How to make a flowerbed from a tire with your own hands

Cottage is a place where any ideas and ideas regarding decorating the yard are embodied. The dream of every housewife is to have a beautiful front garden, which will be distinguished by originality and at the same time will not require special financial costs for the implementation. It turns out that making a front garden is very simple from improvised materials.

Decorating a front garden from improvised materials

Automobile equipment, especially old tires, is ideal for organizing a front garden. Such material is characterized by strength, durability, it is easy to form the necessary figures from it, it is easy to operate.

It is easy to make a lot of items from tires that will be practical. Such devices are used not only to decorate the yard. Some products will be suitable for a garden, terrace, yard.

Of car tires make:

  • Tire fence. Tires can be dug into the ground sequentially. The product will not turn out to be too high in this case, but it will be able to form a rather high hedge that visualizes the section of the site.
  • Fountains are made of tires. The easiest option is to install tires of different diameters on top of each other, to form a kind of pyramid. The whole structure is placed in a tank where water will run off. The organization of water supply depends on the water supply system.
  • Of tires make country furnituredecorating tires with fabric, pillows. Functional chairs, armchairs, mini sofas, coffee tables, poufs, benches and much more are obtained from the material.
  • Do it yourself tires original flower beds. Products can be multi-level, single, multi-storey. Design depends on the imagination of the artist.
  • Made of tires garden figures. A figure can serve as a simple decoration, or it can become a functional thing. The most common use is to present a garden figure in the form of a hanging flower pot.

Products from tires are placed on any area, fit any landscape design, are easily mounted and dismantled. The only drawback that manifests itself in the process of working with tires is the difficulty of cutting the material. But with the necessary tools, this difficulty will seem a trifle.

Photo of flower beds from the tire

Flowerbed of tires

Those who want to improve the front garden will immediately have a question: how to make a flowerbed out of the tire with your own hands so that it is beautiful? The easiest option, so as not to cut the tire - put a figure out of whole tires or make a multi-tiered design. Using paint to form an interesting pattern, color concept.

More complex options require some processing. The following tools will be required to make a shaped flowerbed from a tire:

  • a boot knife with which the first cut is made;
  • jigsaw - for curly sidewall processing;
  • grinder or scissors for metal - for cutting metal cord.

The procedure for the manufacture of flower beds from tires:

  1. Mark the tire casing to be used for cutting. For this, you can use chalk, a bright marker.
  2. Cut the required shape.
  3. If some parts need to be bent, then the rubber is fixed to the wire to keep its shape.
  4. If necessary, grind the edges of the sections with sandpaper, a file.
  5. Paint the product in accordance with the idea.

If you have at hand the necessary tools and materials, then you can do the job quickly and efficiently.

Rubber Bed Projects

The old wheel can be used to implement various ideas. Examples of flower beds from tires can be the following compositions:

  • Vertical planter for decorating brick walls and fences. A small tire is painted in any color and suspended vertically from the wall. Inside put small flowerpots with flowers.
  • Flower-seven-flower. 4 tires painted in different colors. Cut 3 tires in half and leave 1 whole. Lay the whole tire in the center, and around it lay the halves of the remaining tires, forming petals.
  • Toad. You need three tires of large diameter and two smaller ones, painted in green. Lay two tires side by side and put a third on top. Perpendicularly install two small tires that will be eyes.
  • Rubber lawn. It is necessary to take 2 large tires and 1 smaller diameter. On the large bus, make markings in the form of small cloves. Cut the cloves according to the marking. Lay the whole big tire on the ground, put a smaller one on top, and place a figured tire at the very top. To make the pot higher, you can use several small tires.

Any ideas are fulfilled from this material. It is possible for children to create a fairy glade, performing interesting compositions from rubber blanks.

Methods for coloring flower beds

To achieve a good result and create an original decoration for a flower garden, you need to not only perform high-quality work on cutting rubber, but also paint the craft.

If you choose the right combination of colors and shades, then the flower garden will sparkle with new colors. Each flower, blade of grass and a leaf in the flower bed will stand out against the general background of the design.

Recommendations regarding staining:

  1. The product must be painted on the outside and inside to create the effect of structural integrity.
  2. In order for the picture to be clear and bright, you need to create a foundation. Therefore, first the surface is painted with a thin layer of white paint.
  3. The rubber must first be degreased with acetone or solvent.
  4. The paint should be bright, preferably moisture resistant, as the flower beds require constant watering.
  5. The product requires updating. Once a season, you need to tint the flowerbed.

The most popular flower coloring 5 petals for cutting:

  1. Mark the tire.
  2. Cut the petals according to the pattern.
  3. Unscrew the protruding parts to bend each element.
  4. Colorize each petal. You can use different colors.

The main thing is not only to choose a beautiful pattern or motive, but also to complete the work of coloring with high quality and accuracy. Some craftsmen create whole masterpieces and thematic front gardens, skillfully wielding a brush.