Increases or lowers blood pressure lemongrass juice, seeds, tincture

Chinese lemongrass is a useful, ancient plant. It has been used for traditional medicine recipes for a long time. Not all lovers of this plant know whether lemongrass increases or decreases blood pressure. It is important to know not only how the plant affects the human body, but also how to cook it as useful as possible.

How lemongrass affects blood pressure

Schisandra is a wonderful natural adaptogen. The plant tones up, gives a surge of strength, vigor to the body. This is related to its effect on pressure. There are many other positive effects on the body:

  • relieves fatigue, gives strength;
  • increases the performance of the brain;
  • improves the quality of vision;
  • lowers sugar levels.

In the presence of chronic diseases, before use, you should consult a specialist in order to exclude the presence of contraindications, side reactions of the body.

Does lemongrass increase blood pressure

Recipes based on lemongrass help to increase the permeability of blood vessels that suffer from atherosclerosis, in addition, lemongrass narrows blood vessels, strengthens the vascular walls.

The vessels become strong, rather elastic. As a result, we can definitely say that recipes based on lemongrass increase blood pressure. Therefore, they should not be taken by chronic hypertensive patients. Patients who have problems with low blood pressure can safely take decoctions, tinctures based on lemongrass. Almost all parts of the plant can be used: leaves, roots, berries, stems. Folk recipes offer effective infusions and decoctions that strengthen blood vessels, reduce sugar, and tone the body.

Does lemongrass lower blood pressure

Since one plant cannot directly oppositely affect human organs, it is clear that folk remedies from lemongrass cannot lower blood pressure. Therefore, patients suffering from high intracranial pressure should not get carried away with drinks, lemongrass teas. When drinking drinks, decoctions, lemongrass infusions, hypertensive patients will become worse, blood pressure will jump, heartbeat may increase.

Recipes for normalizing blood pressure

Schisandra to increase blood pressure must be consumed according to certain recipes that have been used for a long time. The effectiveness has been tested by time. Normalization of the condition with the help of the product is indicated for chronic hypotension, with the occurrence of drug hypotension. You can use lemongrass juice, its decoction, tea, plant-based infusion. It is important to follow the recipe, study contraindications. Each patient chooses a folk remedy just for himself: it is more convenient for someone to drink tea from berries, and someone perfectly uses drops of alcohol tincture. Efficiency may vary slightly, for the most part the result is the same - the pressure is normalized.

Lemongrass tincture at low pressure

Alcohol tincture to increase pressure is prepared from the minimum amount of ingredients; it is not difficult to prepare it. Components:

  • 1 part of the fruit;
  • 5 parts of alcohol.

Cooking algorithm:

  1. Chop the fruits and pour into a dark glass container.
  2. Pour in alcohol, mix thoroughly, seal.
  3. Insist 14 days in a cool, dark room.
  4. Strain the tincture.

Take a course of 25 drops three times a day. Course - month. After a while, repeat the course of treatment. Chronic hypotensive patients should be consulted with the attending physician before use in order to coordinate with the drugs used, to exclude the occurrence of side effects. Alcohol tincture is categorically not suitable for people with alcohol dependence, liver problems. With such problems, it is worth replacing the alcoholic tincture with a decoction or tea.

Lemongrass juice

Low-pressure lemongrass is great as freshly squeezed juice. The taste of this healthy drink is tart, but there are no fewer fans from this. It is simple to prepare juice - to collect the fruits, then squeeze out using a juicer or other fresh device. Be sure to sterilize the drink before use. It is not recommended to use such a concentrate in its pure form in large quantities, since the heart rate increases, and a headache may appear.

So that the drink is not too concentrated, does not cause side effects, as a medicine, it is enough to take 1 small spoonful with tea. It will have a pleasant aroma and beautiful color.

Lemon Seed Powder

Schisandra seeds under reduced pressure are an effective remedy that perfectly normalizes the patient's condition. It is not difficult to prepare a recipe, any novice cook can handle it.

The process of making lemongrass seed powder:

  1. Take the required amount of fruits.
  2. Pour boiling water over them, as steep as possible. It is advisable to hold it for a while so that the seeds can move away from the fruit without problems.
  3. Remove the seeds, dry thoroughly, preferably in the oven or in the sun.
  4. Grind lemongrass seeds into powder with a coffee grinder.

Drinking a unique folk remedy is necessary for half a small spoon twice a day. It is optimal to use a folk remedy before meals, drink it with a small amount of water. In addition to normalizing blood pressure, the powder is suitable for people working near a computer. There is more tocopherol in the bones than in the fruits. Therefore, the powder improves night vision. It is enough to take 2 g of powder per day to feel the difference. Seed powder has a positive effect on male sexual activity, especially if it has decreased against the background of chronic overwork.

Decoction of berries

The decoction is used by people who have low blood pressure. There are several recipes, all of which are healthy. The most popular recipe is:

  • 300 ml of water;
  • dry berries - 15 grams.

Instructions for preparing a healing broth:

  1. Grind the lemongrass fruits.
  2. Pour boiling water over.
  3. Put on low heat for 15 minutes.
  4. Turn off the fire, leave for another 15 minutes.
  5. Strain and cool.

The resulting medicinal broth should be taken in a tablespoon 3 times a day on an empty stomach. There is a recipe for a concentrated broth. The effectiveness is high, the ingredients are still the same: a glass of boiling water, a spoonful of dry pitted berries.

Algorithm for preparing a useful broth:

  1. Heat the berries, pour into an enamel bowl.
  2. Pour boiling water over.
  3. Put in a water bath for 15 minutes.

It takes 30 drops on an empty stomach twice a day to take a medicinal concentrate.

Aromatic tea

Tea can be prepared not only from fruits, but also from lemongrass leaves, roots, stems. The drink will normalize the patient's general well-being. The leaves produce the most aromatic drink with a pleasant color. As the main ingredient, a leaf is used in any form: dried or fresh. It is necessary to brew tea at the rate of a teaspoon of raw materials for each cup of the medicinal broth.

To normalize blood pressure, experts recommend drinking exclusively fresh tea, since a drink that has stood for more than a day will not have so many beneficial properties.

Lemongrass stem tea is perfect for winter when leaves are hard to come by. Ingredients for tea: finely chopped stem, water. You can add granulated sugar, honey or jam to taste.

Another tea recipe is known in Chinese medicine. Ingredients:

  • 200 g of lemongrass bark;
  • half a liter of water.

Such a drink will not only increase blood pressure, but also help in the presence of colds, SARS, to strengthen the immune system.

Contraindications for use

Since the effect of lemongrass on human blood pressure is known, it should not be consumed by people with high blood pressure. Otherwise, there may be exacerbations and deterioration of health. In addition, other contraindications are known:

  • epilepsy;
  • acute infection;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • poor liver and kidney function;
  • anxiety;
  • age up to 12 years;
  • insomnia;
  • pregnancy;
  • arachnoiditis;
  • lactation period;
  • state of overexcitement.

It is also worth consulting your doctor if you have a migraine or an allergic reaction. Important! Lemongrass cannot be used with high blood pressure, all hypertensive patients need to know this. Otherwise, hypertensive crises, migraines, pressure drops and other conditions may occur.


Whether lemongrass raises or lowers blood pressure is not a difficult question. This plant helps people with low blood pressure. Chronic hypotensive people know what low blood pressure is. Symptoms may include dizziness, loss of consciousness, and other unpleasant symptoms. Low blood pressure is not always a chronic disease. It can fall due to poisoning, uncontrolled intake of drugs, due to other reasons. The main thing is to choose the most suitable recipe for traditional medicine. It can be a decoction or tincture, even a powder from seeds, all the more pressure can be reduced by all parts of the plant.

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