Alarm to the dacha GSM with a camera

Alarm to the dacha GSM with a camera

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The issue of protecting their territory and personal property is always of interest to every owner. Often the owners of a suburban area have a watchdog, but if a person is rarely at home, the problem of feeding the animal arises. In this case, an electronic device comes to the rescue. Nowadays, the Sentinel alarm or its other variant - Smart Sentry - is very popular for giving GSM. Although, besides her, there are other similar types of security systems, but they all work according to the same principle.

How does a GSM alarm system work?

The modern market offers many security devices. In addition to the Smart Sentry, the GSM Dacha 01 system has proven itself quite well. It can also be found under the name TAVR. However, no matter what the brand is named, the basic element of any GSM system is the sensor. When an attacker tries to enter someone else's territory, he gets into the range of an electronic device. A triggered sensor instantly sends a signal to the owner's phone.

Modern security systems with a GSM module can be equipped with several sensors that play a different role, for example, a microphone or a video camera. This allows the owner of the dacha to hear and see the complete picture of what is happening on his territory. Thanks to the microphone, the owner at any time has the opportunity to use the wiretap by calling the dacha by phone.

The main types of GSM security systems

Regardless of the brand of the security system, all GSM alarms differ in the way of installation:

  • The wired model allows the sensors to be connected to the main unit using wires. This is often very inconvenient, plus a low level of security. If the wire is damaged, the sensor will not be able to send a signal. That is, the object remains unguarded.
  • The wireless model uses a radio channel. The signal from the sensor at a certain frequency is sent to the main unit, which in turn sends it to the programmed phone number.

Advice! Even an inexperienced person can install a wireless system. It is only necessary to correctly direct the sensors to the protected object.

Both types of signaling can be operated from the mains connection or autonomously. The second option is most acceptable for giving. Even after a power outage, the facility will remain protected. The autonomous system is battery operated. You just need to recharge it periodically.

A wired and wireless system equipped with a GSM module is capable of working with many sensors. For example, the alarm system is able to notify the owner of the appearance of smoke, flooding of the room with water, gas leakage, etc. The temperature sensor is very convenient to use, which allows you to control the operation of the heating boiler and maintain the desired temperature in the room. An electronic device can even be installed on the door, and the owner will know when it was opened.

What parameters are used to choose a GSM security system

Before choosing a GSM security system, you need to decide in what conditions it will work. Summer cottages are not always heated in winter, and electronics must withstand temperature changes. To do this, it is optimal to purchase a model that can work in heat and cold. The next important issue is non-volatile operation. The capacity of the battery should be sufficient until the next recharge upon the arrival of the owner, if the electricity supply to the house is not restored. And, most importantly, you need to decide which sensors are needed.

The budget alarm system for summer cottages has the following functions:

  • the owner can remotely learn about the operation of the system;
  • arm and disarm an object by telephone;
  • programming more than one number to which the GSM module will send a notification;
  • the owner has the ability to independently write down any notification text, and, if necessary, correct it;
  • listening to the protected object.

More expensive security systems are endowed with additional functions;

  • changing the language of the settings menu;
  • no voltage signaling device;
  • sending a message about signal loss;
  • using different passwords;
  • communication through a microphone between people in different rooms of the building.

Quite advanced expensive systems are equipped with sensors that respond to the breaking of window glass, the appearance of gas or water leaks in the house, smoke, etc.

GSM alarm set

Wireless security systems from different manufacturers differ in the configuration of sensors and battery capacity for autonomous operation. The standard stand-alone GSM signaling consists of the following elements:

  • main unit - GSM module;
  • power supply unit from the mains;
  • battery;
  • two control key fobs;
  • door opening and motion sensor;
  • USB cable to connect to a PC to make settings.

Depending on the model, alarms can be equipped with additional sensors and buttons for signaling an alarm.

GSM module

The block is the heart of the system. The module receives signals from all installed sensors. After processing the information, the electronic device sends a message to the specified phone numbers. To activate the system, a SIM card is inserted into the module. An important condition is the absence of a PIN code request. In addition, the card should contain only those numbers where the signal will be sent. All others need to be removed.

Important! The battery must be connected to the module, otherwise the alarm will not work after a power outage.

Sensor kit

From the very beginning, you need to decide what sensors are needed for reliable protection of the dacha. Undoubtedly, the first place is given to electronic devices that react to movement. You will need a lot of such sensors. They are installed along the perimeter of the site, near windows, entrance doors and inside the house. Motion sensors work on the principle of infrared radiation, so they can be easily disabled if covered with something. For inaccessibility to the device, installation is carried out at a height of about 2.5 m.

It will not hurt to put a reed switch on the front door. These door openers come in several varieties. Reed switches are produced with response sensitivity for large steel doors and standard for PVC or wooden doors.

If the summer cottage is left unattended in winter, it will not be superfluous to put a glass breaking sensor on each window. All other electronic devices that react to gas, smoke, water are optional. Such sensors are more needed for their own safety.

Sound sirens

A sound siren is needed to scare off intruders from the dacha. When a danger signal comes from the sensors to the GSM module, it, in turn, sends a pulse to an electronic device that emits a loud sound of about 110 dB. The sound siren will notify the neighbors in the dacha about the possibility of home burglary. They will immediately call the police or inspect your area on their own.

Important! If the siren is installed in a conspicuous place, an attacker can simply neutralize it. It is optimal to hide the unit at a height away from eyes, but so that the outgoing loud sound is not obstructed.

Wireless key fobs

Usually any GSM alarm system is equipped with two key fobs. They are needed to enable and disable the system. The key fob can have an alarm button, when pressed, the siren is triggered. An electronic device works at a short distance from the house. If, approaching your yard, suspicious people are seen on the territory, use the alarm button to turn on the siren to scare them away.

CCTV sensor

This electronic device is equipped with a video camera. She removes everything that falls into the field of her action. When a danger arises, shooting starts automatically. The GSM module starts sending the captured frames to the specified phone numbers. The block can even be programmed so that the captured information will be sent to the e-mail specified by the owner of the dacha.

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The convenience of wireless alarms is due to the unlimited number of sensors. In addition to security functions, the electronic device is capable of turning on watering of the plot or home heating in the absence of the owners of the cottage.

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