White cucumber varieties

White cucumber varieties

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White cucumbers are no longer an exotic dish on the table. Experienced gardeners and simply lovers of curiosities have tried in practice, or rather grown white-fruited varieties on the plots. Seeds of new selection are bought in Chinese online stores. There are also varieties of white cucumbers on the Russian market, among which there are interesting specimens. An easy-care and high-yielding vegetable crop will soon become a common vegetable for the Russian people.

Distinctive characteristics of white cucumbers

White cucumber varieties first appeared from 1960 to 1970. However, they were not grown on an industrial scale. The white-fruited vegetable was out of sight. It was the Chinese breeders who resumed work on obtaining new hybrids. The species are slightly different from each other, but there is general similarity. A massively whitish vegetable is eaten in Asian countries.

When choosing a variety of white cucumbers, you do not need to focus on the photo, but you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the variety. Not only the appearance of the fruit is important, but also the yield, taste characteristics, and ripening time. When comparing white cucumbers and their green cousins, you can find a number of distinctive qualities:

  • the pulp of a white vegetable has no bitterness in taste;
  • the skin is thin, tender;
  • light fruits have a rich, fresh aroma;
  • firmly endure sudden temperature changes;
  • able to grow and bear fruit at a temperature of + 45 ° C;
  • white cucumbers easily tolerate partial shade;
  • in green foliage, light fruits are immediately noticeable;
  • fruiting in greenhouses can last until frost;
  • ovaries appear along the entire length of the lash, so the yield of whitish varieties is high.

The appearance of white cucumbers on the seed market aroused interest among gardeners. And this is explained not only by the original shade of the peel, but also by a number of positive qualities.

  1. High frost resistance. The plant can be grown in beds, it is not afraid of a drop in temperature.
  2. Powerful stem up to 3 m long. In the process of cultivation, a vertical trellis is used, due to which the fruits remain clean, space is saved.
  3. Strong immunity. Aphids do not start on white cucumbers, they do not get sick with peronosporosis.
  4. Does not require shaping. Able to create ovaries on central and lateral shoots.
  5. Unusual cucumber color. An original serving in a fresh salad or in a glass jar will attract attention, make you want to try.
  6. The lack of pigment makes the vegetable safe for allergy sufferers.
  7. Healing properties. The composition contains a large number of micronutrients that are beneficial to the human body.
  8. Good keeping quality and transportability of fruits.

Attention! White cucumbers are not yet popular in Russia, therefore, they are not suitable for sale on the market on a large scale.

White cucumber varieties

Despite the small assortment of seed producers, there is an opportunity to choose a variety of white cucumbers to your own taste. Species characteristics:

  • for open or closed ground;
  • with a smooth or prickly surface;
  • long or short size;
  • bee-pollinated or parthenocarpic;
  • for fresh salads or preservation.

The following are the most popular and high-yielding varieties of white cucumbers.


A hybrid variety of cucumbers, which is bred specifically for greenhouse cultivation. Thanks to this feature, you can get fruits in October-November. Productivity is high, bears fruit for a long time. The early maturity of the vegetable is noted. The fruits are ready for consumption 50 days after planting in greenhouses. Recommended for fresh consumption.

Snow Leopard

A high-yielding variety of white cucumbers. The maximum length of a vegetable is 20-25 cm. The height of the bush reaches 3 m. As it grows, the plant is tied up or sent to special nets placed nearby. You can pick the fruits when they reach 6-8 cm. Suitable for pickling or pickling.


A bee-pollinated hybrid. Early ripening cucumber. The fruit ripens on average 40 days. The plant is tall. For 1 sq. m planted no more than 4 bushes. The taste is pleasant, sweetish. The pulp is tender. During the growing process, there is a need for frequent watering. The cucumber responds well to organic feeding.

White angel

Mid-season hybrid. The period of technical maturity of cucumbers begins at 50-55 days. Mixed flowers. The plant is grown in closed and open ground. Fruit weight 60-70 g. Length 7-9 cm. On the surface there are small thorns. The color of the surface of the fruit and thorns is white. There is no bitterness in the pulp. When outgrowing, it loses its taste. There is no immunity to disease. Use the vegetable in fresh salads and canning.

Snow White

White-fruited cucumbers. The variety is high-yielding, early maturing. Easily tolerates sudden temperature changes. Recommended for growing in greenhouses and garden beds. The skin is thin. The taste is pleasant, sweet. The pulp is tender, the texture is soft. The seeds are small. The variety is in demand among farmers; Snow White white cucumbers are grown on an industrial scale. Suitable for canning. Also, the vegetable is good fresh.

Italian white

This variety of white cucumbers began to be cultivated in the last years of the 19th century. Fruits with a flat surface, sparsely tuberous. The color is white. Fruit length - 20 cm. The heart is juicy, soft, fragrant. The bush is tall, so a lash tie to the support is required. However, horizontal cultivation is also possible. The variety has a high resistance to diseases. Does not require special care.

Chinese white

The most common type of white-fruited cucumber, which was bred in China. The fruiting period is long and is about 90 days. The taste of the fruit is pronounced, sweet. The culture is distinguished by a long storage period for cucumbers. At the same time, the taste of vegetables does not change. Practically not susceptible to fungal diseases. Prefers fertile and well-drained soils.

White delicacy

It is also the development of Chinese breeders. Mid-season cucumbers. The technical maturity of the fruits occurs 45-50 days after the seedlings emerge. Suitable for growing in greenhouses and open field. The fruits are conical in shape. Length 12-15 cm. The surface is lumpy. The peel is soft, tender, not bitter. Productivity from a bush is 4 kg. Cucumbers are eaten fresh. Can be pickled and salted. The variety has good immunity.

Rules for growing white cucumbers

The color of the cucumbers does not affect the general rules for growing the crop. However, there are still exceptions in agricultural technology.

  1. Before planting seedlings, you need to choose the right substrate, because white varieties are sensitive to acidity levels.
  2. Supports are installed for a white-fruited culture. It is extremely rare that these varieties are grown in spread. This is due to the airing of multicolored plants.
  3. Late picking of fruits leads not only to a deterioration in taste, but also to a decrease in yield. You need to pick white cucumbers when they are 10-15 cm long.
  4. Increased humidity is favorably perceived by white cucumbers - fruiting increases. In the heat, it is advised to water nearby structures or paths. You can moisten the bushes a little less often than green cucumbers. Enough 1 time in 4-5 days and only with warm water.

In general, caring for white cucumbers is easy. It is only necessary to regularly water the beds, loosen the soil, harvest, and fertilize.

Be sure to remove the crust that appears after each moistening. Loosens the earth immediately after absorbing the liquid.

Important! Weed the white cucumber beds regularly. Overgrown weeds create shade and take nutrients from the soil.

Feed with complex mineral fertilizers according to the instructions. Chicken droppings and mullein are also used. The number of dressings should not exceed 5 for the entire season.

When grown in greenhouse conditions, regular ventilation is necessary to prevent mold and rot.


White cucumbers are a worthy alternative to green vegetables. They can be grown in greenhouses from early spring to late autumn. Prostate care and high yields stimulate gardeners to plant further. The exotic appearance will add decorations to the table, and the pleasant taste will delight the notorious gourmets. White cucumbers are a decent alternative to green ones.

Reviews of white cucumbers

Irina Andreevna, 43 years old, Rossosh

If you want something new, I recommend trying the Snow White variety of white cucumbers. The pulp is juicy. Sweet, cuddly. I pluck them in the form of gherkins and pickle them in jars. Sometimes I mix it with green varieties. It turns out original. My family likes it, we have been planting for several years. I advise you to try, who did not plant.

Inna Pavlovna, 49 years old, Tula

White cucumbers are really good for preservation. They remain firm, crispy and dense. Just don't cover overgrown fruits. They don't look very good, and the taste is not the same. Children love to eat white cucumbers fresh because they don't come across bitter ones. The skin is delicate, thin. In the process of leaving, they do not create much trouble. I harvest every other day. Wonderful vegetables.

Daria Vasilievna, 55 years old, Ivanovo

We plant white cucumbers in greenhouses in early spring. There are young cucumbers in May. I look after, as well as for green vegetables, but the yield is much higher. I feed mainly with organic fertilizers. I do not use nitrogen preparations, as I grow it for myself. I would like the product to be natural. A garter is needed, there won't be many cucumbers without it. Good grade "White Angel".

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