How to grow mushrooms in the country

Among edible mushrooms, honey mushrooms stand out for their good taste, forest aroma, and rapid growth. If desired, they can be grown on your site from a purchased mycelium or a mycelium found in a forest clearing. Besides harvesting, mushroom growing is a very exciting business. Cultivation of honey agarics at home is available for beginners, the main thing is that the technology of the process must be observed.

Common ways to harvest honey agarics at home

Mushrooms take root so easily that even beginners will be able to grow mushrooms in the country and in the garden. The main requirement is to maintain high humidity and constant temperature.

The most common cultivation methods are:

  • on logs or stumps;
  • in the basement using bags;
  • in a greenhouse;
  • in a glass jar.

Beginners are more often interested in the question of how to grow mushrooms in the country on stumps, since this method is considered less expensive. You just need to buy mycelium. Stumps are used growing from old trees or pieces of cut logs. The mycelium is populated inside the drilled holes, after which they are covered with moss or raw sawdust.

Advice! Growing stumps and the soil around them are constantly moistened to maintain dampness. When using cut logs, the workpieces are soaked in water 3 days before sowing the mycelium.

If the cultivation of honey agarics in the country takes place on cut logs, then a damp place is found for them, preferably a basement, where the temperature is maintained at about 20aboutC. Until the mycelium germinates, they are covered with straw and constantly moistened, then taken out into the street, buried in the ground.

Residents of the apartment are suitable for growing honey agarics in cans with a capacity of 1-3 liters. The essence of the method lies in the preparation of a nutrient substrate, which is based on sawdust or hulls from sunflower seeds. After seeding the mycelium, the jars are stored at a temperature of about +24aboutC, then transferred to a cool place.

If there is an empty basement or greenhouse in the country, then this will be the best place for mushrooms. Honey mushrooms are grown at home using substrate blocks. They are bought or made on their own. The filler is organics. In the process of the life of the mushrooms, it completely overheats. This method of growing mushrooms on compost is considered the most productive. We will consider each method in more detail later. Now let's figure out how to get mycelium on our own.

The technology of self-obtaining mycelium

Considering how to grow mushrooms at home, it is worth dwelling in more detail on the methods of obtaining mycelium. It's easier to buy it, but if you want, you can get it yourself.

From the pulp of the mushroom

To obtain mycelium, old overripe mushrooms of a dark brown color are used, even wormy ones can be used. Only large caps with a diameter of about 8 cm are needed, since the mycelium forms between the membranes. The prepared raw materials are soaked in water. After a day, the whole mass is kneaded well with your hands to a state of gruel and filtered through cheesecloth. All mycelium will drain along with the liquid. Now you need to populate it immediately. Stumps or logs work best. The wood is drilled or grooved with a hacksaw. The liquid is poured onto the logs. The honey agaric mycelium will settle inside the grooves, which must be immediately closed with moss.

In the video, how to grow mushrooms in the country from independently collected mycelium:

From the growing mycelium

This method is better called how to grow mushrooms yourself, and it is more suitable for summer residents or villagers. The bottom line is that reproduction occurs by the mycelium from the growing mycelium. For planting material, you will have to go to the forest or any planting where there are old rotten trees. Having found a stump with growing mushrooms, they try to carefully separate a piece of wood. At home, the find is sawn into small cubes about 2 cm in size. Stumps or logs are prepared on the site, holes of a suitable diameter are drilled. Now it remains to place cubes with mycelium inside the nests, cover with moss.

In late autumn, the stumps are covered for the winter with straw, pine branches. In the spring, they try to clear the snow as much as possible. A large amount of melt water can wash out the mycelium of honey agarics. The autumn shelter is harvested from mid-June to obtain a summer harvest of honey agarics. To pick mushrooms in autumn, straw and branches are harvested at the end of July.

In the video, growing mushrooms on stumps:

Important! Artificial cultivation of honey agarics allows you to get only summer and winter crops. The second option is suitable for owners of small summer cottages, since mushrooms can be grown outdoors. To get a summer harvest, you need large, damp cellars with good ventilation.

Beginners are especially interested in the question of how long honey mushrooms grow from their own collected mycelium. If the technology is followed, after germination, the mushrooms are cut off after two weeks. Honey mushrooms can even be simply pulled out with your hands. The mushroom store will not suffer from this.

Another important question is how long it takes to grow mushrooms after harvesting the first wave of the harvest. Mushrooms grow quickly. If the dampness and temperature are maintained, a new crop will appear in 2-3 weeks.

Attention! When grown on the street, it is impossible to say exactly how much cut honey agaric grows. It all depends on the air temperature. If the humidity can be maintained artificially, then cold nights will not work. To accelerate growth, a greenhouse can be pulled over the mycelium.

Optimal conditions for growing honey agarics

If you just put a stump with inhabited mycelium inside the house, the owner will not wait for the mushrooms. To obtain a harvest, you need to create a special microclimate. When you plan to grow mushrooms for your own consumption, it is advisable to allocate an area of ​​about 15 m2where humidity can be maintained at all times. The best place is the basement, cellar, greenhouse. Indoors, it will be possible to maintain 80% humidity and optimal temperature: in winter - from +10 to +15aboutС, in summer - from +20 to +25aboutC. Additionally, it will be possible to optimally organize artificial lighting indoors.

When it comes to how to grow mushrooms in the country in street conditions, the logs are placed in a shady area, where the sun practically does not get. Good ventilation is important with any growing method. Mushrooms give off a lot of carbon dioxide and need a constant supply of fresh air.

Growing honey agarics in a damp basement or cellar

The best way is to grow mushrooms in the basement using substrate blocks. Mushroom pickers make them on their own. Take a plastic bag, stuff it with small straw, sawdust, husk from sunflower seeds. Previously, the substrate is steamed with boiling water for about 12 hours. Hot water destroys spores of parasitic fungi, weed seeds, bacteria. It turns out a kind of compost for mushrooms.

The finished mass is packaged in bags. The substrate is laid in layers, sprinkling mycelium between them. The filled bag is tied from above with a rope, placed on a rack in the basement, or suspended from a crossbar. The weight of one bag with the substrate can vary from 5 to 50 kg, depending on its size.

After three days, 5 cm long slots are cut with a knife on the bags from the convenient side. Germination of honey agarics will begin in about 20 days. From this period in the basement, they provide good ventilation, lighting and maintain an air temperature of 15aboutFROM.

Three ways to harvest honey agarics on logs

When the question is how to grow mushrooms in the country from mycelium in the street conditions, they use log trimming. Chocks are not chosen rotten, since mushrooms need food. It is advisable to use freshly sawn logs with bark. If the chock is dry, it is soaked in water for three days. The length of the harvesting is enough 30-50 cm. It should be noted right away that the harvest will be obtained if the outdoor temperature is maintained in the range of 10-25aboutFROM.

Important! For growing honey agarics, deciduous logs are used.

There are three ways to grow mushrooms:

  • The logs are drilled with a conventional drill. The holes are made with a diameter of 1 cm, a depth of 4 cm, with a step of about 11 cm. Wooden sticks with inhabited mycelium are inserted into the recesses with clean hands. The chocks are wrapped with foil, cut through a couple of ventilation holes, and taken to a dark and humid room. After 3 months, the log will be overgrown with mushrooms. At this stage, it is important to maintain a temperature of +20aboutFROM.
  • On the street in the shade under the trees, where dampness constantly persists, they dig a hole the size of a log and fill it with water. After absorbing the liquid, the chock with pre-inserted mycelium sticks is placed horizontally. To scare away slugs and snails from a damp landing site, sprinkle the ground with ash. The chock is regularly moistened, not allowing it to dry out. For the winter, the log is covered with a thick layer of fallen leaves.
  • Residents of the apartment can grow mushrooms on the open balcony. A chock with inhabited mycelium is immersed in a large container and covered with earth. For germination, honey agaric maintains humidity and air temperature at least +10aboutFROM.

When growing mushrooms in any way, the humidity level is controlled with a special device - a hygrometer.

Greenhouse is the best place for honey agarics

If we consider how to grow mushrooms at home step by step using a greenhouse, then any existing method is suitable here, except for growing stumps. Under the shelter, you can bring logs, jars with a substrate. When a large greenhouse is empty at home, it is better to prepare bags of substrate.

Straw, sawdust or husks are steamed, as was done with the method of growing in the basement. Oats and chalk are added to the finished mass. The substrate is loaded in layers into bags, populating the mycelium. The approximate ratio of the filler: 200 g of dry sawdust, 70 g of grain, 1 tsp. chalk.

To maintain moisture inside the bag, a plug is placed on the surface of the substrate from wet cotton wool. The finished blocks are placed inside the greenhouse. The temperature is maintained at about +20aboutC. A month later, the mycelium will begin to germinate in the form of white tubercles. At this time, slots should already be cut in the bags. The temperature is reduced to +14aboutC and maintain a constant humidity of 85%. Be sure to equip ventilation, artificial lighting.

Growing in glass jars

A small amount of honey agarics can be grown in simple glass jars. There are many recipes for preparing the substrate. The easiest is to take 3 parts of sawdust and 1 part of bran. The mixture is soaked in water for a day. The finished mass is squeezed out, laid out in banks. Mold is especially dangerous for the substrate. So that the work is not in vain, the jars filled with sawdust are immersed for 1 hour in hot water for sterilization.

When the substrate cools down, the holes are pierced with a stick, the mycelium is populated inside. A layer of wet cotton wool is laid on top. The jar is closed with a lid with ventilation holes. After a month, the substrate will be overgrown with mycelium. After another 20 days, mushrooms will appear. When the caps reach the lid, they remove it. Banks are placed in a warm, shaded, humid place. After harvesting the first wave of the harvest, the next mushrooms will grow in 20 days.

Breeding honey agarics on a growing stump

The process is no different from growing mushrooms on logs. The only difference is that the growing stump cannot be brought into the basement or greenhouse. Sticks with honey agaric mycelium are populated into drilled holes, covered with moss on top. The stump is periodically moistened, covered with straw. It is important to create shade, otherwise the mycelium will dry out under the sun. When it gets cold over the stump, you can make a cover from the film.

For beginners, growing mushrooms on your site at first may seem quite difficult. You just need to try once, get into the excitement and then mushroom growing will become a favorite thing.

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