Quince and orange jam recipe

Quince, pear and apples are related and belong to the same Pink family. Although the taste of apples and pears is much more interesting than that of quince. Few people consume this fruit fresh, because it is too tart. And after heat treatment, miracles happen to the fruits.

So, quince jam with orange has a unique taste and aroma. These fruits are grown in many countries, and the names of the fruit are different. For example, the Germans call it kvitke, the Azerbaijanis call it heyvoy, the Bulgarians dully, and the Poles call it pigvoy. Quince is cooked not only for jam, but also compotes and jams.

Recipes for sweet quince preparations

Quince is a unique fruit that contains trace elements included in the periodic table. The presence of vitamins A, E, group B vitamins, make fruits and products from them useful. This fruit goes well with any citrus fruit, but juicy oranges are most often used. This jam is suitable not only for tea, but also as a filling for pies.

The first recipe, traditional

To make quince jam, we need:

  • peeled quince - 3 kg;
  • clean water - 7 glasses;
  • granulated sugar - 2 kg 500 grams;
  • oranges - 1 piece.

Cooking method

  1. Rinse the fruits thoroughly and dry them on a towel. This recipe requires quince without skin and seeds for cooking. Therefore, we peel and cut each fruit into medium-sized cubes.

    The rind and cores are useful for making syrup, so they are put in a separate saucepan.
  2. When the fruit is sliced, let's start making the syrup. Put the set aside peel and the middle of the quince in water, bring to a boil and cook over medium heat for a third of an hour.
  3. After that, the syrup must be filtered and poured while it is hot. Chopped quince, put on the stove and cook for ten minutes.
  4. Then we drain the liquid, pour out the granulated sugar specified in the recipe and set it to boil again.
  5. Pour the syrup into the quince and leave for half a day.

    Judging by the time of infusion, it is better to fill the quince with syrup in the evening and cook in the morning.
  6. You do not need to peel the orange, we cut it directly with the fragrant skin in the form of squares, immediately before laying it in the jam.
  7. After 12 hours, when the quince is soaked in syrup and becomes transparent, fill in the sliced ‚Äč‚Äčorange and cook from the moment of boiling for about 40 minutes. By the end of cooking, the jam will become fragrant and amber in color.

The jam is stored in sterile jars with a twist. We shift the workpiece into them hot, turn over, cover with a towel and leave until it cools completely. Later we put it in a cool place.

Recipe two, with cinnamon

To make healthy and tasty jam, prepare:

  • 2000 grams of quince;
  • one orange;
  • 1500 grams of granulated sugar;
  • one tablespoon of ground cinnamon.

For cooking jam, you must choose ripe fruits without the slightest signs of decay or cracks. After rinsing with clean water, the fruits must be dried. We do the same with an orange.

Attention! If you don't have ground cinnamon, you can take it in sticks.


  1. Select the core from the quince and cut into pieces. And according to the recipe, an orange must be chopped in a meat grinder along with the peel. The bitterness of citrus is just what you need for quince-orange jam.
  2. First, quince comes into play, you need to sprinkle it with granulated sugar in a cooking container, and add an orange. The mass must be gently mixed so as not to damage the integrity of the pieces.
  3. Set aside the vessel with the future jam for two hours so that the quince juice appears. After that, we send the pan over low heat. Jam is cooked as usual until the mass thickens. The foam that appears on the surface must be removed, otherwise the jam will turn sour or sugared.
  4. Add cinnamon about ten minutes before the end of the process. We transfer to steamed jars immediately, not allowing the jam to cool. We roll up the containers, turn over. We put away for storage after complete cooling. You can even put the jam on the bottom shelf of the kitchen cabinet, nothing will happen to it.

Delicious quince jam with lemon and walnuts from Emma's grandmother:

Third recipe with walnuts

If you want to get quince jam with an original taste, use the following recipe. For cooking, prepare the following components:

  • 1100 ripe quince;
  • 420 grams of granulated sugar;
  • 210 ml of pure water;
  • one medium-sized orange;
  • 65 grams of shelled walnuts;
  • vanilla pod.

Cooking features

Cooking step by step:

  1. We wash and dry the fruit.
  2. Remove the peel and zest from the oranges and pass through a juicer.
  3. Cut out the middle from the quince and cut into slices. We spread in a saucepan in layers, sprinkling each of them with granulated sugar and shifting with orange zest and pieces of vanilla pod. These two ingredients will give the quince jam its aroma and special taste.
  4. We remove the pan for six hours so that the juice appears, and the quince slices are saturated with the aroma of orange and vanilla.
  5. At the end of the specified time, pour in water and orange juice, put on the stove. From the moment of boiling, cook for 10 minutes and leave again for five hours. According to the recipe, the slices must remain intact.
  6. We boil for 10 minutes two more times.
  7. Add chopped walnuts, boil for 10 minutes, put in jars and roll up.

Advice! It is easy to check the readiness of the jam: apply a drop to the nail. If it does not spread, you can remove it from the fire.

Quince jam with oranges and walnuts is an excellent addition to a breakfast bun.

Instead of a conclusion about the benefits of quince

Quince is a healthy fruit with a huge amount of different elements. Let's take a closer look at this question:

  1. The presence of pectin helps to cleanse the body. In addition, this element is an excellent gelling agent, because the jam is thick, and the pieces themselves resemble marmalade. From Galician the word marmelo is translated as quince.
  2. The fruit contains a lot of vitamins C, A, group B, as well as potassium, phosphorus, macronutrients that are good for the heart.
  3. Thanks to malic and citric acid, you can regulate weight, so ripe fruits are recommended by nutritionists for losing weight.
  4. The iron and copper contained in the fruits are easily absorbed, resulting in increased hemoglobin.

People who constantly use quince in any form look cheerful, get sick less.

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