Design of the porch of a private house: how to arrange the entrance to the cottage

An obligatory part of any country house and cottage is the porch. This is a small extension that protects the structure from dust, wind, noise and rain. It makes the entrance to the room comfortable and beautiful, gives the architecture a complete look and creates the first impression of the residents.

Porch Views

As a rule, the porch consists of a platform, a small staircase and a canopy. The staircase most often has several stairs and railings. These building components can be decorative elements.

The shape of the porch and its dimensions are chosen based on the architectural features of the building, taking into account personal host preferences. According to many designers, the railing and canopy should be made in the same style as the balcony and roof of the house.

If the balcony and the bars on the windows are forged, you should worry that the railings have the same forging patterns. If the roof is gable, the canopy is also gable. Similarly choose the design of arches, columns and other decorative elements. But there are exceptions. The facade with a house porch, made with deviation from the general rules, looks very beautiful and original.

Porch design options:

  1. To best equip the area in front of the entrance to the house, the porch is often made with a railing and a visor. In addition, it is decorated with decor, which in winter is brought inside the building.
  2. The closed version has translucent or transparent walls made of polycarbonate, glass or a mosquito net. Such a porch can be used as a hallway. It is designed to relax at any time of the year, and is an excellent element in the design of the entrance to the building.
  3. Hinged option. Its manufacture can be justified by the surrounding landscape or the presence of a basement.
  4. Porch-terrace, which is great for relaxing in the fresh air.

The porch may be rectangular or rounded in shape of the protrusion. According to the materials, the house extension can be made of:

  • stone;
  • concrete;
  • a tree;
  • metal;
  • a brick.

Let's consider some options in detail.

Wood and stone flooring

The most popular option today is wooden flooring installed on a brick, concrete or metal base. Most often, pine is used for their manufacture. It is the cheapest and commonth material. If properly sealed, varnished and painted, the porch will look quite good for many years.

Beautiful, durable and durable material for decoration - natural stone. There are many different types of it. Some are used for decorative finishes, others - to create a base. A common characteristic for a stone is its the ability Resist the weather and do without maintenance for a long time.

Brick and concrete structures

The brick porch is reliable and attractive, but more expensive. To install it, it will take a lot of work and time, but it will fully pay off due to the ease and simplicity of care. Brick building often has concrete basestep or covering steps.

Universal, cheap and reliable enough material for the manufacture of the porch is concrete. This monolithic structure does not loose over time, like a wooden structure. In addition, his case the need, can be easily repaired and finished with any decor. It is easy to give such a porch any shape that doesn’t particularly affect the cost and duration of the project.

The concrete porch is most often finished with clinker or any other tile.

Step decoration

This functional part of the design can also be originally decorated. To do this, use a tree and bars. Contrast solutions look interesting and unusual, for example: against the background of a light finish, dark steps. Can set forged openwork railingsthat will give the construction a kind of "zest". Steel lace creates an imitation of antiquity, combining perfectly with the red brick walls of the building.

The staircase may be opposite the doors or on the side. The porch can be semicircular. Railing will complete the design and ensure safety for residents.

Original canopy

Most often, a canopy is made over the porch, which is not only a protective structure, but also an element of the design of the building. As a support, elements of different materials can be used:

  • stone;
  • brick;
  • wooden;
  • concrete;
  • forged;
  • metal.

You can make a small visor by fixing it to the wall.

For roofing use:

  • corrugated board;
  • shingles;
  • slate;
  • polycarbonate.

With some experience, you can independently make a beautiful canopy using the right samples. In order to give the mansion a respectable look, it is better to order the manufacture of an original canopy of various designs and configurations to the master.

For a large mansion, it is not out of place to have a cozy beautiful terrace, which can be glazed, creating a recreation area. In a two-story building, a balcony is often connected to the porch using wrought iron railings. The pillars are massive columns.

Design options

The veranda is not only practical, but also aesthetic value, so after designing, a logical question arises about how to decorate the porch:

  1. The best design option is decorative wood trim.
  2. If the main building is brick or stone, various design options are used, using natural or artificial stone, clinker or ordinary brick, plastic, glass or concrete for decoration. The material can be combined, but so as not to disrupt the overall design
  3. For the integrity of the architectural ensemble, paints are used. If the enclosing elements of the porch consist of forged, black parts, the canopy support structure can also be made in the same way.
  4. Do not save on finishing materials. This can affect the perception of the mansion as a whole.

Popular styles

The porch of a country house can be decorated in several basic styles.

  1. The classic design is characterized by restraint, moderation and severity of decor. Such an extension is often equipped with a gable canopy, complemented by beautiful columns and railings with semicircular or round balusters. The facing material in this case may be ceramic tile, stone and painted wood.
  2. Russian style is an elegant and beautiful front door. To date, this option is most popular. Handwork and natural materials have always been appreciated, so this design will be a real decoration of the building. In this case, the porch is complemented by chiseled balusters, carved elements, various ornate patterns and pillars of complex shape.
  3. Today, the porch design in the medieval style is an actual choice. At the same time, the building becomes like an ancient, stone-decorated fortress. As decoration, use torches, uncouth logs and forged lattices.
  4. European version. Its main features are restrained lines and regular shapes. The porch in this case is a low neat design, lined with ceramic tiles or artificial / natural stone. Such a building is decorated with various garden figures and flower pots.
  5. If you add certain “notes” to the European design, you can give the design of the porch a French charm. To do this, the design is complemented by a glass door - a "French window" and framed with an openwork grille. A beautiful decoration will be beautiful wicker furniture, curly elements, a large number of flowers.

Decoration with flowers and textiles.

Fresh flowers that can be arranged on both sides of the entrance, planted in pots or made flower beds will splendorously enliven and decorate the outdoor area. You should consider how to make landscape design the most harmonious.

A low porch can be fenced with weaving roses, hops or clematis. These plants will be a beautiful design element.

To protect the front door from the sun, you can hang curtains from lightweight lightweight fabric on the veranda.

Make the annex more comfortable and keep clean a beautiful small rug near the front door. In addition, you need to purchase garden furniture and think through lighting. You can install street lights or design a design with pendant lights, neon pendants and luminous figures.

In the design of the veranda an important role is played by the entrance area. It can be paved with paving stones or stone, decorated on the sides with coniferous plants, flowers, lanterns.

Today, more and more country houses have such an arrangement as a patio. This recreation area is a paved area and can be used for sunbathing and as a playground.

It is difficult to overestimate the role of such an element as a porch. Skillfully constructed, tastefully decorated design will undoubtedly attract attention.