Potatoes Nevsky

To consistently get a good potato crop, it is important to choose the variety carefully. Some varieties give high yields only with a high level of agricultural technology, which requires a lot of attention. If for some reason it is impossible to provide it, it is advisable to choose an unpretentious variety. These varieties are also suitable for beginners.


A successful combination of unpretentiousness, productivity and excellent taste made the potato variety "Nevsky" very popular. It is grown with pleasure by both summer residents and large producers.

The main advantages of this variety:

  • Unpretentiousness;
  • High productivity;
  • Excellent presentation;
  • Undemanding to the soil;
  • Early maturity;
  • Universal use of tubers;
  • Potato disease resistance.

During cooking, potatoes retain their shape, therefore they are successfully used for making soups, salads, sauces.


Medium early variety.

Potato tubers of the "Nevsky" variety are round, elongated, weighing up to 200 grams. The peel is smooth, yellowish, with pinkish eyes. Contains an average amount of starch, up to 15%. The pulp is white, with a creamy shade, the cut does not darken for a long time.

The bushes are low, densely leafy, and recover very quickly after damage. The yield is high, each bush ties up to 15 tubers.

Potatoes "Nevsky" are resistant to drought and short-term waterlogging. Has a high resistance to late blight, scab, black leg and other fungal diseases.


For planting potatoes "Nevsky" it is advisable to choose a sunny, dry area, free from perennial weeds. Any soil will do, but potatoes growing in organic-rich, sandy soil give a richer crop.

Potatoes of the "Nevsky" variety have a powerful root system, so one bush will need an area of ​​at least 45 cm in diameter, this must be taken into account when determining the distance between planting holes.

Planting begins when the soil warms up to 14 - 17 degrees, potatoes of the "Nevsky" variety does not react well to cold soil. Planted in poorly heated soil, the tuber is easily affected by the fungus, the yield is significantly reduced.

To get an early harvest, Nevsky potatoes can be germinated beforehand. To do this, a month before planting, the tubers are placed in a warm, bright room. A tuber ready for planting has sprouts up to 3 cm in size.

Important! Potato variety "Nevsky" reacts very badly to damage to sprouts. Tubers in which more than 2 sprouts are damaged may not sprout at all.

For potatoes of the "Nevsky" variety, the following planting methods are suitable:

  • In the trenches;
  • In the ridges;
  • Square-nested;
  • Under film or agrofibre.

When planting, fertilizers are applied - rotted manure, humus, ash, bone meal. The use of ash and other potash fertilizers significantly improves the taste of potatoes.


Caring for potatoes of the "Nevsky" variety consists of weeding, watering, processing from pests and feeding with nutrients, if necessary.

The potato of this variety easily tolerates drought and rainfall, but this variety reacts to prolonged exposure to low temperatures with a decrease in yield.

Important! After abundant watering or heavy rain, you need to inspect the potato bushes. The tubers are shallow, the water can erode the soil layer and the potatoes will be on the surface.

Under the sun's rays, it turns green very quickly and becomes unsuitable for food. Mulching can solve this problem.

Potatoes should be watered only when necessary, they do not like waterlogging. In the absence of precipitation, watering is carried out no more than once a week, abundantly flooding the bushes.

Many insects harm potato tubers; you can protect potatoes from most pests by treating the tubers with a long-acting agent before planting. During the growing season, the soil is treated twice from the bear.

Advice! The introduction of wood ash during planting can significantly reduce damage to potatoes by bear and wireworm.

In addition, ash has a positive effect on the taste of potatoes. Ash obtained from burning polyethylene, latex and plastic must not be used.

If Nevsky potato bushes are stunted, they may lack nutrients. Fertilizers can be applied at the root during watering or the leaves can be sprayed with special agents. Spraying is carried out in calm weather, in the evening or early in the morning.


To save on the purchase of planting material, you can prepare your seeds. During the growth of the potato, the bushes that bloom first are noted. When the tops are dry, the potatoes are dug up, carefully peeled from the ground, trying not to damage the peel. Tubers are carefully examined, damaged ones are discarded. For planting, tubers are selected no less than a chicken egg.

Important! It is undesirable to use tubers that are damaged by insects. The holes may contain larvae.

Selected tubers are laid out in boxes in one layer to dry. After a few days, it is necessary to take out the potatoes in the sun so that the production of solanine begins. After that, the boxes with potatoes are removed for storage.

Seed potatoes "Nevsky" can be obtained at home. For this, not the tubers are germinated, but the seeds. In the first year after planting, up to 12 small tubers grow on the bush. They are stored separately from potatoes intended for food to avoid possible infection by fungi and harmful insects.

Advice! To increase the vigor of tuber growth, during the development of the bushes, it is necessary to use high doses of potash fertilizers.

Potash fertilizers do not form compounds harmful to humans; the use of such agents is safe.

The planting material obtained in this way is free from fungi and pests, the yield of potatoes is higher.


Whole, healthy, well-dried tubers are selected for winter storage. The temperature of the room where Nevsky potatoes will be stored should be about 4 - 6 degrees.

Important! Even a short-term increase in temperature can "wake up" the tubers, and they will begin to germinate.

Potatoes "Nevsky" are perfectly stored until mid-February, after which they begin to sprout quickly. To prolong storage, it is necessary to break off the sprouts in time.

In order not to be disappointed in growing potatoes, it is important to take into account the characteristics of the variety, to choose the right planting and care methods.


Alina, 29 years old, Penza

When I was choosing a variety for planting, I was interested in Nevsky potatoes, found a description of the variety, read reviews, looked at the photos. I didn’t believe that this was true, I believed that there are no varieties without flaws. This variety surprised me. I have been growing for 3 years in a row, no difficulties have arisen even once. Was with a good harvest in the rainy and dry seasons. I fertilize only when planting, then I don’t apply fertilizer. I have never treated the fungus, only from the bear and the Colorado potato beetle.

Sergey, 57 years old, Stavropol

Excellent variety. I have been growing for many years. Productivity is always at its best. Many criticize the taste of this potato, call it fodder. I'll put it this way - you just don't know how to grow it. To make potatoes tasty, they need a lot of ash. I use ash that I cook on purpose. I collect branches of fruit trees and grapes after pruning, burn them. It turns out to be an excellent fertilizer. I put it into the hole during planting, during the season I spray the bushes with an infusion of ash in serum.

Victor, 46 years old, Alekseevka

I have known this variety for many years. I grow different varieties, I really like to experiment with new ones. But I always find a place for Nevsky. It produces a good harvest even in the most difficult season. It is very rare. If the summer is rainy, the only one is not affected by late blight. Recomend for everybody. Especially for those who do not yet have experience in growing potatoes.

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