How and when to prune the bladder

The Vine-leaved bubblegum has become very popular in landscape design. The shrub is unpretentious to growing conditions. Throughout the season, the bladder retains its decorative effect. Carved leaves of different shades, lush light inflorescences and fruits of an interesting shape give the plantings a special charm. Bladder pruning is done to keep the plant healthy and to shape the bushes.

Is it possible to cut the vesicle

For creating hedges or spectacular group compositions, the vesicle is ideal. The crown up to two meters in diameter with carved leaves is rapidly growing. In order for the viburnum bladder to look well-groomed and retain the selected shape, shaping haircuts are required as fresh shoots grow back.

The unpretentious plant winters well even in cold climates. But unripe branches can suffer from frost or break under the pressure of the snow cover. Such shoots must be removed.

The bladder is resistant to disease. But if the rules of care are violated, the shrub can infect some pests. To avoid the death of the plant, it is required to carry out preventive pruning and sanitization from diseases and pests.

When is the best time to prune the bladder - in spring or autumn

Bladder pruning should be done several times a year. In the spring, before flowering, all damaged or diseased branches must be removed. This will help the shrub to develop correctly, without spending time and effort on recovery.

When the bladder has faded, pruning is carried out to form the crown. Sometimes this requires several activities during the season.

In the fall, pruning is carried out to prepare for hibernation.

Types of pruning bladderworm

Gardeners subdivide the types of bladder pruning according to the purposes for which they are carried out.

Anti-aging bladder pruning

The shrub grows older over the years. Lignified thick branches interfere with the further development of the plant and spoil its appearance. The first pruning to rejuvenate the bush must be carried out upon reaching the age of five. It is required to remove all thick branches completely.


Pruning to give the shrub a beautiful shape is done after flowering. There are several forms of haircuts. But in most cases it all depends on the gardener's imagination and the ability to properly care for the ornamental plant.


The shearing of the viburnum bladder in order to preserve the health of the plant is carried out in spring and autumn. With sanitary pruning, it is necessary to remove diseased branches and protect the shrub from the effects of fungal infection and pests.

How to form a vesicle

Formative pruning of the bubble in the spring is best done after the shrub has faded.

Given the natural growth and location of the branches of the vesicle, it is recommended to form its crown in the form of a ball or fountain.

Beginners can choose a ball-shaped bush in the nursery for planting in the garden. In this case, you only need to keep fit during the season.

The formation of the vesicle should begin on its own in the second year after planting the plant. The task of the first haircuts is to increase the volume of the crown at a height of half a meter. To do this, you should shorten the branches in half so that young shoots develop faster. In the future, pruning of branches is done by a third of the length of the extension.

The easiest way is to grow a fountain-shaped vesicle. To this end, the lower branches are shortened along the perimeter, leaving those that grow from the middle. "By eye" cut off the surplus overgrowth protruding beyond the visible limits of the planned figure. It is possible to get a "fountain" from the bush in the second or third year after planting the bush.

If you regularly trim the top of the bush, then against the background of the lawn, the plantings from the bladder will look like a lush rug.

An incredible amount of effort will be required if the gardener decides to create a geometrically even shape from the bubblegum. To maintain shape, you will have to use pruning shears very often so that the rapidly growing branches do not spoil the appearance of the figure. Various forms of trimming are performed according to schemes.


To get the strict shape of a bush in the form of a ball, you can use special frames. The device is installed near the trunk and cut off all branches that protrude beyond the allotted limits.

With the help of frames, you can give the shrub any shape. Designers use such devices to create living plant sculptures in the garden and to obtain interesting topiary shapes.

When creating large park ensembles from a bubble, several bushes are planted side by side. The haircut is carried out taking into account the necessary contours of the figure.

Important! Trimming must be done with high quality sharpened tools.


Formative hedge trimming begins in early spring. Do not wait for the bush to bloom. By this time, the hedge may have turned into a disheveled, ugly planting.

The formation and maintenance of a neat appearance of a hedge or curb should be carried out regularly, as the growth grows. The haircut is done up to 4 - 5 times per season to maintain the shape of the green spaces.

Advice! For beginner gardeners, it is recommended to use wood or wire frames at the initial stage of curb formation.

How to prune the bladder correctly in the spring

In early spring, when the buds are just getting ready to bloom, you need to carry out sanitary pruning. It is possible that not all shoots overwintered equally well. Then it is required to remove all damaged parts of the branches from young bushes.

The branches are cut partially or completely, depending on the state. You can combine sanitary pruning with shaping. But in no case should damaged shoots be left in order to preserve the shape of the bush.

The bladder easily tolerates a haircut. Even removing a large number of branches will recover quickly enough thanks to high-quality feeding and proper care.

More mature plants (after 5 years) will have to be rejuvenated so that old branches do not interfere with the development of young growth.

Monitoring the condition of the bush will help determine the need for a rejuvenating haircut:

  1. If the number of inflorescences has decreased during the flowering period.
  2. The flowers were crushed.
  3. Decreased foliage of the bush.

During the rejuvenating pruning of the vesicle in the spring, old branches are removed to the very base, leaving a small (about 5 - 7 cm) stump. For work, you can use loppers or special saws. Actions must be precisely calculated so as not to damage the young growth.

So that the shrub does not suffer from infection, after cutting off thick old branches, it is necessary to treat the cut sites with an antifungal agent and cover with garden varnish.

Important! Shrub formation is best done in the evening in dry weather.

Anti-aging pruning can be carried out not only in the spring, but also in the fall. The event is carried out after the foliage has fallen off. It is important to take into account the weather forecast so that the removal of old growth does not lead to the death of the bush from early frosts.

Old branches must be removed and burned. It is old wood that often becomes a breeding ground for infection. Many pests hibernate in plant debris, and then, waking up in the spring, destroy the plantings of ornamental and fruit crops.

An example of pruning a vesicle in spring is shown in detail in the video:

Care after spring pruning of the vesicle

The shrub tolerates pruning and becomes more luxuriant after removing old and diseased parts. But to build up young shoots, he needs top dressing.

In order for the plant to receive all the necessary components for development, it must be fed with organic matter and a mineral complex. Fertilizers are applied in the form of a solution under the root.

To feed an adult bush of a sheared vesicle will require up to 10 liters of nutrient fluid. You can use diluted mullein. For 10 liters of water, 4 - 5 kg of cow dung must be infused for several hours. A liter of the resulting liquid must be diluted with water and poured over the bush. Experts advise that you first pour a bucket of water under the bush so that the nutrient solution is evenly distributed and does not damage the plant's root system.

To replenish mineral components after spring pruning, you can use complex preparations. Nitroammofosk is diluted at the rate of 30 g per 10 liters. Potassium nitrate is added along with urea and mullein. To prepare the solution, you will need a tablespoon of fertilizer and about a glass of mullein solution in a bucket of water. This mixture will be enough to fertilize an adult bush.

Scrub wounds from pruning can act as gateways for infection. For the purpose of protection, it is worth treating the bushes with standard complex remedies for pests and fungi.


Pruning the bladder is necessary even if it is not planned to give the bush a special shape. The rapid growth of new growth gradually inhibits the growth of the shrub. And its foliage and flowers lose their decorative effect if old and damaged branches are not removed.

Watch the video: Tapping the Bladder points on the head (October 2021).

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