Chaise lounge - a wooden folding chair for giving

How nice to relax in nature. Great if you have your own country house with a pool and a beautiful garden. And in order to get maximum pleasure from contemplating nature, you need a good garden chair. It is called a "chaise lounge". For many, the word "chaise lounge" is associated exclusively with beach vacations, where such folding beds are on the sand right by the water. However, it is quite appropriate to use sun loungers not only in sea resorts, but also in the country. But factory sun loungers are by no means cheap, and to buy them, sometimes you need to spend a considerable amount of money. But the chaise lounge for the garden can be assembled independently.

Materials for the manufacture of deck chairs

So, you want to assemble a homemade deck chair. What is needed for this. First, it is worth stopping at one of the possible types of deck chairs. There are a wide variety of options. For example, a Kentucky chair, which can be made of wire, staples and several wooden planks.

It turns out a very original wooden chair, such an unusual chair. Lying on a deck chair, a person gets the opportunity to relax perfectly. It is possible to make a folding bed from wooden bars and fabric. It is quite possible to use it not only in your summer cottage. If you like to fish, then you can make such a chair for fishing with your own hands. The drawing in this case is very important.

Before you make a folding deck chair with your own hands, drawings with dimensions are necessary (as already mentioned). You should draw a drawing or find a suitable one on the Internet. It is best, of course, to draw the drawing yourself, because it is you who will sit on this armchair, therefore the dimensions should be drawn by you. We will introduce you to the basic equipment for such a product and some subtleties of assembling a deck chair.

First, you should decide on the wood for our future wooden chair with your own hands. The most durable products will be beech, ash, larch or oak. In addition, the wood of these trees is quite beautiful, and looks very elegant. Of the disadvantages of oak or ash wood - only a little more weight compared to other types of trees.

Of the tools you need - a drill, a file with a circular cross section and some sandpaper. Instead of sandpaper, you can use a sanding machine (if one is available).


  • Four bolts and four nuts.
  • Eight washers.
  • Glue for carpentry.
  • A pack of screws.

For seat

  • Dense fabric about one and a half to one and a half meters. The fabric can be used in many different ways. The main thing is to be strong enough to support your weight. Canvas, canvas or denim can be used. The fabric needs to be folded in half and stitched.
  • Two wooden rods with a diameter of about one and a half centimeters and a length of about fifty to sixty.

For legs

  • Two beams 2 by 4 centimeters, a little more than a meter long.
  • Six boards 2 by 4 centimeters in diameter and about 60 centimeters in length.


  • Two timber 2 by 4 centimeters, 60 in length, and one 2 in 6, also sixty long.
  • Two slats 2 by 4 centimeters 120 centimeters long.

Manufacturing steps

Wooden parts must be carefully sanded to avoid troubles (like splinter in soft places). Then, after polishing, you should buy a special compound in the store that will need to impregnate the tree (thanks to the impregnation, the deck chair will last much longer, mold will not start on it, and it will not be eaten by insects in a short time).

After the preliminary procedures, you can proceed directly to the assembly. At the bottom, on the legs for the seat, you need to horizontally fasten several bars, they will hold the back. At the base of the backrest, several bolt holes must be drilled. Then drill a hole on the base of the seat: where there is back support.

Next, the back frame is made. A thick beam needs to be well fixed, because it will be it that will withstand the largest load. A small clearance must be left between the two bars to secure the fabric.. Next, the seat frame is assembled. It is necessary to put a beam in the groove, which will act as a holder for the back. To change the inclination of the backrest, the beam must be shifted to another groove. After assembly, the chair can be sanded or painted for greater aesthetics.

After spending a little time on the purchase of materials, drawing a homemade chair, assembling a deck chair with your own hands, you will have the opportunity to get an excellent tan, lying on your deck chair and enjoying your vacation.