DIY garage construction

All motorists hide their vehicles from the rain and bad weather in the garage. It is here that it is dry, warm and always at hand the right tool. But how to build a garage on your own, with minimal investment, but maximum quality? This is a question that many car owners ask. For this, there is a special frame-type garage. Its construction will not cause any difficulties, does not require large financial investments.

The main advantages and disadvantages

First you need to identify the main advantages of this type of garage. The main advantage is its value. Despite the fact that such a building will definitely not require large investments, good quality and durability will be exactly provided to the owner. This is another plus installation. In such a house, the car will be dry, comfortable and warm. Moreover, a frame garage can be made quickly and easily.

Also, another advantage of such a structure is that its construction does not require the help of specialists. Construction can be done alone. Also, such work will not take too much time.

The only drawback of the frame-shield structure is that its main material is wood and gas silicate blocks. BUT the tree, as many know, skips the coldas well as moisture. That is why the frame house for the car needs to be well insulated and insulated from the ingress of excess water.

Scheme selection

To get started, you need to carefully prepare some documents. It is not worth starting construction without them; it will be difficult and incomprehensible. Such a project, drawings and explanatory notes must be included in the work. In them all measurements and calculations will be precisely outlined.

But not every car enthusiast can boast of his skills as an artist and a draftsman. That is why, in order to accurately prepare for the process, you need to seek help from a specialist or find information on the Internet.

DIY step-by-step instructions for building a garage

All work will take place in several stages. Each of them is considered important for obtaining a qualitative result, which is why no one of them should be overlooked.

How to choose a place

This stage should be treated with great responsibility. Poor choice of location of the building can lead to irreversible consequences. To choose, you need to consider factors such as:

  • When choosing a place, think carefully about how you will approach it by car;
  • There is no need to build a storage room for some parameters of one car (you should think well in advance how many cars you can fit into your garage if you really want to);
  • The site needs to be well prepared: remove all excess garbage, as well as plants. Level the ground and tamp well.

How much material is needed

After all work with papers and drawings is completed, you need to purchase all the necessary working tools and materials that are needed for construction.

The next question immediately arises: which frame is best to choose - wooden or metal? Wooden in this case will cost you much cheaper, everything else environmentally friendly and easy to handle. The metal will stand longer, but it is several times stronger. In this case, everything is individual.

In addition to the material for the frame, you need to purchase a large number of bars for installing walls (section 100 * 100, 100 * 60 centimeters). They can be from larch, aspen or linden.

You need concrete mortar to fill the main foundation. You also need to prepare in advance:

  • shovel;
  • hammer;
  • level;
  • gloves
  • formwork (boards for construction).

This is the whole minimum of tools for starting work on the construction of a garage.

How to build a foundation

The foundation in this design must be very strong. There are three options for the foundation:

  1. Columnar (differently pile) not very comfortable due to the fact that more often lighter types of buildings are installed on it. Such a foundation is best suited for the construction of a gazebo or bath.
  2. Monolithic plate It is best suited for the construction of a frame garage. When pouring it, do not forget that reinforcement and installation of floor screed are mandatory. The main disadvantage of this design is that the concrete hardens for a very long time, and in some cases you have to wait a whole month. You can continue further actions only after everything is completely dry.
  3. Tape. This type of budget. It costs less than a monolithic tile, and its installation will not take much time.

The construction of the strip foundation

Such a process comprises several stages at once:

  1. First you need to prepare the territory in advance: eliminate all excess garbage, vegetation, level the territory and land.
  2. After you need to make markup. To do this, you can use the level, laser distance cutter, plumb line, construction triangle, cord pegs and a special nylon rope. Start marking is from the corner of the future structure. Using a plumb line, you need to vertically drive a peg into the ground. At a distance equal to the length of the garage, you need to put another peg. Between them stretch a rope. From the first peg with the help of a special square, set aside the same distance to the third - this will be the width. Pull the second rope, install the last fourth peg. Carefully watch that the lengths of all sides are the same as in the drawings, and the angles are exactly straight.
  3. Indent the width of the tape base and make markup, but already inside. Check the length and evenness of the corners again. The layout should be very smooth and as clear as possible, since the quality of the future garage will depend on this factor.
  4. Now it's time to dig a trench. The total depth will vary from 40 to 50 centimeters, this is enough. The edges in this case must be made vertical, and the bottom is well tamped.
  5. Now you need to fix the formwork. It is best made from chipboard, clipped boards and plain plywood. Install the shields close to the walls and, without fail, reinforce such a structure with cross ties, which must be driven into the ground with braces. After the sand-gravel mixture, fill the bottom of the trench. If the base will be located on complex soil, then you can install a reinforced mesh on top.
  6. At the end, concrete mortar is poured.

When performing the last stage of work, you need to follow several rules:

  • do it at the same time;
  • pierce it with fittings to eliminate unnecessary air from the mixture or work through the solution with a specially created vibrator for this;
  • cover the soil with polyethylene;
  • for several days you need to continue to moisten the surface, pouring it with plain water;
  • grind the plane well;
  • cover the foundation with roofing material to make a good waterproofing.

Floor mounting

The site to recreate the future floor needs to be covered with a thin layer of gravel. A reinforcing mesh is placed on top and a layer of concrete is poured. After it gets stronger, the roofing material spreads, the bars are laid, and the flooring is added to them. In this way, a simple wood floor is created. But it can be of another type.

If the foundation was mounted on piles, then tWhat styling technology does not require backfill layer of gravel. Enough that you just lay the wooden boards, which in the future need to be strengthened a little.

At this stage of construction, you need to think carefully and make a special observation pit and cellar, if necessary.

Wood and metal frame

Such a structure can be made on the basis of a wooden or metal frame.

Metal frame from a profile pipe

Such a metal frame is highly durable: it is completely resistant to fire and mechanical stress, but costs several times more than a wooden coating. Work with such material is necessary for someone who knows how to use appropriate devices, for example, welding, drill, grinder. In order to create a frame-type garage from a pipe with your own hands, you need to use rolled metal or a bent metal profile.

The lower zone of the frame is attached to the foundation by welding or anchors. You can also use self-tapping screws, but this type of fastening will be the least reliable. After that, install the racks in the corners. A profile is applied to the bottom of the frame and the anchors with corners outward and welded. At the end, additional vertical posts and horizontal ribs over the entire area are attached.

You also need to pay attention to the profile above the place, where will the gates be. Otherwise, the installation of doors will become a difficulty for the motorist in the future.

The choice of roof will be at the request of the owner. It can be gable, flat or gable. The frame for the garage can be bought ready-made. This is much more profitable, and installation will occur several times faster.

Wood frame

A frame of bars will cost much less than metal. It is built in the same way: the lower part is built, the racks are vertical and intermediate, the top and the rest. But unlike a metal frame, in this case, you do not need to save on material. It is better to get a good and strong bar.

Laying cinder blocks

The length and height of the walls in this case will be determined individually. Masonry blocks are like bricklaying. The most common methods are:

  • into stone;
  • half a stone;
  • one and a half stone;
  • into several stones.

Thickness will directly affect the stability and strength of the finished walls, as well as their protection from wind, temperature extremes and other weather conditions.

Most often, builders use the brick laying method, in which the next row overlaps the seams of the underlying. First, the corners are laid out, then ropes are stretched between them for evenness of masonry.

Warming and cladding

Steel and profile sheets can also be used for cladding a metal frame. They must be spot welded to the uprights. After all the walls are sheathed, the joints of the sheets must be processed by special welding.

The second method can be used for both metal and wooden structures. Self-tapping screws need fasten to the profile and screw it into the frame well, without fail they must be fixed with washers. The sheets are laid out overlapping from top to bottom so that the water could not get inside the garage.

For external cladding, Isoplat plates are well suited. Another good material for work will be OSB boards.

A frame garage must be insulated without fail, since a low temperature can only harm the car. The material for this will be simple mineral wool, polystyrene foam, glass wool, polystyrene foam, reflective thermal insulation and other materials. They can be rolled, sprayed, tiled. Each type has its own installation technology and recommendations from the manufacturer.

A frame garage is not only the most economical method of construction, but also the fastest. You can create it from start to finish yourself, arrange gatherings with friends in it, saying that it was you who did everything here. Such an investment will be truly worthwhile.

If you want to have the most durable and strong construction, then build a garage from concrete blocks, bricks and other similar materials. All tasks can be solved on their own, you just need to carefully follow the basic recommendations and follow the instructions.