Weed remedy Excellent worker: reviews

Weed remedy Excellent worker: reviews

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Weed control takes a lot of energy. It is not surprising that many gardeners prefer special preparations for these annoying plants. Thus, you can quickly and effectively get rid of weeds. For this purpose, the "Excellent" is doing an excellent job. It is used to kill grass weeds that often infest potatoes, beets, tomatoes and other vegetable crops. In this article we will see how to apply the Excellent Weed Control.

Characteristics of the "Excellent"

"Excellent" is a Japanese drug. The main active ingredient is chizalofop-P-epila - 51.6 g / l. It is a highly effective herbicide that fights well against annual and perennial weeds. It is used in areas with potatoes, soybeans, sugar beets, cotton and sunflowers. The substance can be quickly absorbed by weeds, accumulating in the root system and nodes. Then the meristematic tissue of the rhizomes is completely destroyed. The herbicide can be reapplied directly to the plant roots to avoid re-growth. The substance has shown high efficiency, within a week the cereals begin to die.

Attention! The action of the drug in the soil lasts for 1 month.

An "excellent student" fights the following types of weeds:

  • wild oats;
  • bristle;
  • chicken millet;
  • pig;
  • creeping wheatgrass.

Instructions for use

The method of application may differ depending on the cultivated crop. To destroy annual weeds (wild oats, bristle grass and chicken millet) in plantings of tomatoes, carrots, beets and onions, dilute the preparation in 200-600 ml of water. This refers to the standard package of the "Excellent" for 2 ml. At the time of the procedure, the weeds should have no more than 2-6 leaves. But for perennial plants, such as creeping wheatgrass, you will need a more concentrated solution. In this case, 2 ml of the drug is diluted in a small amount of water - from 130 ml to 200 ml. In this case, the height of the plant must be at least 10 cm.

The use of the drug on potato beds differs. In this case, the volume of water for the solution does not depend on the type of weeds. One package of "Excellent" (2 ml) is diluted with water in an amount of 100 to 300 ml. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account the growth phase of specific weeds. Spraying of perennial weeds should be carried out with a growth of 10 to 15 cm, and the treatment of annual plants is carried out in the phase of 2–4 leaves.


"Excellent" from weeds in the beds has collected excellent reviews from many gardeners. They note the following advantages of this drug:

  1. Selectivity in action. "Excellent" Fights only perennial and annual cereal weeds.
  2. Acts quickly in the organs of the plant. Has a high systemic activity.
  3. The result of spraying with herbicide is maintained throughout the growing season.
  4. Plants begin to die off within 5 days.


The drug has moderate toxicity to warm-blooded and worms. Does not affect human skin, but may irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes. Poisoning with a substance can occur only after inhalation of a large amount of the drug by inhalation. The main substance, quizalofop-P-ethyl, belongs to the third hazard class. This means that it is a moderately dangerous drug for humans and other living organisms. When used correctly, it will not harm worms or bees.

Attention! The substance is dangerous for cereal crops. Also, it should not be used on lawns.


The drug has established itself as an effective agent in the fight against cereal weeds. It quickly acts on weeds and retains the result for a long period. Before use, you should read the instructions for use to avoid poisoning and drug overdose.


Oksana Petrovna, 38 years old, Voronezh

Used "Excellent" in the beds with tomatoes and carrots. The drug has done an excellent job. The main problem on my site has always been wheatgrass. Now I have forgotten what it is.

Margarita Pavlovna, 47 years old, Samara

An excellent remedy for weeds. For many years I fought by hand with wheatgrass and pig. It is good that colleagues advised me to try the "Excellent". It is now much easier to take care of the garden. I did not notice any effects on the skin. Still, you should dress well and protect the mucous membrane when spraying. Chemicals are harmful in any case, even if they don't show up right away.

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