Riviera potato variety: characteristics, reviews

Riviera potato variety: characteristics, reviews

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Riviera potatoes are a super early Dutch variety. It ripens so quickly that a month and a half is the deadline for harvesting.

A description of a wonderful variety can begin with any characteristic. In each case, the positive qualities will be evident:

  1. The appearance of the root crops is quite attractive. The rind is firm, but with a smooth surface. Roughness does not spoil the neatness of the tubers. Skin color is light yellow, eyes are very shallow. The pulp is grainy, tasty, with a creamy shade. Becomes crumbly after heat treatment. The tubers are even, oval in shape, gaining weight up to 170 g.
  2. Nutritional value. The ultra-early Riviera potato contains over 18% starch, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and minerals. Indicated for baby and dietetic food.
  3. The bush forms a tall, erect bush. This is a good protection of the row spacing from drying out. Flowers are collected with a corolla with a reddish-purple color. The leaves on the trunks are large, dark green, with waviness along the edge. The root system is very strong, which allows it to maintain productivity even during dry periods. Such roots are able to provide the plant with moisture in any soil.
  4. High disease resistance. Due to the short growing season, habitual potato diseases do not have time to hit the Riviera variety. Only 40 days pass before the crop ripens. Therefore, early Riviera potatoes practically do not get sick.

Agricultural technology is classic for early potato varieties.

Seed preparation

The description of the preparatory stage will help you choose the right seed. And sprouting tubers will further shorten the growing season.

Advice! Planting sprouting Riviera potatoes will allow you to harvest a week earlier than the specified date.

Seed potatoes are taken immediately at harvest and optimal storage conditions are created.

Departure from the recommended parameters of temperature and humidity during maturation reduces the quality of the selected root crops. In early spring, the Riviera potatoes are sorted, leaving damaged or frozen tubers. For planting, even healthy potatoes, weighing from 40 to 70 g, are best suited. Very large tubers should not be prepared for planting, they will be useful in recipes.

How to prepare Riviera for planting? The easiest way is to spread it out for a couple of weeks in a warm and well-lit environment. Suitable temperatures range from 12 to 15 degrees above zero. This event can be held earlier. Let's say that the Riviera potatoes lay for about two months in comfortable conditions for sprouting. In this case, before planting, you can get the rudiments of the root system on the tubers and significantly reduce the time to harvest. During the germination period, the Riviera tubers must be turned over.

Preparing a site for planting

In order for the variety to meet all expectations, you need to choose the most suitable site for planting. It is best if it is a lighted place with light soil. A well suited area, sheltered from the winds and well warmed up by the sun. In such places, snow and melt water do not accumulate. Therefore, for the early Riviera potatoes, just such a site is left. Before planting, they dig up the earth and add organic matter.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to use fresh manure or bird droppings. Only good quality humus is suitable for fertilization.

Riviera potatoes respond well to the introduction of ash and nitrogen. The site must be cleared of weeds. Riviera potatoes should be planted when the soil warms up to +10 degrees, not earlier. The planting scheme for the early variety is 60x35 cm. Riviera potatoes are planted, deepening the tubers by 6 cm. This indicator is less than that of other early varieties.

Plant care

Description of recommendations for the care of Riviera potatoes does not take up much space. However, competent and timely care is the key to a high and high-quality harvest. The main requirements remain:

  • watering;
  • food;
  • hilling;
  • loosening.

Hilling begins at a stem height of 15 cm, then repeats after three weeks. Loosening is a necessary operation. She saves in the period of rains and droughts. Top dressing must be done correctly. If watering is sufficient, then dry bird droppings, mineral fertilizers, and ash can be applied. They are buried in the ground at the time of hilling Riviera potato bushes.

Advice! Nitrogen fertilizers should not be applied late in the growing season. This will lead to an increase in the mass of leaves, which will pull on the sap of the plant, and the yield will be much worse.

Weeding of potato plantings is done regularly so that the weeds do not drown out the plants and do not deprive them of light, water, and nutrients.


The description of the Riviera variety makes it very popular. Potatoes give a super early and high yield. The reviews of vegetable growers are only positive. Most often, the main characteristics are noted.

Stepan Kopylov, Voronezh region

Potatoes with beautiful, large and tasty root vegetables. Unpretentious, forgives gardeners mistakes when leaving. Even with minor violations of agricultural technology, it gives a high-quality harvest in the early stages. Decent grade!

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