Big webcap: photo and description

The webcap is widespread throughout the temperate latitudes of Russia, mainly in coniferous forests. Most mushrooms of this family are inedible or poisonous, so mushroom pickers bypass them.

What does a big webcap look like?

The webcap is large or plentiful (Cortinarius largus), like many representatives of the Spiderweb family, is often called a bog or a swamp.

This member of the family has a fairly large body.

Outwardly, this species is unremarkable, however, it differs from other members of the family in a very specific shade of the hymenophore, leg, upper part and pulp.

Description of the hat

It has a convex or convex-cushion shape and a light gray color with a lilac tint. Over time, it increases in size and can reach up to 10 cm in diameter.

The surface of the cap is smooth and dry

Under it there is a hymenophore with often located lilac plates. Over time, they take on a brownish or brownish color.

Leg description

It is located centrally, has a cylindrical shape, thickens and expands at the end, acquiring a clavate shape. At the base there are particles of the bedspread in the form of a ring. Color - light lilac at the base of the cap, downwards - light brown or brown.

The stem of the fruiting body does not contain cavities

The pulp is of medium density, without a characteristic odor and aftertaste, has a light lilac color, which eventually turns white.

Where and how it grows

Distributed in the temperate latitudes of Russia. Grows in deciduous or coniferous forests on sandstones (singly or in groups), forest edges (in families up to 30 pieces). The best time to harvest is September or mid-October. Often, fruits can be found at the end of October, even during the first frost periods.

Is the mushroom edible or not

The big webcap is edible in any form. Since its pulp does not have a specific smell and pronounced taste, the best option for using this product is in pickled or canned form.

Doubles and their differences

The swamp, like almost all edible specimens, has inedible twins.

Silver pantaloons are smaller and have a light color (white or lilac) on their caps and legs. The silver top is flat and has folds and bumps on the surface.

Silver webcap is an inedible mushroom

The mucus panther is characterized by the presence of mucus on a brown cap and a white spindle-shaped leg.

The slime webcap is a conditionally edible twin of the large webcap.

Important! It is possible to recognize this mushroom and not confuse it with inedible twins by the peculiarities of the structure and color of parts of the fruiting body.


A large webcap is definitely not the most popular mushroom, despite its good taste and large size. It is better for inexperienced mushroom pickers not to risk it and bypass it, as there is a chance to confuse these fruits with inedible species.

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