out to be a good and honest gardener. The berries are fully consistent with the description and characteristics. My children and grandchildren just swept away the dark, almost brown berries in the first place. And what a fragrant jam turns out! Most of all, I was glad that not a single bush had ever been sick for three years. Thanks for this to the creators of the variety.

Vasily, 49 years old, Birobidzhan

I ordered seedlings by mail at the Sady Siberia firm. All healthy came and took root without loss. Fruiting is abundant, the berries are large, juicy. The bushes are powerful, they have been growing in my place for five years already. Peduncles with many ovaries. I collect 1.3 kg of fruit from each bush.

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