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Currently, not a single gardener does his work without the use of agrochemicals. And the point is not that it is impossible to grow crops without such means. Developers are constantly improving preparations for protecting plants from all kinds of diseases, making them more effective and less toxic. One of the recognized leaders in the line of fungicides is "Switch".

Description of the drug action

Fungicide "Switch" is used to protect berry, fruit and flower crops from powdery mildew, gray mold and mold.

But most of all, it finds application in areas where vegetables, grapes and stone fruits are grown. Many growers use the product when caring for indoor plants. The preparation contains two active ingredients:

  1. Cyprodinil (37% of the total weight). A component of systemic action that disrupts the development cycle of pathogens, affecting the formation of amino acids. Very effective at low temperatures. The limitation is + 3 ° C, with a further decrease, it is inappropriate to use a fungicide with cyprodinil. It works after applying the drug for 7-14 days, no re-treatment is required after rains.
  2. Fludioxonil (25%) has a contact effect and slows down the growth of mycelium. It is not toxic to the plant and has a wide range of action. Popular for dressing seeds before sowing.

Important! Due to the presence of these components, "Switch" additionally disinfects the soil.

The two-component formulation is a reliable preparation for protecting crops at any stage of disease development.

The active ingredients are not phytotoxic, they are approved for use in the agricultural sector and for the treatment of grape varieties. Fungicide "Switch" is produced by different manufacturers, so the price may differ. But the usual form of release is water-soluble granules, packaged in foil bags of 1 g or 2 g. For farmers, it is more convenient to pack 1 kg of granules or order by weight.

Benefits of a fungicide

The instructions for use, which reflect all its advantages, will help to list the advantages of the fungicide "Switch":

  1. Action based on anti-resistance program. Fungicide treatment guarantees the absence of damage for a long time. Therefore, frequent repetitions are not required.
  2. The effect of the active substances of the drug on hibernating pests.
  3. The drug starts to work 3-4 hours after spraying.
  4. Effective destruction of a wide range of pathogenic fungi.
  5. The duration of the protective effect is within 3 weeks, and the visible result is manifested after 4 days.
  6. Wide range of applications - protection and treatment of crops, seed dressing.
  7. Stable efficiency when temperature drops or precipitation falls.
  8. It is allowed to use the fungicide "Switch" during the flowering period, as it is safe for bees.
  9. Restores damage to plants after mechanical injury and hail.
  10. Retains the properties and commercial qualities of the fruit during storage.
  11. Fungicide "Switch" is easy to use, has detailed step-by-step instructions.

In order for the effect of the "Switch" preparation to lead to the expected results, it is necessary to correctly prepare the working solution.

Recommendations for preparing a solution

The concentration of the solution is the same for all cultures. To prepare the composition, you will need to dissolve 2 g of the drug (granules) in 10 liters of warm clean water.

Important! At the time of preparation and processing, the solution is constantly stirred.

Leaving the Switch solution the next day is not recommended, the entire volume should be used on the day of preparation.

The consumption of the working solution is 0.07 - 0.1 g per 1 sq. m. If for a particular culture it is required to observe special nuances, then they are indicated in the instruction table.

How to prepare the solution in the spray tank:

  1. Fill the container halfway with warm water and turn on the stirrer.
  2. Add the estimated amount of Switch fungicide.
  3. Continue filling the tank with water while stirring the contents.

Important! The filling hose must be above the liquid level!

Additional requirements are related to processing time. It is recommended to spray the plants in calm weather, preferably in the morning or evening. During the growing season, it is usually sufficient to process the plants twice. The first at the beginning of flowering, the second after the end of the mass flowering.

If crops are cultivated in greenhouses, it will be necessary, in addition to spraying, to add coating on the stems. In this case, the drug is applied to the affected and healthy parts.

Site use

To make it easier to use the effective drug "Switch", it is better to arrange its application rules in the form of a table:

Culture name

Name of the disease

Recommended drug consumption (g / sq. M)

Working solution consumption (ml / sq.m)

Terms of use

Time of action of the fungicide


Alternaria, gray rot, wet rot, fusarium

0,07 – 0,1


Preventive spraying before the flowering phase. If a defeat has occurred, then re-spraying is allowed no earlier than after 14 days.

7-14 days


Varieties of rot

0,07 – 0,1


Two treatments:

1 - at the end of the flowering phase;

2 - before the start of formation of gron

14 - 18 days


Identical to tomatoes

0,07 – 0,1


The first spraying for prophylaxis. The second is when signs of mycosis appear.

7-14 days

Strawberry wild-strawberry)

Fruit rot is gray, powdery mildew, brown and white spot.

0,07 – 0,1

80 — 100

Before flowering and after harvest

7-14 days

Instructions for the use of the fungicide "Switch" for tomatoes indicate the mandatory prophylactic spraying. In this case, the appearance of fungal infections can be completely prevented.

For spraying roses from fungal infection, use 0.5 l of a solution of the "Switch" preparation for 1 plant.

Important! Do not neglect the recommended doses and timing of treatments, otherwise the action of the fungicide will be much weaker.

When processing an orchard, dilute 1 kg of Switch granules per 500 liters of water. This volume is enough for spraying 100 - 250 trees.

The "Switch" storage period is 3 years. During storage, the packaging must be intact, the ambient temperature must be in the range from -5 ° C to + 35 ° C.

Compatibility with other substances

This is an important property for agrochemicals. During the season, treatments have to be done for different purposes and it is not always possible to combine drugs. Fungicide "Switch" has no contraindications for combination with other types of pesticides. When spraying grapes, you can simultaneously apply "Switch" with "Topaz", "Tiovit Jet", "Radomil Gold", "Lufoks". Also, the fungicide is perfectly combined with copper-containing preparations. But this does not mean that you should not carefully read the instructions before using the products.

Application restrictions are as follows:

  • do not spray by aerial method;
  • do not allow "Switch" to get into water bodies, spraying on a large scale is carried out at a distance of at least 2 km from the coast;
  • spray only with protective equipment;
  • in case of external or internal ingestion into the human body, immediately take appropriate measures.

The eyes are washed with clean water, parts of the body - with soapy water, if the solution gets inside, then take activated charcoal (1 tablet of the drug per 10 kg of weight)

Feedback and application experience

Although the range of application of the fungicide "Switch" is very large, farmers most often use the fungicide for the treatment of tomatoes and grapes.

Instructions for use of the fungicide "Switch" usually contain standard recommendations, and a reasonable price can be selected among different types of packaging. If the area is small, then 2 g bags are suitable, for large vineyards or vegetable fields it is better to take a kilogram bag or find wholesale supplies.

Anatoly, Voronezh

I try not to use chemicals, but Switch suits me. It is safe for plants and animals. The instructions for the fungicide "Switch" are very detailed and understandable, the price is a little high for me. There are no breeding problems. Two treatments save my vineyard from fungal infections. It is important to keep track of the expiration date on the packaging. The manufacturer is reliable, there have been no failures in the operation of the fungicide.

Ivan Pavlovich, Novocherkassk

I want to say that it is optimal to use the Switch fungicide for prophylactic purposes. When the disease is started, there will be no immediate action. But if you carry out the first spraying on time, then the result is very good. Satisfied with its ability to combine with other pesticides. I carry out the last treatment 2 weeks before harvesting so that the plants have time to remove the substances. You should not get carried away with the drug, but if you need to save the harvest, I highly recommend it. Good remedy!

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