Pepper Big Mom: characteristics and description of the variety

More recently, some 20 years ago, bell pepper in Russia was associated exclusively with red. Moreover, all gardeners knew perfectly well that green peppers are only at the stage of technical maturity, and then, when ripe, they should turn into one of the shades of red. At the moment, the number of varieties and hybrids of sweet pepper, only officially registered in Russia, exceeds several hundred. And among them there are fruits of various shades: yellow, and orange, and green, and white, and even brown and purple.

A well-known seed company "Aelita" has bred and registered a whole "family" of sweet peppers with the definition Big, which is translated from English as big. All peppers from this family are characterized by their unique shade:

  • Big Daddy - purple;
  • Big mom - orange;
  • Big fight - red and burgundy;
  • Big Girl is orange brown.

Sweet pepper Big Mom is one of the most popular representatives of this peculiar family, and this article is devoted to the description of the characteristics of this variety.

Features of orange peppers

It has long been known that the color orange is able to positively influence the psychological mood of a person.

Attention! According to research, most people consider orange peppers to be the sweetest, although this is not true. Most of the sugars are found in the fruits of red peppers.

That is, the mere sight of orange peppers makes most people feel sweet. But beta-carotene is responsible for such a bright color of the vegetable, which is able to convert in the human body under the influence of enzymes into vitamin A. In addition, it is in orange and yellow peppers that the greatest amount of rutin or vitamin P is found.This substance is able to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and make them more elastic.

But perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes orange and yellow peppercorns is the increased content of potassium and phosphorus in comparison with their counterparts. But potassium does a lot for the proper functioning of the heart muscle, while phosphorus is responsible for the normal functioning of the kidneys, and for the formation of bone tissues, and for the healthy growth of cells.

Thus, growing and consuming peppers of orange and yellow shades, you can significantly improve your health, and even improve your mood.

Description of the variety

It is logical to start the description of the Big Mom pepper variety with its origin. Moreover, it was bred relatively recently, about 7-8 years ago, by the breeders of the Aelita seed farming company. In 2012, this variety was officially registered in the State Register of Breeding Achievements of Russia with recommendations for cultivation in all regions of Russia.

It is quite suitable for growing in open beds, and in greenhouses.

For example, in the Moscow region, to obtain a good harvest of this variety, it is better to use film tunnels, at least for early planting of plants in the ground in late May or early June.

Bushes of Big Mama pepper have a semi-spreading shape and reach a height of 60-70 cm, however, in indoor conditions, the bushes can grow up to 100 cm. Leaves are medium-sized, rather smooth, dark green in color.

According to the ripening time, some gardeners classify Big Mom pepper as early ripening varieties, others to mid-ripening ones. It can be assumed that about 120 days pass from the appearance of full shoots to the technical ripeness of the fruit. Peppers can already be used for salads, cooking and just for food, but their color is still light green. In order for the fruits to be completely colored, it is necessary that another 15-20 days have passed.

The Big Mama variety is famous for its good yield - 7 kg of fruit and even more can be harvested from one square meter of planting. True, these figures relate more to the cultivation of peppers under cover and in a greenhouse.

The Big Mama variety is resistant to many nightshade diseases; pests also rarely annoy him. But preventive measures will never be superfluous.

Important! Compared to many other varieties of peppers, Big Mama tolerates low temperatures relatively well, it is able to quickly recover from a cold shock and develop further, at a normal pace.

Fruit characteristics

It is difficult to dispute the attractiveness of Big Mama pepper fruits, they fascinate at first sight. But what other characteristics do these peppers have?

  • The shape of the peppercorns can be called cuboid, although since they are slightly elongated in length, they rather resemble a cylinder, slightly flattened at the sides. Some gardeners call these peppers barrel-shaped. Their growth form is drooping.
  • The surface of the skin is smooth, attractive, with a highly pronounced gloss. There is a slight ribbing on the sides.
  • The color of the fruit attracts with a juicy orange color, in a state of technical maturity it is dark green. But peppercorns are colored in comparison with many mid-season varieties rather quickly.
  • The fruits grow large, it is not uncommon for the weight of one fruit to be equal to 200 grams. On average, their weight is 120-150 grams.
  • The walls are thick and dense, their thickness reaches 10-12 mm, an average of 7-8 mm. The pulp is fleshy and juicy.
  • In terms of taste, the fruits of this variety deserve an extremely excellent assessment. They are best consumed fresh, straight from the bush. But peppercorns are universal by their intended purpose. They make great salads and stuffed dishes, and you can also cook many delicious and very beautiful outwardly blanks from them.
  • The fruits keep fresh well and are suitable for freezing for the winter.

Growing features

Peppers of the Big Mama variety, like any other varieties of sweet peppers in the climatic conditions of our country, require a preliminary seedling period. But growing pepper seedlings is not at all so difficult if you follow the basic requirements of this culture - most of all, it needs a lot of light, especially in the early stages of development, a sufficient amount of heat and medium, but uniform watering.

Advice! The amount of moisture needed by plants directly depends on the temperature conditions in which you keep the seedlings - the warmer, the more water it will require.

Seeds of peppers of this variety sprout quite quickly, in some even after 4-5 days, but on average they need 8-10 days for full shoots to appear. To increase the percentage of germination and ensure more uniform shoots, it is advisable to soak the seeds for several hours before planting in any growth promoter. At home, you can use aloe juice or a solution of honey in water, as well as any of the store products such as zircon, epin, novosil and others.

Sowing pepper seeds of this variety for seedlings can be done in February if you plan to then plant the plants in the greenhouse. Or in early March, if the pepper is planned to be grown outdoors. In the period before the appearance of the first two true leaves in the seedlings, it is imperative to provide it with 12-14 hours of lighting. Usually, fluorescent or LED bulbs are used for these purposes.

From the end of March, the seedlings of peppers should already have enough natural light, which they can receive while on the windowsills. But, from this moment until planting, it is advisable to feed the pepper seedlings several times with complex fertilizer.

The peppers of this variety are planted in a permanent place according to the scheme 35 by 50 cm. It is important not to deepen the plants during transplantation. With the possible threat of low temperatures, the plants can be covered with a non-woven fabric or a film fixed on arcs.

Regular feeding and watering is a prerequisite for a good yield of the Big Mama variety, since the formation of large fruits requires a large amount of nutrients.

Advice! At the end of the season, with the onset of cold nights, if the bushes of peppers grow in the open air, then they can be covered with non-woven material for full ripening.

Reviews of gardeners

The Big Mom pepper variety is very popular, so there are a lot of reviews on it and for the most part they are positive.

Evgeniya, 46 years old, Saransk

This variety of pepper immediately fascinated me with its appearance on the bags. The seeds were inexpensive for such a luxurious-looking pepper, only 12 rubles. I was pleased with the speed of germination - I planted three varieties of sweet peppers at the same time, red, yellow and orange, and Big Mom sprouted earlier than anyone else - on the eighth day. And it developed quite quickly. There were no problems with him, he developed well, the bushes were strong. After three months, pretty peppers formed, but they were still small. It also grew and colored quite quickly, at least faster than other varieties growing nearby. Therefore, already in August, we enjoyed beautiful and delicious salads with our own pepper.

Svetlana, 47 years old, Irkutsk

I have quite a long experience of gardening - more than 15 years. But, despite the fact that there are favorites among vegetables, the soul asks for experiments, and every year I try to plant something new. Last year I experimented with Big Mama bell pepper. Just in case, I planted all the seeds, not knowing its characteristics of germination, and to my surprise, about 90% germinated. This is good for peppers. The seedlings grew in my separate pots, and at the end of May I planted them in a greenhouse. The bushes grew powerful, about 80 cm, and we feasted on the first peppers 125 days after germination. We have a short summer, so only about 7-8 peppers were picked from the bush, although it bloomed actively and continued to set fruits, but the cold came, and all the plants had to be removed. But the taste and appearance of the pepper pleased me, and large, and thick-walled and sweet - wonderful fruits. I have already collected the seeds from him, I will definitely try it next year, and maybe it will fall into the favorites.

Ivan, 37 years old, Ulyanovsk

Tried two varieties of peppers last year: Big Mom and Big Dad. We liked the fact that they ripened quite early. Compared to the same California miracle, they filled with color faster, although the size, in my opinion, could have been larger.


Pepper Big Mama is a successful combination of beauty, excellent taste, yield and early maturity. Therefore, it is not surprising that he quickly gained popularity among gardeners.

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