How to make a fireplace out of boxes for the New Year: photo, video

A do-it-yourself fireplace from boxes for the New Year is an unusual way to create a festive atmosphere. Such decor will perfectly complement the interior of both a residential building and an apartment. In addition, it will fill the room with warmth and comfort, which is no less important on the eve of the holiday.

A fireplace made of boxes is an unusual and original way to create a mood for the New Year.

How to make a fireplace out of boxes for the New Year

Making an unusual fireplace with your own hands is not an easy task that will take a lot of time. That is why work should be started well in advance of the long-awaited New Year.

In the preparation process, you need to take care of the availability of the following materials and tools:

  • several large boxes (preferably from household appliances);
  • long ruler (tape measure);
  • simple pencil;
  • scissors;
  • double-sided and masking tape;
  • PVA glue;
  • drywall sheet;
  • wallpaper with a matching print.

Advice! Instead of scissors, it is best to use a stationery sharp knife.

Fireplace from boxes for the New Year with imitation "brick"

A real fireplace is a rather complex design, so it will not be so easy to create a cardboard prototype for the New Year with your own hands. To bring such a product as close as possible to the original, you can arrange it to look like a "brick".

To make a fireplace for the New Year with an imitation of bricks with your own hands, you can resort to the following master class:

  1. The base of the structure is constructed from cardboard boxes of the same size (approximately 50x30x20).

    Shoe boxes can be used

  2. For the strength of the structure, it is pasted over from all sides with several layers of cardboard.

    For gluing, it is advisable to use universal glue or PVA in large quantities

  3. The back wall is glued from a solid sheet of cardboard, and the lower part is made of several layers.

    The support must be larger

  4. Proceed with the implementation of the primer layer. It is made from sheets of newspaper, abundantly coated with PVA glue.

    Newspaper layers should be made 2-3 so that all joints are masked

  5. The structure is covered with several layers of white paint on top.

    Allow the product to dry completely

  6. Decorate the fireplace with foam, cutting out "bricks" of the same size.

    Brick parts are glued in a checkerboard pattern

  7. Finish off the craft by adding a wooden shelf.

    Install a "brick" fireplace in the desired place and decorate under the atmosphere of the New Year

Small fireplace out of the box for the New Year

If there is not enough space in the room to install a full-fledged structure, then in this case it would be a great idea to make a mini-fireplace with your own hands. Such a decorative element for the New Year can be installed near the Christmas tree or on the windowsill.

Attention! To work, you need one medium-sized box and three small, elongated ones.

The process of creating a mini-fireplace with your own hands for the New Year:

  1. All box flaps are glued at the bottom.
  2. On the front side, one is left bent, it will be the protruding base of the mini-fireplace. The second is folded and glued to the two side flaps.
  3. Small boxes are applied around the perimeter on three sides and the protrusions are marked with a pencil according to their size.

    Gluing cardboard elements should be done with a heat gun

  4. The protruding edges of the large box are cut off to get a wide enough mini-fireplace window for the New Year
  5. Small boxes are glued.
  6. Planks and other decorative elements are made from cut cardboard remains.
  7. A mini-fireplace shelf is made of cardboard, which should protrude 3-4 cm beyond the base.
  8. Cover everything with white paint.
  9. Decorate the portal of the mini-fireplace with self-adhesive wallpaper.

    The base is covered with white paint in several layers, giving them time to dry.

  10. Completing the design by adding decorative elements. It is best to place Christmas decorations, tinsel, garlands on the shelf of a mini-fireplace for the New Year.

Candles are installed in the portal of the mini-fireplace to create an imitation of fire.

How to make a New Year's fireplace from boxes with a portal in the form of an arch

A fireplace with a furnace portal in the form of an arch will be a little more difficult to make with your own hands for the New Year, since symmetry is required so that the design is neat.

Attention! For a fireplace with an arch, it is better to use a large box from under the equipment, ideal from the TV.

Step-by-step execution of a fireplace with your own hands for the New Year:

  1. First, a drawing is drawn up and the frame of the future structure is approximately calculated. Make a markup on the box.

    The calculation must be performed based on the dimensions of the box

  2. Cut out an arch and fold the cardboard in the center, securing it to the back wall. This will hide the void inside the structure.

    Stick the walls on paper tape

  3. Decorate with foam strips.
  4. Cover the structure with several layers of white paint.

    The paint can be used fast drying in a spray can

  5. Completing the design with the installation of a shelf and a New Year-themed decoration.

    As an imitation of fire, you can use a garland with red lights

How to make a New Year's fireplace out of the box under the "red brick"

One of the interesting options for making a fireplace for the New Year with your own hands is a craft under the "red brick". This design will resemble a real hearth, which will add even more magic.

Method of creation:

  1. Boxes are prepared, preferably of the same size, and the frame of the future fireplace is assembled from them.
  2. The resulting structure is first pasted over with white paper.
  3. Then decorate with self-adhesive wallpaper imitating red "brick" masonry.
  4. Install the back wall, also pasting it with a part of the roll.
  5. Decorate as desired.

Visual creation with your own hands of a simple fireplace under the "red brick" for the New Year

Do-it-yourself corner Christmas fireplace out of the box

You can do it yourself for the New Year not just a fireplace, but an angular structure. The advantage of such a decorative item is that it also takes up little space. And its aesthetic properties exceed all expectations.

To make such a design with your own hands for the New Year, you can resort to the following master class:

  1. Initially, the measurement of the future structure is performed, after which the corresponding box is prepared.
  2. The very process of creation begins with a cut of the back wall.
  3. The side ones are glued together in such a way that the structure fits well into the corner of the place where the fireplace will stand.
  4. Then they begin to create the upper shelf. For it, you can use a sheet of plywood, which you need to cut in advance according to the calculated dimensions.
  5. A furnace window is cut out on the front side. It can be made both square and in the form of an arch.
  6. Decorate as desired. Can be designed to imitate brickwork.

Do-it-yourself corner fireplace for the living room or hallway

DIY Christmas fireplace from boxes

Making a Christmas fireplace with your own hands will also not be difficult, like any of the New Year's ones. A feature of this design can be considered decoration.

An option for doing crafts for the New Year with your own hands:

  1. Two boxes are prepared for the fireplace. One can be taken from under the technique, and the other, it is advisable to use an elongated shape. This will be the base of the construction.
  2. A rectangular hole is cut out in a box from under the equipment in the middle, stepping back from the top and side edges by 10-15 cm.
  3. Both blanks are glued with tape.
  4. Covered in several layers of paint.
  5. A shelf is added on top and decorated with a foam strip.
  6. Decorate with a figurine or other gold inserts.

Christmas fireplace with gold pattern looks great by candlelight

New Year's fireplace from boxes with your own hands under the "stone"

A "stone" fireplace is another interesting idea of ​​creating such a product from boxes with your own hands to decorate the interior for the New Year.

The process of performing such a design:

  1. They make up the base of the boxes. Fasten them together with tape.

    They are fixed not only at the junction of the boxes, but also at a distance of 10 cm for strength

  2. The resulting structure is pasted over with self-adhesive wallpaper imitating "stone".
  3. Add a top shelf and decorative skirting boards.

    Decorate on the theme of the New Year, instead of fire, you can put garlands

How to make a New Year's fireplace from boxes with a chimney

A fireplace with a chimney with their own hands is performed according to the same principle as the classic one, except that an elongated structure is added in the upper part up to the ceiling.

Stages of creating a fireplace with a chimney for the New Year:

  1. Assemble the base of the structure. Fix the boxes together with tape.
  2. Paste over everything with self-adhesive wallpaper with the desired print. For the New Year, imitation of "red brick" is ideal.
  3. A shelf from a chipboard panel is installed on top. It can be pre-painted.
  4. A blank for the future chimney is made of cardboard. They also install it on the top shelf. Fix.
  5. Pasted over with wallpaper of the same pattern.
  6. Decorate the fireplace as desired.

It will be original if you stick drawings of characters on the theme of the New Year

Ideas for decorating New Year's fireplaces out of the box

Self-adhesive wallpaper is often used to decorate a false fireplace for the New Year. They are presented in a huge assortment: from brickwork to imitation of decorative stones.

An alternative to self-adhesive wallpaper is painting. Use ordinary paper paint (gouache), acrylic or spray-can.

Thin foam, cardboard or plastic overlays look spectacular

The shelf can be decorated with various New Year decorations. Tinsel and LED garland will look original. It is also often used to simulate fire in a fireplace.

A great idea for decorating a fireplace for the New Year is hanging around the edges of gift stockings

Simulated firewood and fire

The easiest way to create an imitation of wood and fire in a false fireplace with your own hands is to stick a high-quality photographic image. And for a natural effect, you can install spotlights. In this case, LED garlands are often used.

Also, an economical way to create an imitation of fire in a fireplace for the New Year is to install decorative candles in the portal of a false fireplace.

Important! Elements with open flames should be placed neatly to keep the fire away from the cardboard base of the fireplace.

The third method is more effective, but also surpasses the previous ones in terms of complexity of execution - this is the "theatrical" fire. To create it you will need:

  • medium power fan (silent);
  • 3 halogen lamps;
  • light filters of the corresponding colors;
  • a small piece of white silk.

First, the fan is installed in the base of the fireplace. Below its working part, halogen lamps are installed (one is placed on the central axis, two on the sides at an angle of 30 degrees).

Tongues of the future flame are cut from a piece of white silk. Then the fabric is fixed to the fan grill. They supplement the hearth with decorative firewood.

Option to simulate fire using silk, lamps and fan


A do-it-yourself fireplace from boxes for the New Year is a great idea for a festive decor. When creating such a product, there are no restrictions on shape or decoration. You should not follow stereotypes, it is better to trust your imagination and create your own original masterpiece.

Watch the video: How to Make a dollar tree Cardboard Holiday Fireplace (December 2021).

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